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The Great Gatsby


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When done just right, reading about a character's pursuit of love is a favorite
ingredient in some of the most beloved tales. Generally, we enjoy seeing passionate
characters going after something they want. It can really get us going when what
they want is seemingly unattainable. Characters in love certainly can go to extremes
in their pursuits for the desired companion. We enjoy seeing how far they will go
and whether or not they win the love they seek. In the end, are we satisfied if the
love is ultimately unrequited? Or must we get our happy ending and see the lovesick
character get what he wants?

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The Great Gatsby

  1. 1. The Great Gatsby EBook
  2. 2. To download now please click the link below. Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s third book, standsas the supreme achievement of his career. This exemplarynovel of the Jazz Age has been acclaimed by generationsof readers. The story of the fabulously wealthy Jay Gatsbyand his love for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan, of lavishparties on Long Island at a time when The New York Timesnoted “gin was the national drink and sex the nationalobsession,” it is an exquisitely crafted tale of America inthe 1920s.The Great Gatsby is one of the great classics oftwentieth-century literature.ReviewsHaving reread this book for the first time in 20 years, I canconfirm that theres a reason that its considered one ofthe very best American novels. However, my reaction tothe story was different than when I first read it in highschool. I recall that back then I was hoping that Daisy andGatsbys love story would ultimately yield a happy ending.Now, I found them both to be such shallow creatures thatthey inspired no pity. While I considered the characters tobe emotionally stunted, that dooesnt mean I was notimpressed with Fitzergeralds skillful rendering. As in mostforms of art, in literature it is more difficult to accuratelyand interestingly portray nothingness than to describe a
  3. 3. richly endowed subject. At this more cynical age, I foundDaisy to be a remarkable emotional void, and Gatsbysquest to pour all of his hopes and dreams into such ashallow cauldron only confirmed his own vapidity. Onething that hasnt changed in all these years is myamazement at Fitzgeralds ability to set a scene. Hisdescriptive passages are truly poetic, and his command ofword choice in unparalleled. All this made for a stimulatingand delightful read.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have always looked forward to reading the classic bookThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. When I finally hadtime to read it, I wasnt disappointed. The Great Gatsby,written in 1925, is a fictional tale that takes place duringthe American Jazz Age. The story is set in the eastern U.S.and follows the journey of a young man named Nick. Thebook trails Nick from his home in the West to his new lifein West Egg, New York. Nick becomes involved in thesocial scene is West Egg, which is mainly centered on theweekly extravagant parties thrown by the incrediblywealthy and strangely mysterious Jay Gatsby. As the bookprogresses, Gatsbys past is slowly unraveled. Nickwitnesses Gatsbys gradual admittance of his significantsecret. He discovers that Gatsby is deeply in love withDaisy Buchanan, a beautiful socialite, trapped in amiserable marriage to an unfaithful husband. Though Nickdoes not want to be involved in any way with the illicitlove affair between Daisy and Gatsby, he is gradually takesa larger part in Gatsby and Daisys dangerous romance.When Jay and Daisy decide to declare their love to oneanother, it leaves Gatsby in an unforgettable and riskysituation that changes the lives of all involved. The Great
  4. 4. Gatsby was one of the most interesting books that I haveever read. It included a beautiful love story, danger,suspense, tales of true devotion and friendship, and awonderful, thought-provoking commentary on the societyin post-World War I America, a time of excess andconfusion. I have learned several lessons from the novel,whether they are about loyalty or remaining true tooneself. I would recommend this book to anyone above theage of thirteen because of some parts of the novel thatmight be difficult to grasp. The Great Gatsby is a trulywonderful book, and sure to be enjoyed bymany for many years to come.To download now please click the link below.