Workday Initiatives Datasheet


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Workday Initiatives allows companies to focus on what makes a company successful: people, time, resources, and work.

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Workday Initiatives Datasheet

  1. 1. Managing Work with Workday InitiativesWorkday Initiatives allows companies to focus on what makes a company Key Features and Benefitssuccessful: people, time, resources, and work. Workday’s revolutionary • Plan and track work and initiativesapproach to managing work brings together these elements into a single • Utilize work resource pools, work plans, and work hierarchiesunified system, providing management with important tools that make a • Integrate to external Project Systemsteam or project successful, insight into the areas where the company is such as Microsoft Project Enterprise™weak or struggling, and ways to improve overall effectiveness throughout • Configure company and work-specificthe entire organization. business process workflows • Ensure alignment of workforce and resources to strategic goalsUnlike traditional bolt-on project or work management systems, Workday • Capture time and expensesInitiatives is seamlessly unified with Workday Human Capital Management • Track overall spend (labor, expenses,(HCM) and Workday Spend Management. As a result, companies can and procurement) against budget • Bill customers and recognize revenueefficiently plan, staff, manage, and analyze what is really needed to based on project milestonesaccomplish their key initiatives. • Leverage Workday’s advanced built-in business intelligence capabilitiesPlan Work • Give executives insight into alignment,Workday Initiatives can model project-based work in a way similar to achievement, and potential • Tie real human cost and impact totraditional project management software, but Workday Initiatives also actual business resultssupports work types that aren’t “projects”—i.e., client engagements,marketing campaigns, products, customers, grants, or even job functions.Workday allows users to build work plans and utilize awork breakdown structure (WBS) that includes phases,tasks, and milestones. Workday also gives users theability to establish budgets and estimates for any typeof work to be done. To provide an overall view ofmajor initiatives that includes a summary of status andcosts, multiple work types can be related to each otherthrough a hierarchy. Individual work areas can be drilledinto for more detail. Work that is connected though awork hierarchy can also share core attributes, such asworker roles, security, and business process definitions.Additionally, Workday Initiatives can be linked toorganizational goals and objectives, enabling “line ofsight” from the highest enterprise goals to the actualwork being done to achieve those goals, the outcomesof that work, and the performance of individual workerswho contributed to those outcomes.
  2. 2. Staff Work control the full procure-to-pay cycle for both goodsFor many organizations, finding qualified and available and services, including contingent labor. In addition,workers is one of the main challenges to effectively Workday Initiatives can track cost of labor through themanaging work. Workday Initiatives is built on the same use of internal rates from Workday HCM. With Workdayfoundation as Workday HCM, which enables staffing to Initiatives, companies get a comprehensive view of totalbecome a natural part of planning for work. Managers costs – all from within a single, centralized system. Bycan evaluate potential team members by viewing detailed allowing management to proactively modify work plans,worker profiles or choose from a specific talent pool. budgets, and worker assignments as needed, WorkdayThey can also consider contractors or suppliers to fill in Initiatives ensures corporate goals can be accomplished inskill gaps. Even vacation schedules can be reviewed to the most effective manner.ensure proper coverage on the work at all times. WithWorkday Initiatives, managers can be confident their Analyze Work Resultsteam is always well staffed with the best available people By leveraging the Business Intelligence capabilitiesin the company. included with every Workday solution, Workday Initiatives enables managers and executives to get insightTrack Work into the operational status of key initiatives. WorkdayAnother challenge to managing work is accurately Initiatives provides analytics that can be placed right onconnecting the worker to the work being done. Workday a manager’s homepage to show data such as progress toInitiatives provides flexibility in how work is tracked by plan for initiatives and work, current resources assigned,offering self-service timesheets that allow workers to and total spend to date. A manager can also be alertedtrack their time either by hours or percent allocation. to specific conditions or thresholds, such as a submittedWorkday’s powerful business process framework provides timesheet that causes a project to exceed budget. Withalerts and notifications to ensure tracking compliance. this type of insight, real results can be measured andWorkday also supports integration to external Project worker contribution can be individually recognized,Management tools, such as Microsoft Project Enterprise, strengthening a company’s ability to pay for performanceallowing existing project systems to be leveraged where objectively. With this invaluable insight, companies canneeded while Workday continues to serve as a central continually improve operational efficiencies and marginssystem-of-record that increases visibility to management in the future.and team members. By utilizing Workday as your central system-of-Monitor Costs and Progress record for the work being done in your company, youWorkday Initiatives helps companies increase can increase visibility, improve efficiency, and drawtransparency of work by providing the tools to monitor real connections between goals, initiatives, results,costs against budget and progress of work over performance, and rewards.time. Workday Initiatives leverages Workday SpendManagement capabilities to track worker expenses and Workday, Inc. | 6230 Stoneridge Mall Road | Pleasanton, CA 94588 | United States 1.925.951.9000 | 1.877.WORKDAY (1.877.967.5329) | Fax: 1.925.951.9001 |© 2010. Workday, Inc. All rights reserved. Workday and the Workday logo are registered trademarks of Workday, Inc. All other brand and product names are trademarksor registered trademarks of their respective holders.