500 Startups Loves FOOD :)


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slides from my talk at the Hawaii Food & WIne Festival (Sept 201

500 Startups Loves FOOD :)

  1. We          Food!  
  2. Connecting foodies through shared cravingsand unique dining experiences.!!!!!
  3. Making it possible to learn authentic ethnic cuisinesfrom the grandmas you wish you had culturekitchensf.com facebook/culturekitchen @culturekitchsf
  4. Mobile Loyalty for Restaurants   Customers Capture Reward & submit photos receipt details connect with of receipts & feedback customers Customer: John Barnes   Date: 9/21, 1pm   Location: Union Sq. Spend: $14.50   Items: Chili, Fries   Feedback: Slow service   Freq: 3x a month   Lobster roll, Pepsi Profile: Male, 32   www.relevantmobile.com
  5. Crowdsourced in-store data for retailbrands  Everyday shoppers paid cash to take  pictures and collect data points providingbrands insight on key retail issues  Brands get benefit of rich, real-time dataabout their products that has never beenavailable before   Copyright GoSpotCheck, Inc. 2011 | Confidential and Proprietary (303) 807-4077 | matt@gospotcheck.com  
  6. ü White  Label  Mobile  Apps  ü Digital  Orders  Instead  of  Faxes  ü Automated  Phone  Ordering