How do leaders influence your organization's Culture


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The amount of training can dictate how successful project management is in your organization's culture.

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How do leaders influence your organization's Culture

  1. 1. Global Strategic Management Solutions, Inc. HOW DO LEADERS INFLUENCE YOUR ORGANIZATION’S CULTURE? Tags: organizational culture, change management, managing conflict, communications, strategy, gap analysisDr. Doreen McGunagle | 866.417.2415 | Page 1
  2. 2. Global Strategic Management Solutions, Inc.The amount of training can dictate how successful project management is inyour organizations culture. If taught what they need to know yourproject-management staff will be more knowledgeable and skilled along withhaving more discipline to do their jobs. Training is only one faction in yourorganizational culture though. Many things figure into you being able todeliver projects in a satisfactory manner. Two of these things happen to beculture and structure.Culture Dramatically Impacts the Success Rate You AchieveThe culture of your organization dramatically impacts the success rate youachieve. I am not just talking about one particular project when I say this.This goes for all the projects going on inside the organization. All culturemeans is in what manner things are performed in the organization. Culturewill affect projects in many ways.Are Your Processes Good?Make sure your organization has effective processes in place for the peopleto be guided by. This will be the most important factor in the success of aproject. When your organization uses an effective project-managementDr. Doreen McGunagle | 866.417.2415 | Page 2
  3. 3. Global Strategic Management Solutions, Inc.process, it will have success more often on any of the projects it undertakes.The whole project team typically understands how to develop and go by aplan, and should know how to utilize the general processes to successfullyscope out changes, deal with issues and effectively cope with risk.ControlSome organizations have the processes mentioned above but their peopledo not follow them. Simply put, control is the function of management to seethe people are doing the things they should be doing. If the organizationsmanagement structure is searching out projects and involved in them, andyour project managers are making sure the necessary processes are beingfollowed, then the organization will be more successful. On the other hand ifeach of the project managers are left on their own and are only supported ina disorganized fashion, you will be at risk for failing big time.TrainingThere are those organizations that do not do a good job training theirproject managers. Their overall training is usually not the best either. Whenyour project managers lack the proper skills, you will be more likely to failthan to succeed. Learn more by downloading our free whitepaper, Secrets ofEffective Leadership.Dr. Doreen McGunagle | 866.417.2415 | Page 3
  4. 4. Global Strategic Management Solutions, Inc.What their Roles AreWhen the organizations are successful the people understand what theirroles are with the various projects and the duties they are supposed toperform. This not only involves the clients, but the stakeholders andsponsors too. The sponsors need to watch over the quality of their project inthe organization. If the project manager is left in a vacuum when theprojects are going on then the organization will not have success on acontinual basis.Culture plays the more major role in whether your organization can besuccessful with its projects. If the projects are not finished in a successfulmanner, the project managers are not the ones to blame. They are workingwithin a culture that is not supporting them enough in their efforts. All of topmanagement must evaluate the effectiveness of the culture involved withthe failing projects. If the culture does not change the project managers willcontinue to have a hard time succeeding.Your organization structure could hamper you from having success too. Thisstructure usually sets the way for how effectively you work on the projectsand how well you can share resources with other organizations.To Learn more download our whitepaper, Secrets of Effective Leadership.Dr. Doreen McGunagle | 866.417.2415 | Page 4