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David Meinsen

  1. 1. Experienced IT and Database Specialist
  2. 2. SummaryAn experienced Information Technology professional with a proven ability in IT management and support with a Fortune 500 company. Demonstrated expertise to grasp business needs, evaluate priorities and apply computer technologies to deliver prudent enterprise solutions. Broad background includes a history of consistent achievement within a variety of roles including: Supervisor, Data Analyst (DA), Database Administrator (DBA), Consultant, Systems Design and Programming. Obtained 3 patents 7,822,780: 7,734,665: and 7,664,792 to automate manual DBA tasks.
  3. 3. Technical Skills Mainframe: z/OS, MVS, JCL, IMS DB/DC v9, DB2 v9, CICS, TSO/ISPF, BMC Utilities, CA Tools for DB2, IBM Utilities, Database Design, Systems Design and Programming Languages: Assembler, COBOL, PL/1, SAS, REXX, CLISTS, Visual Basic Other Skills: Windows, Erwin, Microsoft Front Page, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Access
  4. 4. Hewlett-Packard (HP)Database Engineer IVProvided IMS Database support for the merger of United and Continental Airlines remotely. Converted from BMC to CA utilities under budget and ahead of schedule saving thousands annually Converted logical IMS databases to HALDB Improved the infrastructure for IMS database utilities Created CLISTs to execute IMS functions from TSO Created several REXX programs to automate manual tasks Developed Success Stories and Best Practices for IMS Took on additional work to assist the other DBAs at HP
  5. 5. Embarq/Century LinkSenior Database EngineerManaged offshore IMS and DB2 DBAs and maintained IMS and DB2 Infrastructure at Embarq. Local Telephone Division was spun off from Sprint in 2006 Transitioned data from Sprint systems to Embarq systems under TSAs Rebranded reports and documents from Sprint to Embarq logos Saved company $4 million per year by dropping BMC maintenance and using IBM utilities Reduced staff by 50% by automating creation of operational documentation from JCL Provided support for data migration from Embarq to Century Tel systems Performed database administration for 15,226 DB2 and 17,467 IMS databases on 25 systems Installed Generic DB2 procs and database inventory jobs on Century Tel systems Took on additional work to perform DA support and developed logical/physical data models
  6. 6. Sprint/IBMDatabase AdministratorProvided IMS and DB2 DBA support for multiple applications including database design, performance and implementation. Developed and maintained the IMS Infrastructure and Standards. Reduced DBA staff by 50% by automating tasks and outsourcing DBA tasks to IBM and EDS Modified mainframe IMS databases and DB2 tables for key projects on time and under budget Used EXPLAINs and APPTUNE to diagnosis and resolve SQL performance problems Provided SOX support for IMS and DB2 databases to prevent unauthorized access Provided programmer support and troubleshooting for IMS and DB2 Implemented BMC Online Reorg for IMS and DB2 databases Developed and patented TSO panels for creating and submitting IMS/DB2 Utilities Developed and patented Generic IMS/DB2 Utilities that do not require control cards Developed and patented IMS/DB2 monitoring to insure database availability Installed DB2 table changes and stored procedures in production Automated and successfully tested IMS and DB2 Database Disaster Recovery Developed SAS programs to monitor IMS and DB2 database backup and extents Reduced DBA calls by maintaining intranet sites for IMS and DB2 DBA Support Developed Standards and Best Practices for IMS and DB2 databases
  7. 7. Midwest Consulting GroupSenior ConsultantProvided IMS DBA and CICS/DB2 consulting services for Sprint and was hired full-time in 1998 Provided support for data migration from Centel to Sprint IMS systems on time and under budget Implemented BMC Fast Reorg Facility for all IMS high availability databases Worked with IBM to provide 24x7 IMS database availability Designed and developed CICS DB2 programs for the Compass application
  8. 8. Cap Gemini AmericaSenior ConsultantProvided consulting services for Sprint and TWA. Provided systems design consulting for ERA Real Estate Performed IMS database administration for Trans World Airlines Developed DB2 Distributed Time Entry System at Sprint Performed IMS database administration for United Telecom (Sprint)
  9. 9. Federal Reserve BankProject Leader, DBA, Systems Analyst, ProgrammerProvided Mainframe Computer Systems support to every department in the bank. Designed and developed systems for many of their major operations including accounting. Project Manager for Checks Processing and Securities Transfer Systems Developed and published Standards Manual for IT department Performed IMS database administration for all 10th District Systems Documented and maintained IMS MFS edit exit macros Developed program to generate MFS code from screen images Designed and Developed Integrated Accounting System Designed and Developed Budget/Expense System
  10. 10. Education/Professional Training Associates Degree, Data Processing - Penn Valley College, Kansas City, MO DAMA (DA Management Association) IBM DB2 Database Administration 1 & 2 IBM Project Management IBM IMS Version 5, 6, 7 and 8 Enhancements DB2 Version 7 and 8 Enhancements IDUG (International DB2 Users Group) DB2/UDB for Windows CMMI Level 3 Certification with IBM IMS Tech Conferences SHARE Change Management Innovative Ideas
  11. 11. Awards Sprint Teamwork Awards SHARE Award for Excellence, 2003 Embarq Acclaim Awards Patent 7,822,780 for Generic Procs, 2010 Patent 7,734,665 for Utility Generator, 2010 Patent 7,664,792 for Database Recovery, 2010
  12. 12. Goals Help companies to find better ways to run their IT departments Work smarter, cheaper, simpler, faster to get things done now Be proactive and not reactive to prevent problems before they happen Standardize and document to make it easier to support any application Automate manual tasks to reduce staff and increase productivity
  13. 13. Contact Me 1504 N Millhaven CT Independence MO 64056 Home: 816-796-5417 Cell: 816-204-0796 David.meinsen@sbcglobal.net