Start Your Own Business With Shopkeeper USA


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Start your own business with Shopkeeper USA latest release. Make money with an affordable ecommerce website and store in a box. Easy to use, manage and maintain in order to make money online. No experience or programming skills needed!

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Start Your Own Business With Shopkeeper USA

  1. 1. "Starting an Online Business is as easy as Point-Click-Sell with Shopkeeper USA!" Slideshow designed by
  2. 2. A re you looking for an affordable ecommerce solution that allows you to have unlimited website pages and unlimited store products? It seems as if most ecommerce shopping cart software is for sellers who have programming and graphic design experience — or you just about have to have a webmaster on staff to handle installation, configuration and web design. What if you had an ecommerce Website that is just plain EASY? Introducing the new Shopkeeper USA 2.0 that revolutionizes the ecommerce industry with a solution most small business sellers only dream of. Slideshow designed by
  3. 3. N ew! Revolutionary shopping cart software makes YOU money . . .  Market unlimited products in your store  Sell services by hour, day, month, year  Customers can pre-order products not yet in inventory with built-in inventory system  YOU make money, even if you never sell a thing in your shop  If you sell downloadable products, customers instantly get download link after payment  You can hide the shop and operate your site with only the website part . . . Even if you never sell a thing! Slideshow designed by
  4. 4. W ho needs to use Shopkeeper USA in order to start a business ecommerce website?  Moms and dads who want to join the millions making money online  Individuals caught in a financial crisis and need to replace a paycheck  Retirees who want to take advantage of new opportunities  Seniors who want to supplement their social security income  Entrepreneurs who want to start a small business online  Web designers who want to offer their clients an affordable ecommerce solution  Offline business owners who want income from the internet marketplace  Startups who have little to no knowledge about selling online Slideshow designed by
  5. 5. D iscover how EASY it is to make money using Shopkeeper USA 2.0 Shopkeeper USA 2.0 has updated features and functions that are perfect for those who want to start a business on the web today, because it is a reasonable investment. It's easy. No special skills are needed. Anyone can easily add products and prices and start selling. Slideshow designed by
  6. 6. S hopkeeper includes all the features you would expect as well as some features that are rather unique People who want an easy easy easy, no brainer way to sell online and make money with their own ecommerce website love Shopkeeper USA 2.0. You manage both sides of your site from a browser-based admin control panel and you don't need any previous experience. Shopkeeper USA 2.0 includes all the features you would expect and some rather unique features that make your site easy for YOU to manage . . . and easy for YOUR CUSTOMERS to order. Shopkeeper USA 2.0 is a high-tech solution. Modern, up-to-date and with all the bells and whistles a small business online retailer needs, which is what you expect when you invest in an ecommerce website. Slideshow designed by
  7. 7. M anaging your site is easy because it should be  Website pages are individually located so you can click a button and add your welcome message to your home page and add unlimited business pages, such as your customer service page, FAQ page or shipping information page.  Click the shop button and add products, product pictures and pricing easily. Sell services by ticking one little box. It's so smooth.  Runs on PHP 5 and has some awesome new features like the affiliate link. Slideshow designed by
  8. 8. H ere is Shopkeeper's awesome extra-money-making affiliate link feature With Shopkeeper USA 2.0, you can make money even if you never sell a thing in your shop. No other ecommerce software has this money-making feature! What this means is that you have two ways to make money with your Shopkeeper USA 2.0 ecommerce business. When you have Shopkeeper USA 2.0 all-in-one website and store . . . you make money with the link feature at the foot of your site. Learn more about this fantastic feature HERE! Slideshow designed by
  9. 9. O rder your Shopkeeper USA 2.0 today SHOPKEEPER USA ALL-IN-ONE ECOMMERCE SOLUTION You'll agree that it is the solution for your business on the internet. There are two order options that make it super affordable. Two Order Options: One-time Flat Fee or Low Monthly Fee Either option includes all features and a year of support. Shopkeeper USA 2.0 is a money-maker in more ways than one. It's revolutionary "Share-the-Sale" affiliate link included with your site makes it duck-soup easy to make money. This unique ecommerce website is easy to manage and profitable for online sellers. Slideshow designed by
  10. 10. T he Boomerang low monthly fee Shopkeeper USA 2.0 plan The Boomerang Plan is a good choice for startups who are not comfortable setting up a database and installing software. The Boomerang Plan does it all for you. Your site is ready on your own domain. You use the backend admin zone to enter your home page text, upload images, add products and set your prices. Your monthly investment is only $37/month with a one-time initial investment of $199 . . . an average of $1.23/ day . . . and that includes your https security certificate, cpanel hosting account, unlimited POP email accounts and more. Very affordable.  Installation  Business web hosting and email with  SSL certification installed for you  Online user manual  One year of free support Slideshow designed by
  11. 11. T he SkyKing one-time flat fee Shopkeeper USA 2.0 plan The SkyKing Plan is an excellent investment for newcomers, resellers and internet marketers who want to avoid a monthly fee and save by owning a lifetime use license. Flat one-time investment of $499.97 . . . an average of $8.32/month over five years. With the SkyKing Plan, you download Shopkeeper USA 2.0 files for a one-time flat fee, order hosting and install on your domain.  Installation wizard  Option for year of free business hosting with  Bonus ebook  Secrets to ecommerce sales success (pdf)  Online user manual  One year of free support Slideshow designed by
  12. 12. B onus! Secrets to Ecommerce Success Who wants an ecommerce website and webstore without some marketing success tips? Wouldn't it be better if you had an ecommerce site along with 20 secrets the Pros use to find buyers for your new site? Shopkeeper USA 2.0 comes with a 74-page report that outlines how to attract visitors to your new ecommerce business so you can start selling from day one. It's free with both the SkyKing and Boomerang. No waiting to receive it. Download it right away after order. Slideshow designed by