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@500Startups #StartupFest
Montreal (July 2014)
This Talk Is About…
• 500 Startups
–Internet Seed Fund + Accelerator + >200 Intl Startups
• Startup Ecosystems & Global Ma...
Dave McClure

Founding Partner & Chief Troublemaker, 500 Startups
00’s & 10’s:
• VC: Founders Fund, Facebook fbFund, 500...
500 Startups
Global Seed Fund & Startup Accelerator
What is 500?!
• $100M silicon valley VC fund + startup accelerator!
500 Startups: Global Seed Fund

Over 200+ startups outside US, in 40+ countries 

(my International road trip w/ geeky friends :)
• Travel The World with Startups, Geeks, VCs
• Meet MO...
Local vs Global?
• Emerging / Developing Markets!
• Global Languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic
• Critical Facto...
Global Languages
• English: 1-3B+ ppl, most online, high GDP, modest growth
• Mandarin: 1B+ ppl, lots online, med GDP, fla...
Global Markets
• US/Can/UK/AU (400M+): big market, not much growth but lots of spend
• Europe (400-500M): not much growth,...
How to Assess Global Markets
• 1) # of ppl / language speakers by geography
• 2) % internet usage (web, mobile, smartphone...
Platforms 2.0

Search, Social, Mobile,
Video, Messaging
Customer Reach: 100M-1B+
• Search: Google (also Baidu, Yandex...

Go Global
you’re a tiny little startup,
you don’t speak the language,
your local market is big [enough]
Why Stay Local?
(Because it’s HOME)
• You don’t speak English (well enough).
• Your solution doesn’t travel well / you won...

Go Global
you live in a small country,
local investors are too conservative,
don’t write [enough] checks
Why Go Global?

(because California is *awesome*)
• It’s BIG. (US, EU, China are huge markets… also Mexico/LatAm, Brazil)
Angel* List: It Rocks.

• Startups & Investors
• Activity & Metrics
• Platform & APIs
• *ps – not just for An...
Critical Ecosystem Factors
• Optimism & Belief (“Silicon Valley”)
• Mentorship + Education (Knowledge)
• Universities + Co...
Silicon Valley Investor Ecosystem
!Angels &
“Micro-VC” Funds
“Big” VC Funds
Example Startup Ecosystem
• 1,000 Bootstrap Startups ($0-10K)
• 300 Accelerator Startups ($10-100K)
• 100 Seed-Stage Start...
Entrepreneur Education
• Business Plans
• Functional Prototypes
• Lean Startup
• Software Engineering / Design & UX
• Onli...
Investor Education
• Startups are NOT Real Estate
• Most Startups Fail / Power Law Returns
• Portfolio Approach (10-20+ in...
Questions? Comments?
• More Info?
– (our company)
– (my blog)
How Big is MicroVC / Seed Stage Market?
5,000 microVCs invest 100,000 startups/yr @ $500K/startup = $50B/yr
How many peopl...
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Why Stay Local?
(Because it’s HOME)
• You don’t speak English (well enough).
• Your solution doesn’t travel well / you won’t/can’t localize it well.
• There’s not as many startups competing for your local market.
• Your local market has 50-100M+ users (ex: Japan, Germany, Brazil)
• Your local market customers are RICH (ex: Saudi Arabia, Japan)
• You have customers / revenue.
• You have a great living situation, family, kids, etc

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