Joyce Coppola Student Affairs Recommendation


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Joyce Coppola Student Affairs Recommendation

  1. 1. December 3, 2010To whom it may concern:I have known Dennis McGeehan for over six years while I was working as Associate Director in the StudentAffairs Department at Strayer University. I worked with him in his capacity as Campus Dean of the Lower BucksCampus. I was highly impressed with Dean McGeehan’s dedication to any endeavor that he was involved in.Dean McGeehan was truly an asset on behalf of Strayer University. He was a strong supporter of his studentsand went to great length to assist them in any way that he could. Dean McGeehan was a strong leader inacademics. He encouraged his students to succeed, and if they needed any assistance to do so, he was the firstone to lend a hand. He also taught classes and always had time to listen and support his students. The feedbackthat was given by his students was always positive; he was greatly respected by his peers and students.I worked in the Office of the President in Student Affairs resolving student crises issues that came to ourattention. Dean McGeehan was always proactive and contacted me when students were having personal issuesor needs that were causing them hardships. We were able to resolve many issues together and help the studentsucceed. I believe that many students would have been lost and just gone away if Dean McGeehan had notbeen so conscientious and caring about his students.We also worked together in regard to Student Activities and Organizations. Dean McGeehan had the highestlevel of response and the largest groups of students who participated out of any of our 70 campuses in any ofour regions. He was responsible for bringing speakers to the campus, hosting events on campus, and organizingstudent field trips off campus. He also had the largest student body that represented his campus in our RegionalStudent Advisory Boards.I also worked with Dean McGeehan in handling discipline cases. He was very adept at envisioning studentproblems and acting before they got out of control. He would contact me as needed, and we would review hissuggested course of action and he would proceed. When I did need experienced leadership for our disciplinaryhearings, Dean McGeehan would often sit on our panel. I trusted him to use his experience, leadership andcommon sense.I highly recommend Dean McGeehan without hesitation. With his experience, personality, and leadership skills,he would be an asset to any organization. He is a great individual as well as a team player. Dean McGeehan washighly respected and will be missed. Please contact me if you have any further questions.Best regards,Joyce McConnell11429 Horseshoe Trl.Lusby, MD 20657Phone: 410 326 6640