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Caution: Teens!


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Learn how to engage and connect teens to their community.

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Caution: Teens!

  1. 1. CAUTION: TEENS! Brave the Waters to engage your youth
  2. 2. WELCOME  Engaging teens  Empowering teens in your community  Relating to teens  Community Partners  Community service ideas
  3. 3.  Don’t take it personally  No matter what age you are you will never be cool again  Appreciate your wisdom even though they might not REALIZING YOUR OLD
  4. 4.  Allow them to own what you want them to do  Make them responsible for their project, group, task, etc.  Get to know their strengths and weaknesses  Always suggest never dictate GIVE TEENS A PURPOSE
  5. 5. ENSURE THEIR VISION  When forming a teen group allow them to make the rules, decide what their vision is going to be, etc.  If you are employing teen volunteers engage a teen in defining what that job role will be
  6. 6.  Engage teens by finding ways to relate to them  Be open to their flow and rhythm  Listen to what they are talking about: • Movies • Music • Books • Hot topics EMBRACING THEIR YOUTH
  7. 7. FACILITATING SUCCESS  Clearly define your role  Give them structure  Provide rules that are clear and do not change  Standards of Behavior Agreements  Parental input
  8. 8.  Find out what businesses and local colleges offer for teens  Invite local entities to participate in your programing  Ask teens what they want from their community ENGAGE THE COMMUNITY
  9. 9. COMMUNITY SERVICE  Find ways for your teens to give back  Fundraisers for local families  Holiday letters to local nursing homes or military personnel  How do they want to give back to their community?
  10. 10. USING THEIR INTERESTS IN PROGRAMING  Book to movie events  Writing contests  Book trailers  Use scenes from favorite texts as a way to create an event  Local book store signings
  11. 11. QUESTIONS? Ask a teenager now while they still know everything