All About Me Class 3-405


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All About Me Class 3-405

  1. 1. All About Me Class 3-405 2012
  2. 2. All About Alexis • Age: 8 • Birthday: September 11, 2012 • Astrological Sign: Virgo • Favorite Subject: Gym and Computers • Favorite Book: Judy Moody • Favorite Movie: Journey 2 • Favorite Food: Rise and Beans • My Favorite Songs: Look at Me Now • My Favorite Links: Club Penguin
  3. 3. All About Jose Age: 8 Birthday: May 3, 2003 Astrological sign: Taurus Favorite subject: Gym Favorite book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Favorite movie: Journey 2 Favorite food: pizza My Favorite Song: Somewhere Only We Know My Favorite Link: Lego Universe
  4. 4. All About Amaro• Age: 8• Birthday: May 6,2003• Astrological sign: Taurus• Favorite subject: math gym• Favorite book: frog eats out• Favorite movie: cars 2• Favorite food: pizzaMy Favorite songs: safe redoMy favorite Links: Lego
  5. 5. All About Wilbi• Age: 8• Birthday: September 23, 2003• Astrological sign: Libra• Favorite subject: writing• Favorite book: Pokémon• Favorite movie: super heroes• Favorite food: bread• My favorite songs: power rangers• My favorite links: Lego
  6. 6. All About Asif• Age: 9• Birthday: April 2, 2012• Astrological Sign: Aries• Favorite Subject: computers, Science, gymFavorite book: dairy of A wimpy kidFavorite movie: dairy of A wimpy kidFavorite Food: Bus BosaMy Favorite Songs: firer Burning, big night, big time rush,My favorite links: nickelodeon, cartoons,
  7. 7. All About Damian • Age: 8 • Birthday: September, 2, 2012 • Astrological Sign: Libra • Favorite Subject: Gym • Favorite Book: Pokémon book • Favorite movie: Pokémon black white the movie • Favorite food: tacos • My favorite songs: Pokémon song • My favorite Links :cartoon network
  8. 8. All About Sadiya• Age: 8• Birthday: November 26, 2003• Astrological Sign: Sagittarius• Favorite Subject: Art Gym• Favorite Book: Diary of the Wimpy Kid books Dork Diary books• Favorite Movie: Lemonade Mouth Read It and Weep• Favorite Food: Candy Gum• Favorite Songs: Moves like Jagger Party rock Anthem Victoria Miranda Adel• Favorite Links:
  9. 9. All About Samuel• Age: 8• Birthday: August 29, 2002• Astrological Sign: Virgo• Favorite Subject: science and computers• Favorite Book: Cro. of vladmere Todd• Favorite Movie: Eregon• Favorite Food: stake• My Favorite Songs: Raymond• My Favorite Links: Lego
  10. 10. All About Krishma• Age: 8• Birthday: June 1, 2012• Astrological Sign: Gemini• Favorite Subject: Gym• Favorite Book: Juney.Be.jones• Favorite Movie: Scary Movie 2• Favorite Food: Tacos• My Favorite Songs: Selena Gomes Songs• My Favorite Links: Carton
  11. 11. All About Savleen• Age: 10 ½• Birthday: September 2,2001• Astrological Sign: Virgo• Favorite Subject: Math, Writing• Favorite Book: Barbie Princess Charm School• Favorite Movie: Barbie in a Mermaid Tail• Favorite Food: watermelon, ice cream• My Favorite songs: The queen of the waves• My favorite links: nickelodeon
  12. 12. All About Rahib• Age: 8• Birthday: September 8, 2003• Favorite Subject: Gym• Favorite Book: Dairy of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules• Favorite Movie: 30 Minutes or Less• Favorite Food: Chocolate Ice
  13. 13. All About Aya• Age: 9• Birthday: March 19, 2003• Astrological Sign: Pisces• Favorite Subject: Computers, Gym, Dance• Favorite Book: Chocolate Fever• Favorite Movie: Horror, Lorax, Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked• Favorite Food: Rice and chicken, chocolate mint ice cream, crape• My Favorite Song: Stereo Hearts, Victoria Justice, I’m coming home• My Favorite Links: Petpet
  14. 14. All About Stephanie• Age: 9• Birthday: January 29, 2003• Astrological Sign: Aquarius• Favorite Subject: Computers and Gym• Favorite Book: Dairy of the wimpy kid• Favorite movie: Suker Punch• Favorite food: Mexico food• My favorite links: Mrs. McCabe’s. Class Work
  15. 15. All About SafeenaAge: 10Birthday: March 13, 2003Astrological Sign: PiscesFavorite Subject: Math , ReadingFavorite Book: Junie B. JonesFavorite Movie: UPFavorite Food: Gran Cracker, Candy barsMy Favorite Songs: OMGMy Favorite Links: Cartoons
  16. 16. All About Anika• Age: 8• Birthday: August 29, 2003• Astrological Sign: Virgo• Favorite Subject: Writing• Favorite Book: The Titanic: Lost and Found• Favorite Movie: Smurfs• Favorite Food: Rice and chicken• My Favorite Song: Who Says, by Selena Gomez• My Favorite Links: Disney, Nick
  17. 17. All About Leonardo• Age: 8• Birthday: June 4, 2003• Astrological sign: Gemini• Favorite Subject: Computers• Favorite Book: The Hunger Games• Favorite Movie: The Hunger Games• Favorite food: Sushi• My Favorite songs: Stereo Hearts Gym Class• My Favorite Links: Lego
  18. 18. All About Linda• Age:8• Birthday: September 7, 2003• Astrological Sign: Libra• Favorite Subject: Dance• Favorite Book: Ivy and Bean• Favorite Movie: The Muppet’s• Favorite Food: Pizza• My Favorite Songs: Katy perry• My Favorite Links: Facebook
  19. 19. All About Karelis• Age: 9• Birthday: January 2, 2003• Astrological Sign: Capricorn• Favorite Subject: Math• Favorite Book: Bad Kitty• Favorite Movie: Comedy• Favorite Food: Sango, Ice Cream• My Favorite Songs: Set Fire To The Rain• My Favorite Links: Barbie
  20. 20. All About Shahir• Age: 8• Birthday: August 25, 2003• Astrological Sign: Virgo• Favorite Subject: Gym, Computers• Favorite Book: Non-fiction• Favorite movie: Yugiou 5Ds• Favorite food:• watermelon, ice cream• Favorite songs: dinosaur king song• Favorite Links: cw 4kids
  21. 21. All About Aiden • Age: 10 ½ • Birthday: March 27, 2001 • Astrological sign: Aries • Favorite Subject: Reading • Favorite book: Diary of a wimpy kid • Favorite Movie: Mical mars • Favorite Food: WiteCasel • My Favorite Songs Oshr • My Favorite Disnychanul
  22. 22. All About Jared• Age: 8• Birthday: December 4 2003• Astrological sign: Capricorn• Favorite subject: Gym and CS• Favorite book:pokemon3D• Favorite movie: Fred• Favorite Food: baked zedy• My Favorite songs: Michael Jackson• My favorite Links: and