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From squawk to talk


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Published in: Education
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From squawk to talk

  1. 1. From squawk to talkImproving speaking in MFL Dominic McGladdery @dominic_mcg I aint no hollaback girl!
  2. 2. Teaching
  3. 3. Teaching phonics - 10 minute phonics guide by Suzi BewellFrom MFL Sunderland:
  4. 4. Activities using phonicsIdentifying words which rhyme.Categorising words with similar sounds.Students try to find words which contain a certain sound.Students fill in a venn diagram.
  5. 5. Activities using phonicsLearn tongue-twisters.Reading aloud within a group.Introducing an “if you wrote it, you can say it” policy.
  6. 6. Task: 5 minutes Use the rhyming dictionaries to create a resource in a language of your choice.
  7. 7. Random name pickerswww.classtools.netwww.classdojo.com fresher schools primary schools ict
  8. 8. Random question pickerswww.classtools.net fresher schools primary schools ict
  9. 9. Task: 5 minutes Use one of the random name pickers to create a random question activity.
  10. 10. Kagan structures Exercises designed to get pupils speaking
  11. 11. Dice activitiesStudents make sentences based on lists.Example: Mon monstre a...1 trois 1 yeux 1 rouges2 quatre 2 bras 2 oranges3 six 3 jambes 3 jaunes4 vingt 4 oreilles 4 roses5 sept 5 bouches 5 drôles
  12. 12. Rorys story cubes
  13. 13. Rorys story cubesStory cubes are dice with pictures on them.There are 2 different sets of 9 dice: original and actions.The actions set is ideal for teaching sports.The students throw the dice and make sentences.There is an ipad app but no android app as yet.
  14. 14. SongsMake up songs.Use a familiar tune.Get the students to make up songs.Use youtube to find songs in target language.Students will join in and the more able can create their own extra verses.
  15. 15. Task: 5 minutesSearch a song on which you could use in your classroom.
  16. 16. PuppetsGet students to use puppets to act out dialogues in TL.Students can create pencil puppets in minutes.
  17. 17. Cluedo activities Qui a vomi?Je pense que cétait dans le jardin sur le bébé. le chienJe crois que la cuisine la table. le chat À mon avis la le salon la tortue chaise. Selon moi la le garage les souris devoirs.Jimagine que le bébé la la télé. chambre
  18. 18. Describing a picture
  19. 19. Comparing 2 pictures
  20. 20. I went to the shop...The old primary school game.In groups.Pupil A starts “I went to the shop and I bought X.”Pupil B continues “I went to the shop and I bought X and Y.”Pupil C continues “I went to the shop and I bought X and Y and Z.”
  21. 21. AudacityResource for recording and changing voices.Great for motivating boys!
  22. 22. Task: 5 minutesRecord yourself on audacity & change your voice.
  23. 23. blabberize.comUpload a picture and a sound file(made with audacity?)
  24. 24. voki.comLike blabberize but with more features.
  25. 25. Crazy talkA program which allows pupils to create 3D living puppets from 2D photos and pictures.Quite expensive but worth the money.
  26. 26. songifyAn app for android and iphone/pad/podRecord speech and it turns it into song.Example
  27. 27. Task: 5 minutesCreate a create a voki, a blabberize or songify something.
  28. 28. Further readingSteve Smiths blog: 50 speaking activities
  29. 29. From squawk to talk Dominic McGladdery I aint no hollaback girl!