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Evolution of software projects


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One view on evolution of software projects and related development of management approaches. Presented at Ciklum Agile Saturday in Dnipropetrovsk on April 27, 2013.

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Evolution of software projects

  1. 1. Software Projects:from NASA to your startupDima Malenko
  2. 2. GatheringHuntingFishing
  3. 3. How doesthe project of your dreamlook like?
  4. 4. Project of hisdream
  5. 5. How doesthe project of your dreamlook like?
  6. 6. Project of everyone’s dream• One of– for iOS– built on Node.js (or cool tech of your choice)– uses MongoDB as backend• “Cool” (or “hip” in some sources)• Cashes out• All happens quickly…to move to the next dream project
  7. 7. - Let’s make a project to post photos!- Cool, but let all photos be square. And don’tforget filters
  8. 8. - Let’s make a project to post photos!- Cool, but let all photos be square. And don’tforget filters...- And let’s also use Agile!
  9. 9. Why Agile?
  10. 10. Who knows if…• users will think they need yet another app totake photos and post them on the Internet• we can get enough users solely on iPhone sothat our service will make some sense• there will be enough people willing to“enhance” their masterpieces with ourfilters• we would be able to make any money offthis gig
  11. 11. Undefined
  12. 12. Undefined Unknown• business model• users• requirements
  13. 13. Not always dream-projects werelike this…
  14. 14. Do you know what’s this?
  15. 15. Manchester Mark I.World’s first commercially available computer.
  16. 16. What wasthe first programforthe first computer?
  17. 17. Calculating Mersenne PrimesFind prime numbers, which have the formof 2n-1June 1949
  18. 18. What can you say aboutthis project?
  19. 19. Hacker’s Dream Project:Calculating Mersenne Primesclear well defined requirementshighly educated staff from Math. Dept.nothing to do with businessalgorithmically challengingall the time in the Universe to improvetechnical implementation
  20. 20. First Business ApplicationLEO I at J. Lyons and Co.:Nov 1951calculate the overnightproductionrequirements, assemblyinstructions, deliveryschedules, invoices,costings, andmanagement reports
  21. 21. In-house Operations Managementmore or less defined requirementscomputers dictated, what humans doextensive user trainingstill huge in technical complexity
  22. 22. Rise of subcontracting:DOD, NASA and others• Humongousimprovements fromusing computers• Growing demandfor software• Development isoften subcontracted
  23. 23. Development for Govermentless defined requirementsexternal dependencies in both technologyand processesstrict contractual obligationsoften technically complex
  24. 24. What’s Important for a SuccessfulProject?Deliver all the planned featureson time and within budget
  25. 25. Do you know what’s this?
  26. 26. VisiCalc.Often credited for turning PCs from hobby into business tool
  27. 27. Retail Consumer Softwareusers start playing more significant rolemore or less defined requirementsusers still adapt to what computers can doless experienced and trained usersstill significant technical complexity
  28. 28. In consumer computinghardware was no longer asignificant limiting factor
  29. 29. What would happen if…• Angry Birds was released with 36 levelsinstead of 43?–Nothing!• Angry Birds was released 3 weeks later?–Nothing!• Angry Birds development overrun thebudget?–Nothing… given that over 12 million $1copies were sold in 2010
  30. 30. What’s Important for a SuccessfulProject Now?Be a “Net Positive” at the end bydeliver useful features timely andin a cost effective manner
  31. 31. Agile works great forthat!
  32. 32. World is notlike thesepants,luckily…
  33. 33. World ismore likethese pants
  34. 34. There is always a room for choiceDo it wisely!
  35. 35. Questions?