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A Revolutionary Solution for Document Distribution        1.800.GoMimeo (1.800.466.4636) |
Smart. Simple. Streamlined.     Mimeo Marketplace is Publishing on Demand—     With the Service You Demand.               ...
Ordering the documents in your                                                                           Who Should Get aM...
Let Us Warehouse and Kit Your Promotional Items.As a Mimeo Marketplace customer, you can store branded items such asmugs, ...
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Marketplace With Customization Brochure


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Marketplace Solution with Variable data templates

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Marketplace With Customization Brochure

  1. 1. A Revolutionary Solution for Document Distribution 1.800.GoMimeo (1.800.466.4636) |
  2. 2. Smart. Simple. Streamlined. Mimeo Marketplace is Publishing on Demand— With the Service You Demand. Create a Branded Document Storefront for Your Company. Let Buyers Customize Each Document.Distribute your documents with the innovative solution that puts you in control—Mimeo Marketplace. It’s an easy-to-useonline tool from that lets you create a customized online storefront, publish documents to it, and then letothers do the ordering…reducing the time, expense, and resources of pre-printing, storing, and distributing publicationsyourself. Owners of a Marketplace can control content while allowing buyers to customize materials with logos, contactinformation and other touches that improve the communication value of the document. prints the documentson-demand and ships them where and when they’re needed, even overnight!Set up a Marketplace in No Time. Why Mimeo Marketplace?Creating your own document storefront is easy—you can do it yourself • No maintenance feesin minutes. Just name your Marketplace, customize the Web address, then • Fast and easy setupupload your logo and choose colors to match. You can even categorize • Custom branded experienceyour documents and add custom fields. • Publish and update documents inOnce your Marketplace is ready to go, simply start publishing your real timedocuments to it. Choose from a wide range of cover stocks, binding, • Document buyer customizationtabs, and finishing options, then add pictures, descriptions, or any • 24/7 customer supportother information you like. Need to update a document? Just click • High-quality documentsand revise—the changes are made in real time. • Overnight delivery • Only available from Mimeo.com1.800.GoMimeo •
  3. 3. Ordering the documents in your Who Should Get aMarketplace is easy, too. Your coworkers, Mimeo Marketplace?partners or customers just log on toyour Marketplace, put items in their Franchisesshopping cart, provide their shipping Empower franchise ownersaddress, and pay. We accept corporate to order training guides and marketing materials. Allowaccounts or any major credit card. franchises to customizeYou can even integrate Marketplace marketing materials andseamlessly into your company Intranet. order as needed. Channel Support Let Buyers Customize Each Document. Support outside salespeople or vendors by providing easy Each document placed into a Marketplace can have predefined fields access to co-branded materials. that allow buyers to add custom information. The Marketplace owner !NEW can define where information or images can be added. Variable Learning and Development fields can be predefined with drop down menus, typed in, or filled Professionals Let students and class leaders in with an uploaded image such as a logo. order their own workbooks, study guides and more.Customization provides the control needed to maintain brand and sales integrityof documents while also making them more valuable to the end user. Marketplace Financial Serviceswith customization is perfect for organizations that support multiple locations or Empower your advisor networkdistributed networks. For example, a sales person has the ability to adapt materials with current, accurate, co-branded materials, printed on specific customer situations. Sales OperationsHow Mimeo Marketplace Works: Streamline your distribution of presentation and collateral materials. Define areas in each document that can be User customized for each meeting Buyer visits your ur or sales engagement. Marketplace and Marke nd orders and customizes order tomizes Retailers the documents he or do sAdministrator she n needs. Publish product guides andCreate customized documents d d uments docu t manuals for purchase by youron and publish bli hthem to your Mimeo Marketplace. customers. s prints Documents are shipped e on dem nd. n n-deman the documents on-demand. directly to the user.Enjoy Flexibility and Peace of Mind, Every Step of the Way.There is no limit to the number of customized Marketplaces you can have ordocuments you can publish to them. Create multiple storefronts with differentbranding and documents in each—or offer documents to internal departmentsfor one price, and to external customers for another.
  4. 4. Let Us Warehouse and Kit Your Promotional Items.As a Mimeo Marketplace customer, you can store branded items such asmugs, caps, pens, and T-shirts along with your printed documents in oursecure, climate-controlled warehouse facility. From complete training kitsto complex sales presentations, we’ll take care of everything—just postthem on your Marketplace site and we will ship it all together for you.Create a New Revenue Stream.Looking to make your documents a profitcenter for your company? Now you canprovide your customers with a valuableservice while covering your costs or generatingrevenue through your publications. MimeoMarketplace’s royalty service allows you tomark up the price of your documents towhatever you determine. You’ll receive acheck for the difference—it’s that easy.Get a Turnkey Solution That Puts You in Control.You decide who can access your Marketplace.Select security settings that only let authorizedpurchasers or colleagues access it, or makeyour Marketplace available to the public. Thechoice is yours.To help you keep track of where your documentsare going, you’ll receive monthly reports thatdetail whom you received orders from andwhat they ordered. For even more information,you can take advantage of our Google Analyticsintegration and view complete analytical report-ing on visitors, content, and transactions. Wewill even provide customized support to helpyou promote your storefront internally. All ofthis is included with your Marketplace! Streamline Your Document Distribution— Make the Move to Mimeo Marketplace!1.800.GoMimeo •