Get your wellness assistant connected


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Get your wellness assistant connected

  1. 1. IntroducingThe Wellness Assistant
  2. 2. Now You’ll Learn To Share It designed for for it designed have you you for retention designed for educating designed coaching revenue & your patients
  3. 3. marketing perspective Context Consistency Content Connection
  4. 4. wellness is the most relevantcontext in the marketplace
  5. 5. your wellness assistant consistent ly delivers
  6. 6. your content bank provides unmatched content
  7. 7. W E L L N E S S A S S I S TA N T to your market now you need to connect YOUR MARKET
  8. 8. simple steps to get yourwellness assistant connected
  9. 9. communicate the value what is it? how can it help you? how convenient is it? landing page helpful
  10. 10. enablemetrics capture subscribers email know who has it survey subscribers html capture form
  11. 11. funnel all channelsfacebook, linkedin, twitterblogemail databasee-books
  12. 12. following upemail your subscribersshare with friendshelpful hints2nd channel reminders
  13. 13. Squeeze Page Builderfor the Wellness AssistantPre-made Autoresponders Save Hours and Moneyto send to your database we’ve done most of the work for youCustomized DownloadSqueeze Page Simplify The Processto direct people to download This is the most effective systemyour Wellness Assistant for sharing your Wellness AssistantWebsite Badgefor your website to send people Brand Yourselfto your download squeeze page In your client’s and patient’s eyesNo maintenance feesone-time setup fee only
  14. 14. pre-designed autoresponders Autoresponders = automatic email messages sent to your database 5 pre-designed Autoresponders Effective sequencing of emails Easily links recipient to your customized squeeze page Proven messages to get people rushing to your download page
  15. 15. customized squeeze page Branded with your name, headshot, bio and company info Details content to be delivered in your Wellness Assistant Provides a video to inform visitors about your wellness assistant Captures contact information of subscribers Synced to your email marketing system
  16. 16. easy setupTutorial videoPDF tutorial instructions withphotosImmediate publishing to seeyour squeeze page
  17. 17. copy &paste Upload your headshot Enter your name and credentials Insert bio and contact info Select your content Copy and paste email capture code
  18. 18. web badgeWebsite badge = iconic link toyour squeeze pageEntices new visitors allowing youto capture new emailsEasily added to your existingwebsiteAttractive Web 2.0 design standsout on your site
  19. 19. automated processcommunicate capture & direct deliver