All About Me Class 3-406


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All About Me Class 3-406

  1. 1. All About Me Class 3-406 2012
  2. 2. All about Matthew Age: 8 Birthday: August 24, 2003 Astrological sign: Leo Favorite subject :computers and gym Favorite book: Star Wars: Rise of the commando droids. Favorite Movie: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Favorite Food: Macaroni & Cheese
  3. 3. All About Isabella• Age: 8• Birthday: December 2, 2003• Astrological Sign: Libra• Favorite Subject: Gym• Favorite Book: Fat Cat• Favorite Move: Spy Kids 2• Favorite Food: Pizza and Rice• Favorite Song: Tern Me On• Favorite Links: Google
  4. 4. All About Antoula• Age:8• Birthday: October 19, 2003• Astrological Sign :Libra• Favorite Subject: Gym• Favorite Books: Fat Cat• Favorite Move: Spy• Favorite Food: Pizza• Favorite Song: Love Me• Favorite Link: Yahoo
  5. 5. All About Sam• Age: 8• Birthday: July 19, 2003• Astrological Sign: Cancer• Favorite Subject: Computers• Favorite Book: Monster Squad• Favorite Movie: Midnight On Elm Street• Favorite Food: Pizza• My Favorite Song: Thriller• My Favorite Link: Yahoo
  6. 6. All About Tazwar • Age: 8 • Birthday: October 6, 2003 • Astrological Sign: Libra • Favorite Subject: Gym • Favorite Book: Sharks • Favorite Movie: Titanic • Favorite Food: Deserts • Favorite Songs: Elevate • Favorite Links: Nick,Lego
  7. 7. All About Evedith • Age: 8 • Birthday: July 4, 2003 • Astrological: Cancer • Favorite Subject: Dancing, Singing, and Gym • Favorite Book: Dork Diaries • Favorite Movie: The Hunger Games • Favorite Food: Tacos • My Favorite Songs: The Time, We Are • My Favorite Links: Youtube
  8. 8. All About SaruarAge: 8Birthday: May 16, 2003Astrological Sign: TaurusFavorite Subject: Reading , math,LibraryFavorite Book: White FangFavorite movie: Alvin and The ChipmunksFavorite food: chocolate chippers, pizzaFavorite song: Michael JacksonFavorite links: nick , cartoon network
  9. 9. All About Ali • Age: 8 • Birthday: June 22,2003 • Astrological Sign: Cancer • Favorite Subject: Gym • Favorite Book: The Son Of Neptune • Favorite Movie: Zombieland • My Favorite Songs: LMFAO • My Favorite Links Cartoon Network
  10. 10. All About Youssf• Age: 8• Birthday: May 18, 2003• Astrological Sign: Taurus• Favorite Subject: Math• Favorite Book: Scary Books• Favorite Movie: Action Movies• Favorite Food: Pizza• My Favorite songs: Michael Jackson• My Favorite Links: Youtube
  11. 11. All About Samina• Age: 8• Birthday: July 28, 2003• Astrological Sign:Leo• Favorite Subject: Gym,compter• Favorite Book: JuddyModdy• Favorite Movie: Icarly• Favorite Food: Ice cream• My Favorite Links : Nick
  12. 12. All About Bushra • Age: 8 • Birthday: July 2,2003 • Astrological Sign: Cancer • Favorite Subject: Math • Favorite Book: Poetry • Favorite Movie: Scary • Favorite Food: Deserts • My Favorite Links: Google
  13. 13. All About Vasilios• Age:8• Birthday: October 13,2003• Astrological Sign: Scorpio• Favorite subject: gym• Favorite book: Monster Squad• Favorite food: Chili cheese fries• Favorite movie: Final Destination 5• My favorite song: Lil Wayne• My favorite links: You Tube
  14. 14. All About Leina• Age: 9• Birthday: February 14, 2003• Astrological Sign: Aquarious• Favorite Subject : Gym, Library, Reading• Favorite Book: Weather• Favorite Movie: Alvin And The Chipmunks Chipwrecked• Favorite foods: Pizza, Chicken nuggets• Favorite songs Alvin and the chipmunks• Links: Youtube
  15. 15. All About Apostolos• Age:8• Birthday: November 13,2003• Astrological Sign: Scorpio• Favorite Subject: Gym, Computers• Favorite Book: Az Kids Mysteries• Favorite Movie: The lorax• Favorite food: Steak, ribs ,Mashpatatous• My Favorite links: Cartoon network
  16. 16. All About Erica • Age: 8 • Birthday: January 10, 2003 • Astrological Sign: Capricorn • Favorite Subject: Gym, • Computers • Favorite Book: Funny Books • Favorite Movie: Tangled, Tangled Ever After • Favorite Food: Californian Roles • My Favorite Songs: Selena Gomez • My Favorite Links: Smallworlds
  17. 17. All About Madison• Age: 8• Birthday: October 30, 2003• Astrological sign: Scorpio• Favorite subject: gym,computers• Favoite book: Middle school• Favorite food: Claforna roles• Favorite song: Talor swift• Favorite links: Google
  18. 18. All About Giovanni • Age: 8 • Birthday: May 25, 2003 • Astrological Sign: Gemini • Favorite Subject: Math and Gym • Favorite Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series • Favorite Movie: Blood and Gore Movies • Favorite Food: Ravioli • My Favorite Songs: Drake, Rick Ross, DjKalad, BustaRymes, Chris Brown • My Favorite Links: YouTube
  19. 19. ALL ABOUT JULIANA• Age;8• Birthday; August 23,2003• Astrological sign; Virgo• Favorite Subject; Gym• Favorite Book ; Judy: Muddy• Favorite Movie; The Hunger Games• Favorite Food; Taco’s• My Favorite Songs; Rolling In The Deep• My Favorite Links; and Google.
  20. 20. All About Joel• Age: 8• Birthday: August 30,2003• Astrological Sign: Virgo• Favorite Subject: math, gym• Favorite Book : Captain under pants• Favorite Movie: Green Lantern• Favorite Food: pizza• My favorite Song: Talking To The Moon• My Favorite Links:
  21. 21. All About Melanie• Age: 8• Birthday: October 15,2003• Astrological Sign: Libra• Favorite Subject: gym• Favorite Book: Because of Winn Dixie• Favorite movie: Tangle ever after• Favorite Food: Chips• My Favorite Song: Selana Gomez• My Favorite Links: You tube
  22. 22. All About Tim• Age: 8• Birthday: June 9, 2003• Astrological: Gemini• Favorite Subject: Math, gym, computer• Favorite Book: Diary of a wimpy kid• Favorite Movie: Chipwreked• Favorite Food: Pizza• My Favorite Song: Mirro on the wall• My Favorite LINK: youtube
  23. 23. All About Michael W Age: 8 Birthday: June 11, 2003 Astrological: Gemini Favorite Subject: Math, Gym Favorite Book: Diary of a wimpy kid Favorite Movie: Ghost Rider Favorite Food: Tacos My Favorite Songs: Drake Lil Wanye My Favorite Links:Youtube