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Example Conversion Metrics (note: *not* Startup Metrics for Pirates


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Example Conversion Metrics (note: *not* actuals; your mileage may vary…) $2 3% Email Open / RSS view -> Clickthru Retention $10 1% Refer 1+ users who activate Referral $3 2% Refer 1+ users who visit site Referral $5 2% Repeat Visitor (3+ visits in first 30 days) Retention $25 1% User generates break-even revenue Revenue $3 2% Acct Signup (includes profile data) Activation $1 5% Email/Blog/RSS/Widget Signup (anything that could lead to repeat visit) Activation User generates minimum revenue Happy 1 st Visit (views X pages, stays Y sec, Z clicks) Doesn't Abandon (views 2+ pages, stays 10+ sec, 2+ clicks) Visit Site (or landing page, or external widget) User Status $5 2% Revenue $.25 30% Activation $.05 70% Acquisition $.01 100% Acquisition Est. Value Conv % Category

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