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The Treasure is in the Data - How Three International Brands Found Marketing Gold.

Alice Donaldson from Exponential, presented this deck at iMedia Brand Summits, Asia. #imbsummit

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Christina & damien ntuc & brand new media

  1. 1. Brand as the Broadcaster of the Future Christina Lim Director, Brand & Marketing NTUC Fairprice Damien Bray Global Director, Development Brand New Media
  2. 2. The Story of Brand is Changing Consumers are the most powerful force of marketing Over half of brand communication was peer-to-peer, through earned media rather than paid media Demands more transparency and unimpeded access to information
  3. 3. New Developments that drive advertisers into engagement mode • People, rather than governments, or companies, control the media • Media fragmentation • Consumers ability to control media interruption Top-down, one-way, single-platform communications no longer effective
  4. 4. Branded Presence – Conventional Approach • TV advertising • Product Incidental • Logo Placement • Print Advertorial • TV Commissioned Show
  5. 5. TV Commissioned Show
  6. 6. Mobile and Social – the 2 most dominant media
  7. 7. Next 10 years • Building Trust • Align Value with values • Embracing Technology to make life easier • Communicating, engaging and socializing • Go everywhere your consumers go Ref: Consumer 2020 by Deloitte
  8. 8. Dramatic Shift in Context in which Brand Communicates Content is no longer consumed in advertising context. It’s now consumed in social context Share of Mind -> Share of Heart Brand’s Story -> Consumers’ Story
  9. 9. Shift in Branded Communications Outbound Marketing Push Single Platform Sponsored Presence Print/ TV Ad messages Inbound Marketing Pull Multiple Platforms Branded Experience Online. Social. Mobile Conversation
  10. 10. Reality Shows - FairPrice Family Cook Off Season 1 and 2
  11. 11. A Few First’s • Crowd Source • Content • Multiple Platform • Integrated Distribution • Engagement - Entertainment • In store Activation
  12. 12. “61% of consumers report feeling better about and buying more from companies that offer custom content.” – Research by Custom Content Council 2011 (NY) “90% of consumers say they find custom content useful and … …78% believe that organizations providing custom contents are interested in building good relationships with them” Rise of Content
  13. 13. Brand’s Need For Content • Sell Products • Provide information • Conversation with consumers
  14. 14. BLOGS
  15. 15. Content on the go
  16. 16. Brand as Publisher Marketers are increasingly using the power of their brand to pull consumers to content Brand has transformed from being entertainment sponsor to Content creator Content curator Content consolidator
  17. 17. More retail brands are generating contents for marketing Home Depot 1,400 “How-to” video clips covering a range of topics from appliances, selecting building materials, home decor tips to installing lights and fans Tesco YouTube Channel > 500 videos Woolsworth 100 videos online. Walmart YouTube channel 1500 videos online
  18. 18. Triggers - Quantity of Video Content - Quality of Video Content - TV Shows / Campaigns / Events are great for short-term hype and buzz – how can we achieve more sustainable effect - Winning in the zero moment of truth
  19. 19. Singapore’s very own food TV channel
  20. 20. Key Considerations • How can we deliver information in relevant consumer contexts • How do we entertain - What is the desired brand experience for the consumers • What should be the content mix – editorial, entertainment, program origin • How can the content assets be shared/ distributed
  21. 21. Key Considerations • How can we cater to viewers’ media consumption habits – multiple devices, VOD vs. live streaming • What technology should be deployed to broadcast the content And… • How can we rally the CPG partners/suppliers to create a better content eco-system • How can we drive in-store activation
  22. 22. Trans-media IPTV channel
  23. 23. the channel play audience aggregation ecosystem brands digital assets drive traffic to IPTV through brands websites, social, media, database edm, etc brand marketing communications promote the IPTV channel URL across all marketing video QR codes leverage via print media, POS, out of home media etc channel social media pages act as another doorway in, as well as a place to drive content sharing, conversation and deeper engagement community outreach bloggers, celeb channel fans - drive video content sharing through embedded links in blogs and social media Off platform content distribution Broadcast TV Instore TV OOH TV paid media SEM, digital and social buys using video play embed to drive audience IPTV channel view on any connected device
  24. 24. New Trend in Broadcast Industry fueling the change An ALWAYS ON marketing asset Leading edge tech – linear broadcast and VOD publishing Anywhere anytime on any connected device TV Like experience 2 way interactive relationship
  25. 25. New Trend …. Empowerment Content – information, ideas, inspiration Sociable Content – customers as advocates Transact able Content – click to buy ROI - Drive Time Spent With Brand – engagement Re learning Law of Reciprocity……….. Every consumer is a VIP
  26. 26. Going Forward… Brands needs to transform Business Model & Acquire Skill Set Technologists . Business strategists . Analytic experts Storyteller . Entertainer . Relationship Manager . Media Owner . Publisher
  27. 27. Respect the “laws” Change the “rules”