Heritage museum of Drenova


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Initial concepts and motivational material

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Heritage museum of Drenova

  1. 1. Grad Rijeka, MO DrenovaHeritage Museum of Drenova – initial concepts…Drenova has a dramatic history, especially in the 20th century where we shared the fate of the City ofRijeka - changes of state, social systems, economic opportunities. At one point Drenova was cut is "inhalf", limits where introduced that breached the community and created a trauma whose effects arevisible even today. But over time, slowly but inevitably - there are fewer and fewer living witnesses.The development of modern society and the globalization processes rapidly devalue, and reset thehistorical memories present in small communities. Historical facts are easily lost and the youngergenerations and people of Rijeka or Drenova have no perception of how people lived, not before 200 or1000 years, but not even before 20 or 40 years.Ancient items and clothing are thrown away, disappearing customs and immigration of new populationsmarginalized local dialect that is slowly disappearing from everyday use. We consider it our obligationthat while there are still living witnesses of elapsed time, we have to collect and record their memories,and as much as possible to preserve the cultural heritage and identity of Drenova.In accordance with the aforementioned MO Drenova initiates the process of creation of InitiativeCommittee for the establishment of the Regional Museum of Drenova. The main objective of this projectis the informal education of youth and children through organized information about the history ofDrenova that slowly fades.Our goal is to offer young people and tourists facilities that will satisfy their needs, to awaken curiosityabout the history of their own district, and will at the same time be perfect in order to build their ownpersonalities as well as knowledge and skills useful in future work and lifeOver past period, numerous activities were carried out to find sources of financing, local andinternational partners and the opportunity to participate in projects financed from EU funds. But as wouldlater be further discussed it is a necessary precondition for the realization is to evolve as soon aspossible a larger number of citizens of different skills that can help in various phases of the project. Inparticular, it was an opportunity to engage students or the unemployed who can work through theproject to gain valuable international experience and possibly secure employment.As a prerequisite for the sustainability of the museum and its normal functioning is very important thatthe museum contents are sufficiently attractive in order to attract enough visitors and sponsors. So letslook at the facilities that heritage museum of Drenova has to provide:Permanent exhibits of the museum - the physical onesThe permanent exhibition will be located in the first stage of the project on the first floor of the buildingand the environment of the local committee Drenova - Cvetkov square 1 and covers a total area of 650m2 of which 450 m2 of outdoor exhibition space and 200m2 of internal exhibition space.The interior space is divided into 150 m2 designed for permanent exhibition and 50 m2 designed forlectures, workshops and screenings.City of Rijeka, local committee Drenova P a g e | 1 of 5
  2. 2. Grad Rijeka, MO DrenovaIn subsequent phases we should find on Drenova appropriate facility that would be a permanentsolution for museum.Museums permanent exhibition - a virtualThe basic idea is to collect all materials from the Drenova area (and beyond) - old objects from everydaylife, clothing, paintings, and they digitize / scan preferably with 3D technology to be available in thevirtual space.At the same time project team will collect and digitize audio-visual memories of the past that isdisappearing (photos, videos, music recordings, testimony of witnesses and participants of events intime). This concept allows the museum to present all artifacts not only locally at the museum premiseson the Cvetkov square, but also to wider audience at the web site, which will become available in thesame time with museum.Embryos of how approach to organizing information is visible in the project Drenova on Wikipedia, whichwas implemented during the 2008/2009 year:http://hr.wikipedia.org/wiki/DrenovaOf course to fill the holdings of the museum it will be especially important collaboration with citizens ofDrenova – to find interesting items that they can donate to the museum, or just borrow for the exhibitionand digitization.Workshops (fine arts and forgotten crafts)Popularization of the workshop organized primarily for adults - parents will be organized twice a year,and their fundamental purpose is to promote awareness of the importance of preserving culturalheritage and identity. Artifacts resulting from the work shop (in the form of souvenirs) can be a serioussource of financing for the museumCity of Rijeka, local committee Drenova P a g e | 2 of 5
  3. 3. Grad Rijeka, MO DrenovaExhibitions by local artistsAn important function of museum is a constant interaction with local artists on Drenova (amateur andprofessional photographers, painters and sculptors), because they, by their interest in Drenova areconstantly creating new artifacts that are ideal for the holdings of the museum.Giving space to artists and exhibitions support contributes significantly to the attractiveness of themuseum. It is also possible to partially fund the operation of the Museum by the revenue generated withselling the original artwork or souvenirs - a great opportunity for small businesses with from our district.Screenings and LecturesIn the multi-purpose space intended for the lectures it will be executed regularly projections of variouseducational programs, shows and movies, in accordance with the possibilities of virtual museum andavailable copyright.It is planned to make our own educational films. In addition to screenings, we have plans to held aseries of popular lectures by invited trainers from the country and abroad, which will be designed notonly for children and young people, but also to the general adult population.Open Days MuseumOnce or twice a year, especially during the World Museum Day, there will be an outdoor museum days,during which the museum will fully open its doors to all interested parties (admission is free these days).During the open days we will invite special guests, prominent scientists and educators from the countryand the world that will give occasional lectures.Improving tourism of DrenovaTo ensure the sustainable operation of the museum it is necessary to include its content in the touristoffer of City of Rijeka and thereby provide additional income - ideally to cover the operating costs of themuseum.It is possible to build "heritage transversal", which could include future Virtual Heritage Museum onDrenova, Martins mills in the nearby village, visit the old city of Grobnik and end up in Trsat castle.It is certain that such an offer, if they are adequately presented in Rijeka hotel to guests or passengersin transit, should have audience - especially if they are all done in a dynamic and entertaining way(shorter tours 2-4 hours).Technologies and Opportunities for Regional CooperationAn important component of the project is to use the most advanced technology for the digitalization ofthe exhibits, and it is this idea that appeals to interested partners from abroad primarily Italy andSlovenia.City of Rijeka, local committee Drenova P a g e | 3 of 5
  4. 4. Grad Rijeka, MO DrenovaThere are many smaller museums that cannot display all the items from their respective collections andare interested in cooperation and participation in the project. On the other side introduction of thesetechnologies could resolve other significant issue for small museums - to reduce operating costs.It is exactly this part of the project that is particularly attractive to our younger citizens and we hope thatit will create positive response – as we need multiple experts’ profiles from IT to the historian.NetworkingA key element of the project is its presentation on the Internet and networking with other similarorganizations. Building an attractive and interesting site on which all museum artifacts will be presented(especially 3D content) and scheduled events should significantly help to attract potential clients.City of Rijeka, local committee Drenova P a g e | 4 of 5
  5. 5. Grad Rijeka, MO DrenovaAt the end, Council of Drenova district hopes that we created interest and that you will respond to thisrequest for cooperation. Damir Medved, M. Sc. dmr.medved@gmail.com http://hr.linkedin.com/pub/damir-medved/0/892/8aa Skype: dmedved2005 Phone/Fax: +385 51 543 210 Mobile: + 385 99 8864 184 + 385 91 3667 051 Rijeka, Svetog Jurja 30 HR- 51000 CroatiaCity of Rijeka, local committee Drenova P a g e | 5 of 5