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Guide to Understanding Portfolios


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Guide to Understanding Portfolios

  1. 1. Guide to Understanding Portfolios ENTERING A PORTFOLIO
  2. 2. Login at www.stockmarketgame.orgEnter your SMG Advisor ID andpassword here to access yourTeacher Support Center. Yourteams also login here toaccess their trading portfolios.
  3. 3. As soon as you have successfully submitted your SMG registration,you will receive a confirmation message from your SMGCoordinator. This message contains your Advisor ID and password. Your Advisor/User ID and Password are both case sensitive.Your Advisor ID and password provide you with immediate accessto the Teacher Support Center where you can download lessonsand classroom teaching resources.
  4. 4. If you register early, you will receive your IDs and passwords three weeksprior to the start of the SMG session you registered for. If you register afterthe start of the SMG session, you should receive your IDs and passwords 24 –48 hours after your registration submission. Your Advisor ID and /password Your Team IDs and passwordsIf you do not receive your IDs and passwords in the time frames noted above,contact your SMG Coordinator immediately.
  5. 5. KEEP Passwords Secure• Your teacher ID and password gives you access to the Teacher Support Center and to your student team portfolios.• Keep your ID/password in a secure place.• Remind students to keep their passwords private among team members only. • If a team accesses another team’s portfolio and makes trades inappropriately, the transactions cannot (will not) be cancelled by the SMG administrators. • The SMG System automatically logs off any portfolio after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  6. 6. This is the team portfolio Welcome page. From here, teams can 1 view theirPortfolio Pages, 2 read the Rules of the Game, 3 Enter a Trade, 4 accessInvestor Research, 5 access Mutual Funds Education Center, 6 change theirPassword, 7 view their Rankings, 8 check out Outside Links, and 9 “Log off”. 4 5 9 1 3 2 8 7 6
  7. 7. Click Menu in the upper left-hand corner of any page in the portfolio to return to the Welcome page. Check the Team Information box for your team’s region and whether they are trading with end- of-day or real-time pricing.There are two ways to price stocks in SMG. End-of-Day means this team will get theirstock based on the market price at close of day. Real-Time will mean the team will getcurrent stock prices.
  8. 8. This is the Rankings Page. There are two types of rankings lists:Regional and Coordinator. Region may include teams based ongrade, geographical region, or a special arrangement with your SMGCoordinator. Coordinator rankings include all SMG teams.A team must have entered a valid trade before appearing in theRankings.
  9. 9. Sample Ranking Report. (The Coordinator Rankings show top 100 teams. Region reportsshow all teams.) Ranking reports may be updated daily or weekly, depending on yourdivision. 2A is the date of this ranking. 2B is the current S&P500 value. 2C is the TotalEquity in Portfolio and 2D is the % above/below the S&P500 Growth. Your coordinatormay have your teams’ ranking based either on Total Equity, or Compared to the S&P500.(Example: Team AL_8_A117 is performing 6.6427% better than the current S&P500’sgrowth rate.)
  10. 10. Outside Links directs students to company research and investmentresources outside of the SMG program. Some of the sites listed arecommercial sites that have advertising. You are advised to visit the sitesbefore introducing them to your students to insure that the content isappropriate.
  11. 11. Portfolios are password protected to keep a team from accessinganother team’s portfolios. Students have the ability to changetheir passwords. If a team forgets their password, you mayrequest it from your SMG Coordinator.