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Gnubila france value proposition v3


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Gnubila france value proposition v3

  1. 1. Value  Proposition  Dr.  David  Manset  CEO  gnúbila  France  
  2. 2. Market  Segment   Core  Banking   Business  Solutions   e-­‐Health   e-­‐Administration                                                                                           Brokering                customers’  IT  needs   &  Services  MS  Azzure   Salesforce   Gigaspaces   Amazon  EC2   OVH   Sky  Compu*ng   Appistry   Spring  
  3. 3. Historical  Background  &  Uniqueness  gnúbila   technological   assets   leverage   on   state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art   in   High   Performance   Computing  (HPC),  in  particular:  CERN  LHC  Grid  technology     }  10  years  of  Research  and  Development,   }  Technology,  knowledge  and  experience  transfer  since  2005,   »  Involved  in  key  European/international  initiatives  for  more  than  5  years,   }  Developed  and  intensively  exercized  interoperability,   »  Technology  applied  to  and  validated  for  different  sectors  and  customers    gnúbila  leverages  on  the  Grid  to  offer  a  PaaS  forward…  to  a  Sky  of  Computing  facilities     }  Multitenant  PaaS  that  can  cope  with  different  IaaS  providers   »  Interoperable/integration  middleware,   »  Built-­‐in  Private  Cloud  capabilities,   »  Native  data  distribution  capabilities,       »  Hybrid  Cloud  Brokering     }  Multitenant  DBMS  that  can  cope  with  different  Data  Infrastructures   »  Interoperable/integration  middleware,   »  Built-­‐in  graph-­‐oriented  G  DBMS     }  Easy  and  rapid-­‐cycle  time  to  develop  and  customize  to  new  Corporate  needs  
  4. 4. Technology  -­‐  Value  Proposition  (1)  To  facilitate  IT  legacy  assets  migration  to  the  Cloud  (with   non-­‐invasive  integration,  nor  costly  reengineering),   »  Cost-­‐effective  migration,   »  Sustainable  Business  Intelligence    (2)  To  offer  compatibility  with  /  abstraction  from  mostly   utilized  technologies  in  databasing,  application  server,   »  No  vendors  lock-­‐in,   »  Potentially  significant  license  costs  savings    (3)  To  provide  a  powerfull  and  innovative  new  multi-­‐tenant   PaaS  towards  Private  and  Hybrid  Clouds   »  From  inhouse  facilities  to  online  dedicated  resources  to  keep  control   over  sensitive  Entreprise  data,   »  Efficient  brokering  to  outside  elasticity  
  5. 5. Service  -­‐  Value  Proposition  (1)  To  accompany  ISVs  and  SIs  migrating  to  the  Cloud   »  Technical  support  in  designing  and  developing  service-­‐oriented   architectural  solutions,   »  Expert  consulting  in  standards  and  interoperable  architectures,   »  Expert  consulting  in  evaluating  and  selecting  appropriate  Clouds    (2)  To  broker  Customers’  needs  towards  Cloud  offerings   »  Expert  consulting  in  evaluating  and  selecting  Cloud  solutions,   »  Expert  consulting  in  Cloud  pricing  and  business  model  strategies    (3)  To  manage  cost-­‐effectively  and  technically  migrations  to   the  Cloud   »  Experienced  project  managers  in  HPC,  Grid  and  Cloud  computing   developments,   »  High  quality  developments  and  processes  
  6. 6. France   Service  -­‐  Value  Proposition  (1)  Setup  of  research  and  development  projects   »  Project  setup  expertize  in  various  funding  tools     §  EU  FP7,  IMI,  EUREKA,  IDEA2   §  UN  ITU,  US  AA   §  FR-­‐ANR,  IT-­‐PON   »  Network  of  professionals,  consultation  and  lobbying  activities    (2)  R’n  D  project  management/pilotage   »  Technical  coordination,   »  Subcontracting,   »  Specialized  technical  expertize   §  Cloud/Grid/HPC  computing   §  Biomedical  Informatics,  e-­‐Health    (3)  Software  architecture  design  consultancy   Research   »  Model  Driven  Engineering   »  Service  Oriented  Architectures  design  and  developments   »  HPC/Grid/Cloud  integration/transition  
  7. 7. OVERVIEW   PRESENTATION  LAYER   G  Developer  -­‐  SaaS   MIDDLEWARE  LAYER   G  Pandora  –  PaaS     G Technology RESOURCE  LAYER   G  Core  -­‐  IaaS  
  8. 8. PRODUCT   G  -­‐  PANDORA   §  Secure •  Encrypted storage, secure and anonymous data transfers •  Innovative identification means, identity delegation •  Role-based access controls, customized security model §  Elastic •  Distributed, extensible and federated storage •  Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), modular design •  Standards compliant, interoperable solutions §  Powerful •  Unlimited application and data scale-up,advanced scheduling techniques •  Multi-tenant Cloud IaaS brokering •  Dedicated access to private Cloud resources
  9. 9. PRODUCT   G  -­‐  Pandora   §  Distributed platform providing access to heterogeneous Computing and Storage Resources: •  G is Secure: ·  Flexible authentication mechanisms: SAML2.0, X.509 Certificates ·  SSO Enabled: –  Shibboleth –  JASIG CAS •  G is Powerful: ·  Based on the JSAGA - Implementation of the Simple API for Grid Applications (SAGA) - Specification from the Open Grid Forum (OGF) –  Unlimited application and data scale-up with advanced scheduling techniques •  Elastic/Fault tolerant: ·  Can be installed in different servers to resist to failure and to increase capacities in case of high load •  Extensible: ·  Create your own service with your own business logic: –  Framework which provides simple APIs and services to interact with heterogeneous middleware and data sources. »  Multiple available services frontend: •  Based on Apache CXF •  JAX-WS •  JAX-RS
  10. 10. G  –  Pandora   G  –  FedEHR   Use  networked     IaaS  resources   Start  with  one  PaaS  node   1   Add  other   3   PaaS  nodes   2   Add  nodes   duplicates   4  Query  from  anywhere  in   the  network   Add  SaaS   gateways  
  11. 11. Federated  Electronic  Health  Records     G  -­‐  FedEHR  •  Patient-­‐centered  EHR  management  •  Extensible  repositories  and  data  Integration  possibilities   Anonymizing   Adding  Concept   Anonymizing   Adding  Concept   Anonymizing   Querying   Adding  Concept   Anonymizing   Adding  Concept   •  Ontology  concepts  ready   •  HL7,  OpenEHR  and  SNOMED  CT  Ready   •  Build-­‐up  high-­‐performance  data  distribution  strategies  
  12. 12. PRODUCT  Federated Electronic Health Records G  -­‐  FedEHR  §  Patient-centered EHR management§  Extensible repositories •  Build-­‐up  high-­‐performance  data  distribution   strategies   •  Automated  replication  of  chosen  nodes  to  slave   nodes   •  Distribution  of  data  between  master  nodes     Extraction  
  13. 13. Data  Mart   (1)  Select  Medical   (2)  Select  Data  to   (3)  Generate     (4)  Execute     Procedure   Query   Query   Query   Downl.   Visualisation   Charts   Maps   Cloud   Data  Warehouse  (ETL)  OPBG  1   OPBG  2   OPBG  3   OPBG  n  
  14. 14. " Data model completely hidden to users" Database can be extended and distributed," Query results can be displayed using various tools " Google Chart Tools " Google Earth/Maps " Gephi
  15. 15. G  –  Pandora   G  –  FedEHR   Hardware   Software  •  We  can  manage  the  full  process    from  design  to  on  site  deployment  •  Your  hardware  is  delivered  pre-­‐configured  on  site  •  Your  data  structure  is  defined  from  User  requirements  •  Data  concepts  are  added  independently  of  your  data   structure(s)  •  Hardware  and  software  processes  run  in  parrallel   Importer   data  structure   user  rDelivery   equirements   Node   development   definition   Pre-­‐installation   Re-­‐Packaging   deployment   On  site   Ordering   installation  
  16. 16. PCDR  Paediatric Cardiology Digital Repository •  Distributed (FedEHR) ·  Data stored in each node ·  All data accessible from any Connected Node •  “Out of node” anonymised (configured) ·  Anonymised in the repository ·  Can retrieve Patient in his original node •  Grid Calculation Ability (Pandora) •  Secured Data (Pandora)Facts & Figures:§  2 major acquisition sites •  6 hospitals§  2.547 million patients§  •  17.665 million EHRs 117.769 medical + procedures
  17. 17. GINSENG   ANR-­‐10-­‐TECSAN-­‐008-­‐01  Health Watch Network •  Distributed (FedEHR) ·  Data stored in each node ·  All data accessible from any Connected Node •  Grid Calculation Ability (Pandora) •  Secured Data (Pandora) •  Data deduplication service Facts & Figures: §  1 hospital §  2 sanitary surveillance centers §  11 private clinics §  10 years of patient data in Auvergne region +
  18. 18. G4Life   gnúbila  Cloud  Computing  offer  is  based  on  Grid     Computing  evolving  towards  a  PaaS  model   gnúbila France backbones   " Data  and  Processing  Middleware,   major international initiatives " Mainframe  at  a  fraction  of  the  cost,   " Highly  scalable  to  expand  as  needed,     " Interoperability  to  create  homogenous  data    Sim-e-Child repository(ies),   " Abstraction  technology,   " Integrate  standards,   " Easy  and  rapid-­‐cycle  time  to  customize  to     Corporate  needs,     " Security  based  on  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art     encryption  technologies,     " From  1FA  to  3FA,   Sentinel " Single  Signon   SALTY
  19. 19. Biomedical  Applications   DecisionHealth – Case Study & Support Knowledge Discovery Complex Modelling & Simulation     Medical Image   &   Data Processing   Mammogrid+     Health-­‐e-­‐Child   Digital   Repository       neuGRID GRID  
  20. 20. Distributed  compu/ng  infrastructures  for  Biomedical  Research    (1)  TranslaKonal  medicine   EU  FP6  Health-­‐e-­‐Child,­‐e-­‐  IST-­‐2006-­‐027749     EU  FP7  Sim-­‐e-­‐Child,  www.sim-­‐e-­‐    IST-­‐2009-­‐248421   FR  ANR  GINSENG,  www.e-­‐      ANR-­‐10-­‐TECS-­‐008-­‐04   EU  FP7  Model-­‐Driven  Paedigree      na     •  10  EU  projects,   FR  RSCA  SenKnelle,  www.e-­‐      na   •  1  EU  with  Pharma  industry,   IT  OPBG  PCDR,  www.gnubila/pcdr        na   NL  MAASTRO  TRAiT          na   •  3  FR  projects,   NL  VUA  NG            na   •  4  industrial  contracts     •  PCDR  (2)  NeurodegeneraKve  disease  biomarkers   •  MAASTRO   EU  FP7  neuGRID,      RI-­‐211714   EU  FP7  DECIDE,­‐        RI-­‐261593   •  VUMC   EU  FP7  N4U,        RI-­‐283562     •  GAAIN   US  AA  GAAIN,        (3)  Medical  imaging     FR  ANR  VIP,  h_p://www.creaKs.insa-­‐  ANR-­‐09-­‐COSI-­‐013-­‐02        (4)  Clinical  Trials   EU  IMI  EMIF            na      Distributed  compu/ng  infrastructures  for  Biodiversity     EU  FP7  CReATIVE-­‐B,  www.creaKve-­‐      RI-­‐284441   Research      Distributed  compu/ng  infrastructures  and  interoperability     EU  FP7  SHIWA,  www.shiwa-­‐      RI-­‐261585   EU  FP7  outGRID,      RI-­‐246690   EU  FP7  EUDAT,        RI-­‐283304   FR  ANR  SALTY,  h_ps://      ANR-­‐09-­‐SEGI-­‐012    
  21. 21. SemanKc  Enterprise   5-­‐year  Vision  
  22. 22. Our  References  in  Research  &  Industry  David  Manset  CEO  gnúbila  France  
  23. 23. •  10  EU  projects,   •  1  EU  with  Pharma  industry,   •  3  FR  projects,   •  4  industrial  contracts  Awards  /  Prizes:          2011  -­‐  Best  Live  Demo  Award  @  EGI11  Technical  Forum,      2011  -­‐  Magic  Quadrant,  Entreprise  ApplicaKon  Server  "Visionaries"  @  GARTNER,  2010  -­‐  Top  25  Startups,  Cloud  and  ICT  Summit  2010  @  European  TechTour,  2010  -­‐  Technology  Transfer  Award  @  IN2P3  /  CNRS,  SenKnelle  Network,  2010  -­‐  Best  IT  Development  Award  @  Health-­‐e-­‐Child  Final  Conference,   Awards  &  Prizes  2010  -­‐  Best  Live  Demo  Award  @  EGEE10  User  Forum,  2009  -­‐  Magic  Quadrant,  Entreprise  ApplicaKon  Server  "Visionaries"  @  GARTNER,  2009  -­‐  Best  Live  Demo  Award  @  EGEE09  Conference,  2008  -­‐  Best  Exhibit  Award,  1st  Prize  @  ICT08  Conference,  2008  -­‐  Best  Poster  and  Demo  Award  @  HealthGrid08  Conference,  2008  -­‐  Best  Demo  Award  @  EGEE08  User  Forum,  2007  -­‐  Best  Demo,  Runners  Up  Award  @  EGEE07  Conference,  2006  -­‐  Gold  Medal  @  35th  Salon  InternaKonal  des  InvenKons  de  Genève.    
  24. 24.  Magic  Quadrant     Enterprise  Application  Servers,  2009  Gartner  locates  G  technology  in  the  visionaries  quadrant  and  defines  G  as  an  enterprise  application  server  based  on  a  grid  computing  and  advanced  dynamically  extensible  proprietary  DBMS  foundations.    Strengths  •  G  is  a  very  sophisticated  and  advanced  platform   providing  a  wealth  of  functionality  (multimedia   content  management,  data  federation,  application   integration,  adapters,  natural  language  support,   metadata  management,  rule  management,   G Technology orchestration  and  several  others)  on  top  of  the   Specialized  Press   core  enterprise  application  server  functionality,  in   turn  providing  elastic  scalability  and  shared-­‐ everything  multi-­‐tenancy  support.  •  G  has  a  significant  installed  base  of  approximately  500  customers,  mostly  mid-­‐size  organizations,  using   the  product  to  run  a  variety  of  custom  and  packaged  applications  in  health  care,  local  government,   financial  services  and  other  industry  sectors  both  in  Europe  and  Latin  America.  •  G  is  natively  "cloud  capable,"  and  is  available  on  top  of  Amazon  Web  Services  EC2.  MaatG  is  developing   technology  to  support  a  go-­‐to-­‐market  strategy  aimed  at  providing  various  forms  of  "G  as  a  service"  in   partnership  with  telecom  operators  and  other  service  providers.  
  25. 25. Whos  Who  in  Application  Platforms  for  Cloud   Computing:  The  Enterprise  Generalists,  2009  The  description  of  G  technology  given  by  Gartner  is:    •  The  G  platform  has  its  technology  roots  in  academic  research  on  grid  computing  (gLite)  and  in  advanced   DBMS  technology.  But,  starting  from  the  seeding  technology  prototyped  in  2000,  G  has  evolved  to  become  a   full-­‐fledged  application  platform  offering  enterprise  application  server,  portal,  orchestration,  data  and   application  integration;  application  development  tools;  content  management;  and  multimedia  capabilities.    •  The  G  platform  is  a  cloud  platform/SEAP,  as  it  natively  provides  a  variety  of  cloud-­‐enabling  features,  including   elastic  scalability,  shared  processing  and  shared-­‐everything  multitenancy  support  and  advanced  extreme   transaction  processing  capabilities,  including  a  proprietary,  integrated  distributed  caching  technology.    •  The  core  of  the  G  platform  is  a  very  sophisticated,  proprietary,  metadata-­‐driven  DBMS  supporting  a   dynamically  extensible  data  model,  and  is  also  capable  of  federating  traditional  relational  DBMS  (RDBMS).  •  The  G  platform  is  a  combination  of  Java,  C  and  Perl  code,  but  programmers  can  use  any  combination  of  C,  C#,   Java,  Perl  and  PHP  for  application  development,  in  addition  to  the  platforms  native  metadata-­‐driven  tools.     Specialized  Press  •  The  G  platform  has  a  vast  installed  base,  but,  for  the  most  part,  it  supports  SMBs  and  on-­‐premises,  single-­‐ tenant  vertical  applications.  The  advanced  design  of  G  is  theoretically  capable  of  supporting  a  very  large   number  of  tenants  and  users  on  a  single  logical  instance.  However,  these  capabilities  still  need  to  be  proven  in   large-­‐scale  deployments,  although  the  company  is  working  on  several  high-­‐profile,  business-­‐critical  projects  in   the  banking,  healthcare,  transportation  and  electronic  fund  transfer  industries.      Finally  Gartner  gives  the  following  recommendation:  Consider  the  G  platform  when  looking  for  a  multitenant,  elastically  scalable  and  transaction  processing-­‐oriented  technology  platform  either  to  support  aPaaS  solutions  (whether  in  the  context  of  private  or  public  cloud  scenarios)  or  to  implement  SaaS  offerings.  
  26. 26. Cool  Vendors  in  Platform  and  Integration   Middleware,  2008  •  Gartner  describes  G  is  cool  because  "G"  combines  data  management,  data  and  application  integration,   application  server,  and  development  tools  in  an  intrinsically  multitenant  platform.  Distinctive  of  "G"  is  its   innovative  database  management  system,  based  on  a  hybrid  relational/network  model.  Data  in  "G"  is   stored  in  objects  that,  in  turn,  are  grouped  into  types.  Although  objects  of  a  certain  type  are  semantically   homogeneous  (for  example,  they  are  all  about  "customers"),  the  structure  of  each  object  can  be  different   (that  is,  not  all  the  customer  objects  hold  data  according  to  the  same  structure).  This  enables  flexibility  in   data  manipulation,  provides  support  for  a  variety  of  query  languages  (XQuery,  SQL  and  XPath),  and  makes   it  possible  to  federate  different  data  sources.  "G"  enables  distributed  architectures  and  also  comprises   application  development  tools,  an  application  container,  an  OWL-­‐based  dynamic  schema  builder,  a  job   manager,  Ajax  support,  adapters  for  various  data  sources  and  integration  with  the  gLite,  Open  Grid   Services  Architecture-­‐compliant  grid  platform.    •  Gartner  identified  the  following  challenges  of  G:  "G"  has  been  extensively  proven  in  hundreds  of  projects,   Specialized  Press   but  its  ability  to  support  large-­‐scale  (that  is,  thousands  of  concurrent  accesses  and  hundreds  of   transactions  per  second),  business-­‐critical  deployments  with  high  performance  and  scalability  needs   further  validation.  Given  the  originality  and  sophistication  of  "G,"  it  is  challenging  to  articulate  a  crisp,   compelling  and  distinguishing  value  proposition.    •  Finally  Gartner  shows  who  should  care  about  G  platform  are:  IT  architects,  development  managers  and   application/data  integration  managers,  especially  those  working  for  European  companies,  struggling  with   heterogeneous  and  highly  distributed  data  sources,  and  looking  for  a  data-­‐centric,  rapid  application   development  platform  with  powerful  data  federation  capabilities,  should  look  at  "G,"  including  for  SaaS-­‐ style  deployments.  
  27. 27. !"#$%&&()*(+&%,-.&/*+!"#$%&()*+,-.( maatG