Workday Webinar: Delivering SaaS Globally – Rolling Out Workday to the World


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The highlight of day one was the breakout session hosted by Flextronics Vice President of Human Resources, Debi Hirshlag. She took the audience through a broad review of the company’s Workday deployment to date (now more than 100,000 employees worldwide) and discussed the teams learning through the process – from the composition of the project team to executive sponsorship and change management.

Flextronics’ Workday deployment stands alone as one of the most impressive accomplishments ever in enterprise SaaS – in terms of scale and also the pioneering nature of the project. For Flextronics a pilot effort in a specific region, such as China, can be larger than many companies’ entire employee population. So Debi and her team have built a rich set of best practices for deployment, while retaining a great deal of agility to meet the specific requirements or a given region’s business or cultural requirements. Those best practices are helping them accelerate their roadmap for global go-lives by about a year, and they’re already looking ahead to deploying additional functionality.

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Workday Webinar: Delivering SaaS Globally – Rolling Out Workday to the World

  1. 1. Implementing an HRIS at Flextronics: A Global Journey Debi Hirshlag September 2010 Design. Build. Ship. Service.
  2. 2. The Partnership 2
  3. 3. Setting the Context: Where We Are So Far Records Added Location(s) Go Live Date at Go Live US/Canada 15,000 May 2009 Mexico 30,000 March 2010 China Pilot/India 57,000 July 2010 Today – 107,000+ Active Records 3
  4. 4. Getting Started: Selecting the Core HR Project Team HRIS Implementation Role Experience HR Executive Sponsor None HR Project Sponsor None o e HR Project Lead None Change Management Lead g g None HRIS Lead Outsourced SAP Testing Lead Outsourced SAP 4
  5. 5. Getting Started: Kicking off the Project Project Team Introductions Show Sponsorship Global Design 5
  6. 6. Getting Started: Global Design First Meeting Pre Work: Inventory Country-Specific y y p Business Processes Out-of-the-Box Workday Review Lean Training Detailed Business Process Reviews 6
  7. 7. Getting Started: Global Design Second Meeting Review Workday Process Suggestions Discuss and Debate Home-Country Reviews Vote and Note 7
  8. 8. Change Management is Hard Generating Excitement! 8
  9. 9. Change Management is Hard Changing Mindsets • Human Resources • Managers • Employees 9
  10. 10. Change Management is Hard Learning Workday Versus Learning Business Processes 10
  11. 11. Change Management is Hard Post-Implementation Support 11
  12. 12. If You Remember Nothing Else Choose your project team carefully (but with an open mind) Match your project plan to the context you’re given Ensure (and demonstrate) sponsorship Take a firm (but appropriate) stance in global design Know HR isn’t always a supporter y pp People change is difficult; know your stakeholders and customize your change plan 12
  13. 13. What’s Next? Phase Three Phase Four 23 Countries + Rest of China Global HR Process 55 Sites Implementations 18 Languages Dashboard and Metrics 100,000 workers 4 G Lives Go Fully F ll Implement Workda Workday 1 Year (Sept 2010 to Sept 2011) Functionality 13
  14. 14. Questions? Design. Build. Ship. Service. 14