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CIP Long Beach Yearbook


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A look at our CIP Long Beach Center over the past year.

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CIP Long Beach Yearbook

  1. 1. Dear Students, CIP was first founded in 1984 to challenge the norms of how individuals with learning differences should live, work, and be treated. You are all great examples of those that have lived up to that dream - Thank you! It's an amazing process to witness you take hold of your lives; gaining new friends, experiences, skills and abilities. For those who are moving on to your next phase, we wish you the best for a bright future. Wherever the road may lead you, you'll always have a home at CIP. Sincerely, Dan McManmon President Letter from the President
  2. 2. Letter from the Program Director Dear CIP Long Beach Students, We are truly fortunate to have such a wonderful group of students at CIP Long Beach. You bring such joy and happiness to our center. Parents, it has been my pleasure getting to know not only your student, but you as well. Having parental support and open lines of communication is an essential part of student success. Thank you for all you have done to make our year so fulfilling and memorable. So my dear students, as you embark on the next year of your life, always remember that ever experience will teach you something. Keep an open mind and open heart to see what lessons the world has to offer. Staff and students, thank you for a wonderful year. I hope you have a fantastic summer. Sincerely, Jennifer Kilby Program Director
  3. 3. Long Beach: Cheers to 5 years Celebration 2017
  4. 4. CIP Long Beach Students 2017
  5. 5. STUDENTS6 Claire Rachil Jessica Joshua Mary Matthew Sam Andrew Michael Harrison Parker Nigel
  6. 6. 7 Emily Evan Jacob Yong-Jin Nicholas Lucas Alli Shaan Kevin Alexander Molly Tess
  7. 7. Long Beach Student Senate & Student Ambassadors 2017 Student Senate and Student Ambassadors Harrison serves as President Jessica serves as Vice President Josh serves as Ombudsman Student Ambassadors: Tess, Emily, Mary, Kevin, and Alex
  8. 8. CIP Long Beach Staff 2017
  9. 9. Staff: Administration10 Michael Noel Regional Program Director Keisha Williams Administrative Assistant Jennifer Kilby Program Director Shantae Short Admissions Coordinator Francisco Gutierrez Student Support Specialist Maria Fuster Therapist Alexia Kutzner Therapist Alex Ryan Front Desk & Alumni Mentor Miguel Rodriguez- Cortes Community Engagement Coord. Kayla Cherry Student Support Specialist
  10. 10. Staff: Academic and Advising Departments 11 Hannah Enenbach Academic Coordinator Crystal Hayes Bree Tungate Academic Coach < Photo Caption > Crystal Hayes Head Student Advisor Natalie Hord Student Advisor Rosa Portillo Student Advisor Ramon Gomez Academic Coach Shanelle Sanchez Academic Coach Bobby Woodcock Academic Coach
  11. 11. Staff: Career, Social Skills, Wellness, and Life Skills Departments 12 < Photo Caption > Jolene Liang Social Skills Coordinator Rebecca Thompson Job Coach Stephanie Mungcal Career Counselor Katherine Schaffer Social Mentor Erin Green Wellness Instructor Kendra Dowen Life Skills Staff Joseph Slyvers Life Skills Staff < Photo Caption > Jocelyn Howard Career Coordinator Katherine Orellana Social Mentor
  12. 12. Staff: National Office 13 Michael McManmon, EdD Founder Dan McManmon President / Director of Marketing Ken Tear, PHR Director of Human Resources Abby Powers, MBA National Directorof Admissions Operations & Executive Assistant Elizabeth Roberts, PsyD National Director of Clinical Support Services Sharona Sommer, CPC Director of Family Services
  13. 13. Community Integration Community Integration CIP students pursuing the greatest level of Independence; Striving to become an integral part of the community.
  14. 14. Long Beach VA Hospital Community Garden Campus Activity Long Beach City College Long Beach Best Buddies 5k Run Dreamcatcher LA: Equine Therapy Community Service Student, Parkers First art exhibit 15
  15. 15. Angel’s Stadium: Shaan, Parker, Tristan, Molly, and Josh attended an Angels baseball game during the fall term LA Zine Fest: Jacob, Nicholas, Yong-Jin, and Michael ex- plored the zine culture in LA during a weekend activity 1st Time Voter: Tristan and his advisor, Shanelle visited the local polls during the 2016 Presidential election Community Integration
  16. 16. Long Beach Veteran’s Hospital Garden: Harrison and Evan working with Occupational Therapist; Annette Hatala OTD Thinkers 4 Autism Event : Matthew with Coordinators Shantae & Jocelyn, promoting Autism awareness Community Integration Staff and students traveling to Long Beach City College for a campus tour 17
  17. 17. 18 Students Following their passions Claire singing performance at Long Beach City College Congratulations to Matthew graduating from CSULB with a Bachelor’s De- gree in Geography Go Class of 2017! Simply Sweet: Molly has created her own pop- up shop selling her delicious desserts at CIP Long Beach
  18. 18. 19 Kevin with Career Coordinator Jocelyn Howard is all smiles after his interview at Disneyland. He now works as a host at Goofy’s Kitchen Parker’s “Succulent” piece won him 2nd place in CIP’s National Art Contest. this piece was sold during the art exhibit at the Good Purpose Gallery.
  19. 19. 20 Health and Fitness Kip cooking a healthy meal Shaan checking nutritional value during his weekly Grocery shopping Kip and Yong-JIn strengthening their core Harrison and Jessica running at Signal Hill for an afternoon cardio session
  20. 20. Swellness: where social skills meets wellness 21Health and Fitness Under the umbrella tree; students at CSULB’s Japanese Garden, during a wellness module Nutrition Scavenger hunt #Winning Think Positive sensory tools made by students during their stress management module Nicholas comparing snacks and looking for healthier options during Grocery Shopping
  21. 21. Fitness Fashion Show CIP staff and students strut their stuff as they take on the fitness runway From Left to Right: Hannah - Bobby - Michael - Nicholas
  22. 22. 23 Students were able to incorporate fashion and fitness and learned how to dress comfortably and appropriately for fitness From Left to Right: Tess - Emily - Shaan - Jessica
  23. 23. CIP Long Beach
  24. 24. Special Thanks to: Craig Foster & the staff at LBUSD Duplicating center Created by Shanelle Sanchez Kayla Cherry