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Benchmark Trend Analysis


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Create a Healthy Organization with Dr. McGunagle.
You can boost…..

* Performance
* Productivity
* Profits

We can help you….

* Align people & business strategies
* Create your competitive edge
* Motivate & engage your people
* Align strengths and values
* Identify preventive & corrective measures

Create your healthy organization starting right now!

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Benchmark Trend Analysis

  1. 1. Global Strategic Management Solutions Sample Benchmark Trend Analysis, GAPM Visit us on the web at * * 866-417-2415
  2. 2. TM Generally Accepted People Metrics TM Your customized GAP Metrics are built to evaluate the Formula for SPEED in your organization. Structure Productivity Engagement Execution Due Diligence These GAP Metrics demonstrate two things: 1) The current status of each GAP Metric S,P,E,E, and D; 2) The current status of the drill down metrics, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the trend over time of your GAP Metrics. This report works from the global to the specific and back to give you prioritization of what to work on to generate higher GAP Metric status for your organization. We believe that the GAP Metrics are Leading Indicators for overall organizational performance, including financial performance, and if you proactively work on these root cause leading indicators, you can improve or forecast financial performance and other backward looking accounting measures. December 2007 GAPM Scores
  3. 3. December 2007 Component Scores
  4. 4. Current Component Priorities Participation: 81%
  5. 5. How to Use This Information: 1) METRIC FOCUS: Trends over time are typically MORE important than anyone time period. We have found that metric scores typically can be interpreted as follows: 5.5 - 8.0 = Strength 5.0 - 5.5 = Good, however worth looking at for improvement if nothing lower or in combination with lower metrics 4.5 - 5.0 = Average, should get some attention at some point depending on priorities 4.0 - 4.5 = Below average, look hard at these 2.0 - 4.0 = Weakness, Seriously consider working hard on these 2) ACTION PLAN FOCUS: Share back the results with all participants and analyze the lower metrics, especially any 5.0 or lower metrics. Get feedback from the teams and select a metric that you feel you TM can make efficient progress on and set a time frame goal. Track it monthly with GAPM and any other means practical. Some may be low hanging fruit, and simply a focus on them will cause you to improve. Each action plan should have a champion/owner, a list of actions to be taken (action items), and a due–date for each action item. Action plans can include one or more of the following: Training, Communication, Change in a System or Process, Improvement in Resource Allocations, Clarification of Current Policies or Processes, etc.
  6. 6. 3) LEADERSHIP/MANAGEMENT FOCUS: Put a review of the action plans generated by GAPMTM on your monthly management meeting agenda and have each champion report each month on the progress of the action plans to improve the culture, metrics, and the overall organization. Continue to review the reporting similar to the way you review financial reporting, selecting important areas, getting feedback from the people in the company on what can or should be done, and then holding yourselves and all the teams accountable. SUMMARY GSMS and its strategic partners have considerable experience in solving complex assessments and interventions. Strategies are based on the ideals of solving problems for the benefit of our client while striving to create a sustainable organization. We constantly face new challenges and devise solutions to solve complex problems with an entrepreneurial spirit. GSMS would be pleased to discuss how we can work with your organization to cost-effectively solve your organizational challenges. For more information visit our website at 866.417.2415 ∙ 561.208.1071