Discovering the power of hard fun


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What is arts integration?

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  • What will the idea of weaving inspire in your classroom?We are defining the concept of weavingloosely as a work of any art form having at least one interwoven or interlocking component, and are excited to see how our creative A+ teachers and students interpret it in various art forms, visual and performing.
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  • Discovering the power of hard fun

    1. 1. Discovering the Power of Hard FunEssential Questions:How does arts integrationtranscend barriers to learning?How can we create capacitywithin ourselves to integrate Arts Integration Conferencethe arts? Jean Hendrickson and Rosalynn Wade Oklahoma A+ Schools®
    2. 2. Your Great Learning MomentThink of a time that you were trulyengaged in a learning experience…. Where were you? What were you learning? What made it engaging?
    3. 3. Why is creativity important?
    4. 4. Focus question:How do we move beyond the artificialboundaries of disciplines to embrace thecreative thoughts and connections of ourstudents?
    5. 5. Music Music As Music Integrated Supporting Independent With Other Content Other Content Content Area Areas Areas Music Content Music Content Standards Music Content Standards Standards Not Taught Taught Directly Taught With Other StandardsM M This is a model created in collaborationU by San Francisco Symphony’s Keeping U Score participating sites. It is intended to demonstrate that yellow (other content) blended fullyS with blue (music content) yields green S (two-way integration).I IC C
    6. 6. How do you see pathways to integration? From the KS collaboration OKA+ developed Natural this – not forced – illustration intersections to show three ways for integration to be created. Beginning with non-arts Beginning with arts content content Beginning with a concept
    7. 7. An example which began with passionof a OSU professor for his non-artscontent.
    8. 8. THREADS OF LIFEAn example which began with aconcept and resulted in multipleartworks and learning opportunitiesdemonstrating connections across allgrade levels and content areas.
    9. 9. Oklahoma:Learning from the Past,Living in the Present, andEnvisioning the Future An example which began with the passion of an OKA+ board member for his art form to be experienced by OKA+ students from across the state.
    10. 10. PaintersReportersRecorders
    11. 11. Performers…and Families
    12. 12. Hard Fun OKA+ Schools’ research team confirms it!People learn by actively constructing newknowledge, rather than having information"poured" into their heads.They learn with particular effectiveness when theyare engaged in constructing personally meaningfulartifacts this is known as “hard fun.” –Seymour Papert
    13. 13. Developing schools that encourage creativity, innovation and critical thinking for the 21st century learner.
    14. 14. Connect With Us 405-974-3779 Jean Hendrickson Executive Rosalynn Wade Program Director Tyler Weldon Operations Director