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The Treasure is in the Data - How Three International Brands Found Marketing Gold.

Alice Donaldson from Exponential, presented this deck at iMedia Brand Summits, Asia. #imbsummit

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Fabrizio caruso opera

  1. 1. Driving consumer engagement and brand favorability through sponsored data on mobile
  2. 2. Meet Opera Software Founded in 1995, based on the idea that access to the web should be a universal right 1,000+ employees, 50+ nationalities, in 17 offices, in 15 countries worldwide 350 million+ users on mobile, desktop and TV browsers Working with leading Mobile Operators, OEMs, Content Publishers and Advertisers Passionate about breaking down barriers, so everyone can share in the power of the internet
  3. 3. Opera for Advertisers and Publishers mobile site & apps 15K+ 500M+ Monthly unique consumers 65B+ ad impressions/month $500M+ Revenue Enabled in 2013
  4. 4. 20  OF  TOP  25  MEDIA  COMPANIES     AROUND  THE  WORLD  USE  OUR  TECHNOLOGY     Global network
  5. 5. #1  mobile   browser  in   Indonesia   Top  3  in   India  and   South-­‐East   Asia   0" 10" 20" 30" 40" 50" 60" 70" 80" 90" 100" *Indonesian Mobile Browser Market Share * http://gs.statcounter.com/#mobile_browser-ID-monthly-201204-201304-bar •  50% of Indonesian online use Opera products •  Opera in top 3 for browser market share in SEA countries and India
  6. 6. Unlimited Browsing with Opera Mini with several tier-1 telco in Asia
  7. 7. Sponsored passes Rethinking your data offering
  8. 8. Sponsored web passes Onboarding1 Consumption2 Expiration3 Deliver real value giving something consumers love *graphics for illustration purposes only
  9. 9. Onboarding Storefront promotes sponsor branding Advertiser branding highlighted on pass User clicks on promoted banner or web pass line item to consume sponsored web pass Upon selection of sponsored pass, user is greeted with an interstitial User can engage with sponsor’s site (zero rated) Full screen ad space that can require user engagement to consume data/content (Twitter follow, FB like, etc.) Branding and engagement *graphics for illustration purposes only
  10. 10. Consumption Full screen interstitials keep user engaged during data/ content consumption Fed dynamically from Opera Mediaworks platform Different creative for message reinforcement and reduced “banner fatigue” Branding and engagement *graphics for illustration purposes only
  11. 11. Expiration - Soft landings and upselling On pass expiration or exiting the scope of the sponsored pass, the user is clearly notified User can continue browsing as a paying data user on “out-of- bundle” data rates Dynamic and different creative for message reinforcement and reduced “banner fatigue” Branding and engagement *graphics for illustration purposes only
  12. 12. Sponsor benefits •  Access to a significant audience through Operator marketing campaigns to promote sponsored web passes •  Brand awareness and unrivaled engagement - Unique opportunity to reach out and interact with users in a positive spirit. •  Brand association with Operator and Opera brand •  Delivery of actual value to consumers, not just delivery of an advertising message •  Innovation triggers PR and word of mouth – viral and social effects Branding and engagement
  13. 13. © 2013 Opera Software ASA. All rights reserved. Thank you! Fabrizio Caruso Senior Vice President, Asia fabrizioc@opera.com @fabriziocaruso
  14. 14. Sponsored web pass Fully sponsored (free web pass) •  The end user receives free data and content access (web pass) •  The advertiser takes the cost of data •  Prominent branding and user engagement opportunities for advertiser •  Storefront branding •  Full screen Interstitial (Every X minutes of plan use) •  Highlighted advertiser branding •  Zero rated sponsor domain/micro-site Levels of participation *graphics for illustration purposes only