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Today we're formally launching the Workday Integration Cloud Platform, marking an important day for Workday, our customers, and our partners. Everyone in the Workday ecosystem can now use a proven set of tools we've developed to build integrations that connect Workday with other business systems and applications.

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Welcome to the Workday Integration Cloud Blog

  1. 1. Welcome to the Workday Integration CloudMarch 28, 2011 by Aneel BhusriToday were formally launching the Workday IntegrationCloud Platform, marking an important day for Workday,our customers, and our partners. Everyone in theWorkday ecosystem can now use a proven set of toolsweve developed to build integrations that connectWorkday with other business systems and applications.The Workday Integration Cloud Platform deliverssignificant business value to our customers andpartners in three key areas, affectionately referred to asthe 3 Cs: • Cost. Using Workday Studio and the Enterprise Interface Builder, customers and partners can dramatically reduce the time and expense of building and maintaining integrations. Specifically, they can now take advantage of easy-to-use, open, Web services-based integration tools while leveraging the economies of scale offered by the Workday Integration Cloud. • Choice. Opening up our integration platform also increases choice for our customers by making it easy for a multitude of application software vendors and system integrators to build applications and quickly integrate them to Workday applications. Ultimately, we expect the number of partners using our integration platform will grow exponentially, much like we have seen the explosion of partners around the Salesforce.com ecosystem. • Community. The power of community enjoyed by Workday customers and partners—made possible by the ability to share and collaborate around single versions of multi-tenant SaaS applications—naturally extends to our integration platform. Its far easier to re-use and share integrations built for a single software version with other organizations compared with the on- premise software world, where integrations vary widely due to the multitude of software versions and the complexity of customizations. Over time, we expect high levels of collaboration and sharing within the community around our integration technology.From Cape Clear to iPaaSFrom a technology perspective, the Workday Integration Cloud Platform marks our initial foray intothe platform-as-a-service (PaaS) marketplace. At this time, we are only offering the integration pieceof PaaS and are specifically not launching an application software development platform. Gartner andothers recognize our offering as an integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), focused on providingthe building blocks for easier integrations. We are proud to be the first enterprise-class SaaS provider
  2. 2. to offer these capabilities for the Human Capital Management (HR, Talent, and Payroll) andFinancials markets.Taking a walk down memory lane, the Workday Integration Cloud was made possible by theacquisition of Cape Clear, an early and well-regarded provider of Web-services-based middlewareintegration technology based in Dublin, Ireland. The company was led by Annrai OToole and DavidClarke, two well-respected pioneers in the world of integration, middleware, and Web services (andthree years later, both are in senior leadership roles at Workday). With the merger, Workday hasbeen able to realize the vision of delivering market-leading SaaS applications with a best-of-breedintegration platform, something the legacy vendors never delivered. And never will.We are confident that the Workday Integration Cloud ecosystem will become more valuable to ourcustomers and partners over time, which is why well continue to invest in and expand that ecosystemin the coming months and years. Expect to hear more from Derek Butts, our newly appointed GM ofthe Workday Integration Cloud (and one of our rising stars), as we announce new programs forcurrent and future partners.Welcome, customers and partners, to the Workday Integration Cloud.- Aneelp.s. Expect a blog from our CTO Stan Swete that will go into more detail about the individualcomponents of the Workday Integration Cloud. Very cool stuff.