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Presentation of Self by Deborah McCoy


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The makings of me.

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Presentation of Self by Deborah McCoy

  1. 1. WHAT DEBORAH MCCOY WILL BRING TO THE STARTING BLOC FELLOWSHIP COMMUNITY…. ….an equal portion of each individual part that sums up to the whole of who I am which is, inevitably, a large part of myself 
  2. 2. culture, ethnicity, lifestyle, mentality, historyAFRICAN AMERICAN
  3. 3. complexity, tenderness, empathy, maternalinstinct, sisterhood, caring, self-worth, spiritualityWOMAN
  4. 4. marginalization, deprivation, humility, aspiration, triumph,determination, values, PhiladelphianFORMERLY IMPOVERISHED
  5. 5. intellect, nonconformity, Villanovan values –truth, love and unity,potential, good sportsmanship1ST GENERATION COLLEGEGRADUATE
  6. 6. individuality, bravado, impartiality, innovation, inspirationMULTIMEDIA ARTIST
  7. 7. leadership, compassion, understanding, solutions, idealism, agency, newyorker, reformCOMMUNITY ACTIVIST
  8. 8. millennial, advertising & digital media insight, start-up scaling,operational strategy, advisory technique, technology enthusiastYOUNG PROFESSIONAL/BOARDADVISOR
  9. 9. world traveler, former foreign exchange student and employee, broadprofessional and personal perspectives, aware, concerned, stimulatedGLOBAL CITIZEN
  10. 10. Everything I AM, Community Activist Global Citizen Formerly Impoverished Artist African American Woman 1st Generation College Graduate Board Advisor Young Professional Deborah McCoy mandates me to be something MORE.Culture ethnicity lifestyle mentality complexity tenderness empathy maternal instinct sisterhood caring awaremarginalization deprivation humility aspiration triumph determination Philadelphian intellect nonconformityVillanovan truth lover unifier potential good sportsmanship individuality bravado impartiality innovationinspiration leadership compassion understanding solutions idealism agency new yorker reform millennialadvertising digital media insight start-up scaling operational strategy advisory technique current world travelerformer foreign exchange student and employee broad professional and personal perspectivesBlemishes and perfections combined make for the best product™(The colorful bold words within the body of the presentation are descriptors –everything I am- while the whitewords are characteristics in relation to the colored words- the makings of me which are infused in all that I do.)