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Lifeworks - World at Work Presentation


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David McGinty presented the Distributed Work Program he created and implimented at American Medical Systems HQ Offices called Lifeworks at the 2011 World at Work Conference in San Diego, CA. For more information, contact David at;

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Lifeworks - World at Work Presentation

  1. 1. “How a Company Turned Work-Life on it’s Head...and Created a Revolution in the Workplace” David McGinty American Medical Systems
  2. 2. The Revolution “Work-Life Balance is not Balance at all”  Integration of Life and Work
  3. 3. 3Work“Work is a form of Living” For most of human history, work was a far more personal and self regulating affair; when each job was a matter of creative interest... Christopher AlexanderIn other words...”your job, your way”
  4. 4. 4LifeWhat AMS values: Quality of Life for Patients Quality of Life for Physicians Quality of Life for Employees
  5. 5. 5Brand
  6. 6. 6Flexible work at AMS ChallengeFive Steps for Implementation: Concept1. Challenge Culture2. Concept Confirm3. Culture Continue4. Confirm5. Continue
  7. 7. 7Challenge ChallengeSpace Concept Culture Confirm Continue -50%
  8. 8. 8ConceptLifeworks is a business strategy Challenge Concept Innovative Medical Solutions Culture Profitable Growth Confirm Performance-Based Organization Continue Competencies Leadership Strategy Culture Values High Performing Leaders Strong Employee Value Proposition
  9. 9. 9 The Lifeworks Value Proposition Challenge Concept Employee Employer Environment CultureFreedom to choose when & Attract Inspire & retain top Use less Naturalwhere to work talent Resources ConfirmGreater opportunity for Life Increase Employee Efficient use of existing ContinueBalance Satisfaction resourcesResults-Driven Culture Increase Productivity and Reduce air pollution CollaborationReduce commuting time, Enhance business Leverage “Green”save $$ continuity & agility reputationIncrease personal Reduce Overhead Costs: “Buy Local” – Increaseproductivity - Real Estate commerce to your - Turnover neighborhood
  10. 10. The lifeworks Difference Challenge“Productivity that allows for the lifestyle you choose” ConceptLifeworks is this... Culture NOT this...Performance Based Culture focused on Results! Focused on Attendance ConfirmFlexibility for your Rhythm of life Telecommuting ContinueRequires Personal Accountability PolicyFreedom to choose (self discipline) LicenseEmployee managed Management controlledFreedom to work where you are most productive Work space assignedSpace is Workgroup allocated Not individually assignedCollaboration / Innovation - OneAMS Silo
  11. 11. 11CultureFostering a new culture at AMS Challenge ConceptWelcome to a new way of working – where a Culturenew environment enhances quality of life,advances innovation, fosters collaboration Confirmand drives results. AMS gives you the Continuefreedom to choose when, where and how youwork most productively. And that worksbetter for all of us to create better solutionsfor life.
  12. 12. 12Recipe for success Challenge ConceptMessage to AMS Leaders: Culture Build environment of trust Confirm Create inclusive workplace Practice good virtual work habits Continue Offer solutions not complaints Set the example
  13. 13. 13Recipe for success Challenge ConceptProtocol not Policy: Culture Existing Code of Conduct Confirm Existing Employee handbook Managing for Results Continue
  14. 14. 14Lifeworks Employee Orientation Challenge ConceptSteps for changing a culture: Leadership Overview Culture Pilot Recruiting Confirm Company Brown Bags Continue HR Training (Code of Conduct, FSLA, Employee Handbook) Technology Training Lifeworks Coaching (Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Communication) Physical space modification Concept Protocol
  15. 15. 15 Confirm Lifeworks Pilot Details Challenge Concept 7,000 sq ft pilot project Culture 66 Employees (at move-in) Confirm 5 Departments Continue Individual assigned lockers All space non-reservable
  16. 16. 16Space – Initial Move-In Challenge ConceptInitial space savings: +20% Culture Confirm Continue
  17. 17. 17Space – Future Capacity Challenge ConceptFuture capacity: +20% +30% Culture Confirm Continue
  18. 18. 18 Square Feet Per Person Challenge Concept 20% Culture Confirm 135 sq ft 30% Continue 106 sq ft 70 sq ftExisting Campus Lifeworks Target Move-in
  19. 19. 19Survey Data – 1 year Challenge Concept• 42% increase in Satisfaction with Personal Life Culture• 36% increase in Satisfaction with Work. Confirm• 34% increase in Innovation Continue• 20% improvement in overall Health & Well Being• 17% increase in Collaboration• 15% increase in Personal Productivity• 14% improvement in Supervisor Support
  20. 20. 20Key Learnings / Observations Challenge Concept• Physical space modification and program branding lead to faster employee adaptation Culture• The entire workspace is an extension of the workstation Confirm• Department participation eliminates perceived inequities Continue• Ergonomics focused on employee and choices vs. workstation modification• Non-reservable space self regulates itself• Lockers are a necessity for transition• On-line awareness tools critical for success (MS communicator)• Employees naturally work paperless• Less time & resources needed for on-boarding new employees
  21. 21. Continue 21What’s next for AMS Challenge Concept Implement Lifeworks concept for all new office spaces at HQ. Expand Globally as projects present themselves Culture Explore implementing social media platforms to help facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing. Confirm Continue