Social Media for Non-Profits


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This is a very rough outline & presentation i gave on social media to a group of non-profit startups... it's pretty sparse at the moment. Need to add pictures, links, better examples & resources. (work in progress)

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Social Media for Non-Profits

  1. Social Media: A Story Told in Words & Picturesby your Friends (or your Enemies)<br />Dave McClure, 500 Hats<br /><br />@DaveMcClure<br /><br />sorry: no pictures on this presentation (yet)… “I didn’t have time to write a short letter”<br />
  2. Overview<br />Audience: Who are you trying to reach?<br />Brand: What do you (want to) represent?<br />Content: What (words, images, etc) represents you? <br />Listening: What is your audience saying about you?<br />Channels: How do you reach your audience?<br />Evangelists: Who are your biggest fans?<br />Metrics: How do you measure success?<br />
  3. Audience: The People You Care About<br />How do you define your audience? <br />ASL: Age, Sex, Location<br />Other attributes?<br />Narrative story / description<br />What behaviors/desires/problems do you wantto talk w/ them about?<br />What channels, sites, communities do they participate in?<br />How do you collect / communicate with them?<br />Member lists<br />Email & Telephone<br />Offline / Online<br />
  4. Brand: Words & Images<br />What words and images do you stand for?<br />Love, Hate<br />Money, Poverty<br />Sex, Power, Hope, Death, Sadness, Joy<br />What other brands compete for the same words & images?<br />Who is King of the Hill?<br />Can you dethrone them / compete with them?<br />What positioning / differentiation can make you King?<br />How can you test / measure for success, impact?<br />Qualitative: ask 5-10 random people<br />Quantitative: measure using Google AdWords, conversion<br />
  5. Content: Tell Your Story, Stupid<br />Text (Print, Email, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook)<br />Image (Print, Facebook, Flickr)<br />Video (YouTube, other)<br />Combinations of above are The Story<br />Figure out how to Tell your Story…<br />… In Compelling Ways<br />… To The People You Care About<br />… With Regular Frequency<br />
  6. Listen: What are people saying about you?<br />Searches & Google Alerts<br />Blogs, Twitter, etc<br />Qualitative Surveys<br />Net Promoter Score / Customer Satisfaction<br />Regular Listening Program<br />Feedback loop to content & process<br />
  7. Channels: How to Connect with Your Audience<br />Offline: <br />In Person, Word-of-Mouth (WoM)<br />Print, Mail, Tel, Radio, TV<br />Online: Email, Blogs, Search, Social<br />Email: lists & newsletters<br />Blogs & Search<br />Social: Facebook, Twitter<br />Images: Flickr, Facebook<br />Video: YouTube<br />Presentations: SlideShare<br />Documents: Scribd<br />Digg, Stumbleupon, etc, etc<br />
  8. Evangelists: Celebrate Your Super-Fans<br />Empower your most influential fans to tell your story<br />Promote them & their content, on & off your site<br />Discover influencers who already have the attention of your audience (& co-opt them!)<br />Create a social media “advisory board” of top geeks & experts who are smart & friendly<br />Create a frequent content & communication strategy that incorporates your top evangelists<br />Regularly feature the people who (want to) tell your story, and their (most popular) content <br />
  9. Metrics: You Get What You Measure<br />Lies, Damn Lies, & Metrics<br />Qualitative (ask people!) sometimes as helpful as Quantitative (search, web analytics)<br />Useful for Direction more than Absolute<br />Choose 1-3 things to track that you use to make a decision about content or market (conversion funnel)<br />Clicking/Viewing a key piece of content<br />Collecting key info like email address or phone #<br />Frequency of visits / interaction<br />Notable Transactions (sale, donation, etc)<br />Referral to other users<br />
  10. Social Media Resources(incomplete: i need to add more stuff here… look 4 updates)<br />Beth Kanter (blog, slides): social media 4 non-profits<br />Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group (blog)<br />SMASHsummit on social media (video, slides)<br />Don’t forget about email & telephone<br />Email Marketing:,<br />Telephone: tbd?<br />Some Books of Interest (on human psych, not social media): <br />Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion (Cialdini)<br />The Mating Mind (Miller)<br />Understanding Comics (McCloud)<br />