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#EatYourTweets by Twitter Asia


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#EatYourTweets by Twitter Asia was presented at iMedia Brand Summits, Asia. #imbsummit

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#EatYourTweets by Twitter Asia

  1. 1. Subtitle Body copy #EatYourTweets @TwitterAsia
  2. 2. #TwitterChefs @Freddie_covi @ladyxtel
  3. 3. Menu Introduction to Twitter Twitter content strategy Q & A Amuse-Bouche Dessert Appetizer Getting started on Twitter Entree Twitter ad products
  4. 4. Slide title Subtitle Body copy Introduction 
 to Twitter Amuse-Bouche
  5. 5. Slide title Subtitle Body copy #PopQuiz #imbsummit @TwitterAsia
  6. 6. What are the 3 origins of Malaysian Cuisine? @M____? @C_____? @I____?
  7. 7. History of Malaysian Cuisine @MALAY @CHINESE @INDIAN Malaysian cuisine is influenced by various cultures from all around the world. ORIGINS
  8. 8. And what were the original ingredients for Twitter? @JACK @EV @BIZ @E___? @B___? @N___?@J___?
  9. 9. A brief history of Twitter @JACK @EV @BIZ Small bursts of information called Tweets leveraged a new ability to send SMS text messages across different mobile carriers as status updates. THE IDEA FOUNDED IN 2006 BY @JACK @EV @BIZ @NOAH
  10. 10. Trends in 160+ locations
  11. 11. Slide title Subtitle Body copy Getting Started
 on Twitter Appetizer
  12. 12. Slide title Subtitle Body copy #PopQuiz #imbsummit @TwitterAsia
  13. 13. Most popular Malaysian Dishes? @C____________________? @P____________________? @M___________________?
  14. 14. Most popular Malaysian Dishes? @? @? @CURRYMEE @PENANG FRIEDKWAYTEOW @MALACCA CHENDOL
  15. 15. Most popular reasons for using Twitter? @S____________________? @H____________________? @D___________________?
  16. 16. Most popular reasons for using Twitter?
  17. 17. Never be an Egg!
  18. 18. Slide title Subtitle Body copy Sizzling News!
  19. 19. Breaking News! • An emphasis on photos, including larger header and profile pictures. • Popular Tweets — those people have "favorited" and re-tweeted — will show up larger in their timeline making it easier to quickly spot what messages people are reacting to • The redesign also gives users the ability to pin certain tweets to the top of their timeline, giving them a little more control over what visitors see. A whole new Twitter Look!
  20. 20. Breaking News!
  21. 21. @TwitterAds | Confidential FOLLOWER A registered account that follows another account FOLLOW The process of subscribing to Tweets from another account TWEET Short form updates of 140 characters or less used to communicate with followers @USERNAME An account’s profile name or handle, preceded by the “@” symbol #HASHTAG A word or phrase preceded by a “#” symbol, used to organize Tweets MENTION To recognize an account in a Tweet via the account’s @username TIMELINE A chronological presentation of Tweets from all followed accounts BASIC TERMINOLOGY
  22. 22. 25@TwitterAds | Confidential Barista Bar @baristabar TWEET Short form updates of 140 characters or less used to communicate with followers, users similar to your followers or users with interests you target RETWEET To repost a Tweet from another account to share with your followers REPLY To respond publicly to a specific account from a Tweet FAVORITE To make a Tweet as special or preferred @USERNAME An account’s profile name or handle, preceded by the “@” symbol PROFILE PHOTO Reflects your brand identity and personality ENGAGEMENT Clicks, follows, retweets, favorites and replies that occur within a given Tweet TWEET TERMINOLOGY
  23. 23. @TwitterAds | Confidential TWITTER HOMEPAGE Web 26 Barista Bar @baristabar Barista Bar @baristabar Barista Bar @baristabar Barista Bar @baristabar @ #Home Connect Discover Me Josh Jones 2,812 827 342 TWEETS FOLLOWING FOLLOWERS Compose new Tweet... San Francisco Trends Barista Bar @baristabar Tweets Who to follow Jean Chow @jeanchow Follow Jordan Robinson @mighty55 Follow Barista Bar @baristabar Follow SEARCH Search for what’s happening on Twitter TIMELINE The real-time stream of Tweets of accounts you follow WHO TO FOLLOW Suggested users to follow based on your interests YOU A snapshot of your Twitter vitals TRENDS See what’s being talked about most on the platform globally, locally, and tailored by your interests COMPOSE Create a new Tweet
  24. 24. @TwitterAds | Confidential TWITTER HOMEPAGE Mobile 27 Barista Bar @baristabar Barista Bar @baristabar Barista Bar @baristabar Barista Bar @baristabar Home Connect @ Discover # Me TIMELINE The real-time stream of Tweets of accounts you follow NAVIGATE Use the Home, Connect, Discover and Me tabs to explore every area of Twitter COMPOSE Create a new Tweet
  25. 25. @TwitterAds | Confidential Barista Bar@baristabar Article title Summary text from article Hide Media RICH MEDIA Add sight, sound and motion to your Tweets to drive engagement ! ! ! ! Summary cards:
 Display web content such as blog posts news articles and product reviews ! Photo cards:
 Highlight your brand’s photo- based content ! Audio and video cards:
 Showcase interactive media experiences like videos, music players and live streaming events ! ARTICLE SUMMARY See content previews of articles SHOW/HIDE Expand or hide article summaries, photos, videos, conversations EXPAND THE TWEET 28 Enable easy, free distribution of your branded content online and mobile
  26. 26. @TwitterAds | Confidential 29 TWITTER SEARCH @ #Home Connect Discover Me San Francisco Trends san francisco coffee Results for san francisco coffee Top Tweets Top Images Top Videos Top People Barista Bar @baristabar Barista Bar @baristabar Barista Bar @baristabar Barista Bar @baristabar REAL-TIME SEARCH See a real-time stream of Tweets containing your search terms TOP RESULTS Searching on Twitter surfaces the Top Tweets, People, Images, and Videos on the platform.
  27. 27. @TwitterAds | Confidential @ Hom Conne 30 TWITTER NAVIGATION Barista Bar @baristabar Barista Bar @baristabar Barista Bar @baristabar Barista Bar @baristabar Home Connect @ Discover # Me HOME Your Home Timeline contains your stream of Tweets of accounts that you follow ! CONNECT All interactivity and mentions ! DISCOVER What’s happening right now, tailored for you ! ME Your profile page ! DIRECT MESSAGE To send a private message to an account that is a follower (also known as a DM) # @
  28. 28. @TwitterAds | Confidential GETTING STARTED 31 GO TO TWITTER.COM Sign up for a new account if you haven’t done so already. NEXT... ! UPLOAD A PROFILE PHOTO 
 that reflects your brand identity and personality CREATE A BIO 
 about your business and include links to your website and brand content. Keep it clear and concise, but be creative PERSONALIZE BACKGROUND AND HEADER IMAGE 
 to bring your profile to life. The right background will make a statement about your brand CONVEY INSIGHTS
 and information through the Tweets in your timeline. Keep them fresh and Tweet 2 - 3 times a day NEW TO TWITTER? SIGN UP SIGN UP Full name Email Password
  29. 29. @TwitterAds | Confidential SELECT A USERNAME Your @username is a representation of your brand on Twitter. Make it easily recognizable. It appears as part of the URL to your Twitter profile page (e.g. 32 YOUR USERNAME TWEETS 742 FOLLOWING FOLLOWERS 4,423 3,834 Barista Bar @baristabar Love coffee? We do! Our espresso, tea, paninis and Tweets are freshly brewed by the Barista Bar team in San Francisco! San Francisco ·
  30. 30. @TwitterAds | Confidential YOUR TWITTER PROFILE 33 PROFILE PHOTO
 Choose a profile image that visually represents your brand BIO 
 Keep it clear and concise, but be creative. Include links to your website and brand content. HEADER IMAGE
 Showcase your brand prominently to grab the attention of your visitors SITE LINK
 Help drive traffic to your main website or specific landing page Barista Bar @baristabar Barista Bar @baristabar @ #Home Connect Discover Me Barista Bar @baristabar Love coffee? We do! Our espresso, tea, paninis and Tweets are freshly brewed by the Barista Bar team in San Francisco! San Francisco · 2,812 2,812 2,812 TWEETS FOLLOWING FOLLOWERS Tweets Barista Bar @baristabar Tweets Following Followers Favorites Lists Jean Chow @jeanchow Follow Similar to you Ryan Brown @brownday Follow Jordan Robinson @mighty55 Follow PINNED TWEET 
 Your most engaging, time-sensitive content affixed to the top of your timeline on your profile page BACKGROUND IMAGE
 Create a rich experience with an engaging background image that tells your brand story
  31. 31. Slide title Subtitle #PopQuiz #imbsummit @TwitterAsia
  32. 32. Most popular Malaysian spices? @B____________________? @G____________________? @C___________________?
  34. 34. What are the ad formats on Twitter? @P___________T__________ @P___________A__________ @P___________T__________
  35. 35. 38 Twitter Paid Products
  36. 36. Using Promoted Tweets to target consumer interests John Doe @JohnDoe Sports Outdoors Fitness Automotive @ESPN @OpentrailsHike @MensHealthMag @MotorTrend Jane Doe @JaneDoe Fashion Yoga Design Writing @MarieClaire @YogaMag @Adobe @NYTimes Ryan Brown @brownday Got butterflies as if I'm about to suit up today. #BeatTheRavens #Niners#SB47 #QuestforSix Men’s Health Mag @ MensHealthMag The covert affairs workout: hTy1w  How @ChrisGorham stays ultra-fit and how YOU can, too. Lifehacker @lifehacker The Ask Lifehacker podcast is LIVE right now! Come join us & ask some questions!  The Onion @TheOnion "It takes confidence to walk around Hollywood as a Native American blanket covered in beads." ZvLr9E  Anja Brierly Lange @AnjaYogini OM Yoga Magazine is out and you can find my back and core strengthening practice in the March issue. Have fun! From Me To You @_FromMeToYou What. Gold clutches. Real gold clutches actually roam the world. I wished they'd roam into my apartment… Nike@Nike Together we are unstoppable. Together resolutions become promises. Together we will #makeitcount.  Promoted by Nike Burberry@Burberry Live on Twitter - #Burberry A/W13 runway show "Trench Kisses' #LFW womenswear-aw13/berryorig  Promoted by Burberry Burberry @Burberry Live on Twitter - #Burberry A/W13 runway show "Trench Kisses' #LFW womenswear-aw13/berryorig… ! Promoted by Burberry Nike @Nike Together we are unstoppable. Together resolutions become promises. Together we will #makeitcount. HNRqJxl2588  Promoted by Nike
  37. 37. Twitter, Inc. | Confidential ( )40 Barista Bar @baristabarIm stuck on what to get my mum for mothers day. Flowers or a massage. She deserves them both. #MumGifts Jane Doe @JaneDoe context sentiment #hashtag keywords keywords Every Tweet sends real-time signals These signals can be categorised into two groups: what you tweet and how you engage. Hide MoreFavoriteReply Retweet
  38. 38. Lead Generation Cards simplify email capture We’re celebrating #DoUsAFlavor TODAY w/ @WayneBrady. Submit and share to Twitter for a chance at a video surprise: … LAY’S @LAYS Jan 14, 2014 Submit your idea for the next great Lay’s flavor! Ryan Brown @brownday br****@gm***.com View advertiser privacy policy Share your name and email address with LAY’s Custom submission page Create My Flavor
  39. 39. Free People @FreePeople Home's all in the details. And we love the intricacies of this top!  Threadless @threadless Home Some great @TheSimpsons designs already comin' in! Excellent.  Showcase products with the Product Card Drive traffic with the Summary Card
  40. 40. Spotify @Spotify Home Relive every electrifying Super Bowl halftime show in history - from 1967 to 2014 - with this playlist! a9arm/4so  Acquire new users with the Mobile App Card
  41. 41. Slide title Subtitle Body copy Twitter content
 Strategy Entree
  42. 42. Subtitle #PopQuiz #imbsummit @TwitterAsia
  43. 43. What makes each social network so yummy?
  44. 44. What makes Twitter taste so unique? Subtitle
  45. 45. Slide title Subtitle Body copy Skittles @Skittles If you want to hide something, just put it next to a pack of Skittles. Nobody will even notice it’s there. #protip Myth: Only the funniest survive
  46. 46. @TwitterAdsUK Not true. Being informative is more valued. Exciting Funny Informative Useful 0 12.5 25 37.5 50 Exciting Funny Informative Useful source: “Who Gives A Tweet? Evaluating Microblog Content Value”, Andre, Berntain and Luther 2012
  47. 47. The role of trigger terms
  48. 48. There is no perfect Tweet, but over the next few slides we will see some tips and best practice examples to help drive higher engagement. ! One size doesn’t fit all so bear them in mind and treat each Tweet as an opportunity to learn and improve for the next one.
  49. 49. @TwitterAdsUK Keep your Tweets looking clean Multiple # and @ signs can dilute from the main aim of the Tweet - drive video engagement. Think about the action you want to happen and make it as easy as possible for the user
  50. 50. @TwitterAdsUK Give them a reason to engage - Ask a question The Twitter audience is a highly engaged group and likely to engage with content that asks a question and begs for a response through an @reply, # or by clicking deeper on a link.
  51. 51. @TwitterAdsUK Identify potential complaints before they happen Let people know there will be a strain on the system and use humor to calm them before they have a chance to get stressed
  52. 52. @TwitterAdsUK Include a picture and ask a question X2 engagement with pictures
  53. 53. @TwitterAdsUK Use an active voice to create urgency Telling people that something is time sensitive, ending soon, limited time only etc will increase CTR.
  54. 54. @TwitterAdsUK Use directional language if you want an action When trying to prompt a click through, tell people what they are going to get for it. Is it an App install, video, PDF, infographic etc.
  55. 55. @TwitterAdsUK Include strong call to action Tweets must have one strong call to action and when possible tell the user what sort of value add there is to engage
  56. 56. @TwitterAds | Confidential 59 Tweeting 4 or fewer times per day is the “Tweet Spot” for keeping engagement high - more than 4 sees a 17% drop in engagement Time Tweets to benefit your audience: FREQUENCY Buddy Media 2012 THE SOURCE
  57. 57. @TwitterAds | Confidential 60 MONDAY: Special Promotions TUESDAY: Behind the scenes WEDNESDAY: Helpful tips THURSDAY: Media spotlights FRIDAY: Focus on your followers Barista Bar @baristabar Anyone having a “Case of the Mondays”? Let us know what movie that’s from for 30% off your coffee! #happymonday Barista Bar @baristabar Check out our rockstar barista @brownday’s favorite methods of grinding his beans: Barista Bar @baristabar Check out our tutorial on making the perfect latte. Please RT and share! #latte Barista Bar @baristabar This might be our favorite “latte flower” photo from longtime customer @ehchkay Barista Bar @baristabar We need your help! What should we call our new espresso drink? Best answer gets free espressos for a month! #espresso Time Tweets to benefit your audience: DAY-OF-WEEK
  58. 58. DRIVE YOUR CAMPAIGN STRATEGIES ON TWITTER Select targeting Exclude current customers (with TA) Choose in-Tweet format Set bids & budgets Prospect new customers Drive leads down the funnel TA - CRM or TA - Web Optimize tweet creative Adjust bids & budgets Leverage performance measurement Maximize Loyalty Re-engage existing customers Drive repeat site traffic Encourage content and app downloads
  59. 59. Q&A Desert
  60. 60. April, 2014 #thankyou