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Great trips in january!


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Great trips in january!

  1. 1. Great trips in January!Things to do in Spain, things to do in Japan, things to do in China
  2. 2. • What to do after Christmas and New Years Eve? Many think of January as a dead period. You have assumably already spent your money at the end of December and now you just have to wait your budget to regenarate. Still, there are many that haven´t played along. They chose to save their money and make a trip now in January. Prices are lower so the options are much more interesting.
  3. 3. • So for those who think that January is a great month even for trips, let´s make an effort and help them find a location. The World hasn´t shrinked in 2012 and it has the same size as it has one year ago. The things to do in China, or the things to do in Japan, or why not, the things to do in Spain ar as thrilling as ever, and making up your mind is not easier now, at the beginning of January.
  4. 4. • The choices are made according to the budget and the preferences. If you want to admire the Great Wall of China, or walk across the traditional street of the (paradoxically) very modern Japan, or delve in the things to do in Spain, it´s all beatiful, hallucinating and new! However, if one has only limited time to travel, it´s better to choose one country and try to know it better, than to run across different countries, trying to embrace all the things to do in China and all the things to do in Japan.
  5. 5. • You may encounter in your trips other brave travellers who are not afraid of January and who didn´t fall victims to the charm of the Christmas vacations, but waited for things to calm down and only then started their adventure in this great planet of ours.
  6. 6. • If you don´t know what to choose, just roll the dice and let the destiny decide for you. Just pack your things and head towards a great venture! It is all worth it, whether we are talking about the things to do in China, or the things to do in Japan or the things to do in Spain!