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Highwinds Adaptive Storage 111102a

  1. 1. Adaptive Storage™ Integrated CDN Storage Solutions with Enhanced Performance & Lower CostsWWW.HIGHWINDS.COM
  2. 2. Adaptive Storage™Highwinds Adaptive Storage™ is a cloud of globally-distributed nodeswith flexible storage capabilities, optimized to function seamlessly withHighwinds’ global CDN. Like never before, content owners and distributorscan store assets at different levels, and adapt to the demand for content…maximizing price and performance.Adaptive Storage FeaturesOrigin Storage We Provide You With• Self-provision origin storage The Tools To Create Your• o need to split content across multiple libraries N due to size restrictions Own “Super Network”• et-up and management tools available in S StrikeTracker 2Mid-Tier Caching• Deeply integrated with the CDN edge cache• aintain different retention policies at each M RELIABILITY layer of the system• olicy provisioning in StrikeTracker 2 with as P Has an SLA - enforcement little as one click Content is stored withFile Uploads guaranteed 99.99% durability,• TP, API and StrikeTracker 2 file upload F 99.99% availability and management No single points of failureCost• ore cost effective than Amazon S3 and M Multiple ingest regions available, other cloud storage providers all of which span multiple• uilt from high quality, enterprise capable storage B storage zones components with proprietary storage management software to support a more cost effective solution Storage zones include US East Coast, US West Coast, SouthRegional Replication America and Europe• Upload content to one or more zones• utomatically replicated to multiple data A Each storage zone has a centers within each zone minimum of 2 geographically separate storage POPs
  3. 3. Adaptive Storage Features(continued)Redundancy and Durability• ultiple storage PoPs in each storage zone M• oftware tuned to maintain multiple copies per S storage zone in geographically separate areasScalability• Deployed at CDN scale, globally• storage directly attached to Highwinds’ All massive backboneAccessibility• Immediately purge, move and rename files StrikeTracker® 2• Automatic synchronization of edge cache The Leading CDN Management• Directly connected to Highwinds CDN• Custom ingest solutions available Reporting Console• etro fiber, direct connects, etc. to optimize M On The Market ingest path for large libraries Use StrikeTracker 2 to ManageEase Of Use Your Storage Solutions:• Accessible via open APIs • elf-service, real-time storage policy provisioning S• elf-service, real-time provisioning via award S • Easy to use set-up and management tools winning StrikeTracker 2 console • Upload files from within the console• Full support for FTP, including secure ingest Optimized to Function Seamlessly with Highwinds’ Global CDN
  4. 4. Adaptive Storage™ Corporate HeadquartersIntegrated CDN Storage 807 W. Morse BoulevardSolutions with Enhanced Winter Park, FL 32789Performance Lower Costs Phone: +1.407.215.2400 Toll Free: +1.866.872.0357 Email: info@highwinds.com www.highwinds.com North America Costa Mesa, CA +1.714.727.2800 Phoenix, AZ +1.602.515.0931 South America São Paulo, BR +55.11.3711.9307 www.highwinds.com/brazil Europe Amsterdam, NL +31.20.2629545 London, UK +44.20.7096.5940WWW.HIGHWINDS.COM