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Links & Resources Dave McClure: Master of 500 Hats 7 Steps to Your Facebook Strategy (TechCrunch) Second Age of Aquarius: Facebook Connect + Facebook Payments (Social Sign-on + Viral E-Commerce) Memo to Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, & AOL: How to Turn 500M email logins into Facebook Platform (& a Crapload of Revenue) Web 3.0 isn't the Semantic Web, it's Hailstorm 2.0 (Why it Matters & How Microsoft-Yahoo can beat Google) Business Models for Social Networks: Monetizing Social Capital, The Long Tail of Cool, & The Friends List Other Smart Folks Developer incentives in social networking platforms (Max Levchin) The Future of Social Networks (Charlene Li, Forrester Research) Viral Marketing & Advertising Strategies for Social Networks (Kevin Barenblat, Context Optional) Facebook Marketing Bible: Marketing Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service Inside Facebook (Justin Smith, ) What's your Viral Loop? (Andrew Chen, Futuristic Play) , (Nick O’Neill) Graphing Social Patterns East & West Conferences (O’Reilly Media)

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