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Microsoft Power Point Design Portfolio


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These are slides featuring my design work during and post college. They range from interior design to stage set design and include my artistic sketching and rendering techniques.

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Microsoft Power Point Design Portfolio

  1. 1. Design Portfolio Featuring the past projects of Dana Gordon, 2008 graduate of Samford University
  2. 2. “A Piece of My Heart” tells the story of six American nurses and the experiences they had during the Vietnam War. These nurses are in a direct relationship with the audience. They have a great, urgent need to tell their stories, and it is from this urgent need to communicate that the style of the play evolves. The set for the play itself is a presentational-style piece. All design elements in the set therefore conform to this style. Nothing in the text is directly illustrated but instead is abstractly or suggestively shown.
  3. 3. Inspiration
  4. 4. Inspiration
  5. 5. Inspiration
  6. 6. Collage of Considered Idea for Brick Texture Materials
  7. 7. The Space The play was held in the Bolding Studio within the Leslie Wright Center on Samford’s Campus. The space presented challenges for an effective set design not just for it’s small stage size (33 by 17 feet), but because part of the set had to be mobile in order to be stored away during the day. The stage was used during the day for choir and piano rehearsals by the music department.
  8. 8. First Rough Sketches
  9. 9. and Once I had the idea of intersecting platforms of different sizes and levels, the biggest challenge was creating a 3D model and construction documents-in that order. A program called Sketch-Up greatly helped me with putting together my idea for documents- Sketch- what the set would actually look like once completed. From there, I was able to obtain measurements within the computer to then help me develop plans in Auto Cad to aid the builders of the set.
  10. 10. Rendered Floor Plan
  11. 11. The Amazing Process!
  12. 12. The Two Primary Paint Colors “Flogging” the Ground Cloth The Amazing Process!
  13. 13. The Amazing Process!
  14. 14. The Amazing Process!
  15. 15. The Amazing Process!
  16. 16. The View from On Set
  17. 17. Show Time!
  18. 18. Show Time!
  19. 19. AutoCad Sketches for Flats Similar to my previous design project, the stage space for the Birmingham Festival Theatre was also small, roughly the same size as Bolding Studio. For this project, I was mainly dealing with layouts for flats to create an interior home scene, which would be styled according to the early 1900’s. As you can see, three doors were used…one for the front door and two for the bedroom doors.
  20. 20. Floor Plan
  21. 21. Rendered Flat Elevation
  22. 22. Completed Set
  23. 23. Show Time!
  24. 24. Show Time!
  25. 25. The Alexander Looby Theatre with Flat Locations
  26. 26. Rendered Flat Elevations
  27. 27. Close- Close-up of Block Print for Wallpaper
  28. 28. The Building Process
  29. 29. The Building Process
  30. 30. The Building Process
  31. 31. The Completed Set
  32. 32. Samples of Interior Design Work Pieces from Throughout College
  33. 33. Chiropractor Office Project
  34. 34. Brazilian Restaurant Project
  35. 35. Beach Condo Project
  36. 36. Perspectives for Beach Condo Project
  37. 37. Furniture and Millwork Project
  38. 38. Painting Projects