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Designing 4 Emotion (WarmGun, Dec 2011)


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slides for my talk at Warm Gun conf (Dec 2011, SF)

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Designing 4 Emotion (WarmGun, Dec 2011)

  1. Designing 4 Emotion withSex, Love, &Violence.
  2. WARNING!!!this deck is guaranteed to offend,provide tragically incorrectadvice, and perhaps get you arrested. Fucking Deal with it.
  3. [This Talk]• Be Different, Take Risk!!!• Stand 4SOMEthing.(or u stand 4 NOthing.)• Tap Into Humanity: Fear, SEX, Power, etc.• Be a Hero, or a Villain.(just don’t fucking BOREme.)• Pictures, Text, Music: they all say 1000 words.• When It Works, Double Down.• Be Yourself… Only More SoKISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.
  4. WARNING:[BlatantFucking Commercial Ahead]
  5. [DaveMcClure]2001-2011:• Startup Investor: 500 Startups, Founders Fund• Tech Marketing: PayPal, Simply Hired,• Advisor, Investor: 200+ Startups• Conferences:Warm Gun, Lean Startup, SMASH• Stanford Lecturer: Facebook, Startup Metrics80’s & 90’s:• Entrepreneur: Founder/CEO Aslan Computing (acq.)• Developer: Windows Apps / SQL DB Admin• User Groups: E-Commerce, Internet, Client-Server• Engineer: Johns Hopkins ‘88, BS Eng / Applied Math
  6. 500 Startups Seed Fund &Accelerator (240+ companies, 15+ countries)• Design• Data• Distribution
  7. [Interesting Shit]
  8. Read GeoffreyMiller.Sex +Evolution +Consumer Mktg=AwesomeSauce.
  9. More GreatShit. Psychology +Comics 
  10. [Geek Renaissance]• Tech Innovation• Finance Innovation• Design Innovation• Social Innovation• Global Innovation• Gender Innovation
  11. [Designing 4Emotion]
  12. BeDifferentTake Risk.
  13. BeDifferent.• Take Risk Early. U Have Nothing 2 Lose.• Playing it Safe = Death.• Pissing People Off is OK. (in fact, #WINNING)• U Can’t Build Brandaround INDIFFERENCE.• Love *or*Hate are Ok. Both are Good Signal.
  14. CHANGE. PEACE.POWER. SEX. Stand 4 SOMEthing. (or stand 4 NO-thing)
  15. Stand 4 SOMEthing, or Stand 4 NOthing.• Be Iconic.• Single word or emotion.• Don’t be afraid 2b Hated.• Don’t be afraid 2b Shamed.• Aim for the Moon. [Land on the Roof]
  16. Tap Into Humanity Fear, Sex, Power
  17. Tap Into Humanity• Fear: What u run from• Sex: Who we love, lust 4• Power: Ability 2 Control Ur World• Family: Find Ur Tribe.• Anger: Fight 4 Ur Right [2 Party]
  18. Be a HeroBe a Villain
  19. Be a Hero… or Villain• Who do u LOVE, Admire, Want 2 B?• Who do u HATE, Despise, [secretly] jealous?• Whatever u are Drawn 2• Just Don’t Be BORING.• Again: Indifference = Death.
  20. Say 1000 words.[or just 1 Finger]
  21. Say1000words.• 1 awesome picture.• 3powerful words, or a few sentences.• 30 sec meaningfulmusic or video.• Less is more.note: these slides are notless.
  22. If/When It Works Double Down.
  23. When It Works, Double Down.• If someone loves u, it’s working.• If someone hates u, it’s working.• Once u get signal, try iteration, repetition.• Once u get repetition, try variation.• Good artists COPY; great artists STEAL(from themSELVES!)
  24. Be Your SELF.(But Be Ur SUPER Self)
  25. Always Be Your [SUPER] Self• Start from the Heart.• Be Yourself. Be Authentic. Be Comfortable.• But: the MOST AWESOME, PASSIONATE u.• Find a feeling or emotion u can sustain• [sometimes even weakness can be ok]
  26. NEGATIVE Emotion Examples Fear, Anger, Sadness, Pain, Pathetic, Pariah
  27. POSITIVE Emotion Examples Humor, Sex, Power, Daredevils, Babies & Kittens