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School of ministry


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you can never recover from anything if you don't discover. therefore don't be customery but be discovery, for your discovery will give you recovery.

furthermore, if you always do the things you have always done, you will always remain were you have always been.

its time to break camp and advance.

finally, the chief purpose of life on earth is to gain merit for life in eternity.

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School of ministry

  1. 1. SCHOOL OF MINISTRY ON SPIRITUAL GIFTS Programme coordinator and Course Instructor Brother DIPOKO DANIELMobile: (237) 74 08 1717 and email: dipokoforjesus@yahoo.comCourse Outlinea) Lesson One: Day one – Monday 13th June 2011 Topic → Called for a Purpose – Romans 8:23 Sessions: Morning (7 – 9 am) & Evening (6 – 8pm)b) Lesson Two: Day two – Tuesday 14th June 2011 Topic → fulfilling specific Assignments Case Study: The School of Prophets – 2 Kings 2:15 Session: Morning (7 – 9 am) & Evening (6 – 8pm)c) Lesson Three: Day 3 – Wednesday 15th June 2011 Topic → Now about Spiritual Gifts – I Cor. 12:1a Session: Morning (7 – 9 am)d) Lesson Four: Day 4 – Thursday 16th June 2011 Topic → These Know Also (…. Dealing with ignorance…) Session: Morning (7 – 9 am) & Evening (6 – 8pm)e) Day 5 – Saturday 18th June 2011 Topic → Review of Lessons 1 – 4 above Duration: combined session (8 – 2pm)f) Lesson Five: Day 6 – Monday 20th June 2011 Topic → Identifying Spiritual Gifts Session: Morning (7 – 9 am) & Evening (6 – 8pm)g) Lesson Six: Day 7 – Tuesday 21st June 2011 → Hindrances to Spiritual Gifts/Identifying your own life Session: Morning (7 – 9 am) & Evening (6 – 8pm)h) Lesson Seven: Day 8 – Saturday 25th June 2011 Topic → Spiritual Gifts Demonstration (Holy Ghost Visitation Day – Practical) Duration: 6am - 9am – 12 noon 1
  2. 2. SCHOOL OF MINISTRY – Baptist Church Molyko-Buea. SPIRITUAL / MINISTRY GIFTS By GENERAL DIPOKO DANIELDay one (1) - Monday June 13, 2011Lesson one: CALLED FOR A PURPOSE - Romans 8: 28What is a call: a request, an order, or a demand to do.God’s Calling: According to Romans 11:29 is a voice or a leading that moves a man from alost to a found position – reinstating man to his original position. It is a vocation or aprofession – an opportunity to serve in God’s vineyard.The Nature of God’s Calla) A call to salvation: Galatians 5: 13; I Peter 2:9.* …Out of Egypt (darkness)… – Matthew 2:15 (position)* …Not willing that any should perish… II Peter 3:8-9 (Reason)* In the days of ignorance, God overlooked but… (time is now)* What will happen if we neglect this call - Hebrews 2:3b) A Call to service: Romans 8:30, I Corinthians 1:2Romans 1:1, called to be … set apart – distinguishedThe Two Faces of God’s Call (Eph 1:18)a) Predestined Call (inborn or inherent): Jeremiah was told (1:5) “before I formed you, Iknew you and I set you apart…”.Genesis 25:22-23, Romans 8:30; John 21, Romans 9:17. Was Judas destined to betray hismaster, the lord Jesus Christ?b) In the making call (made to be): the book of John says (1:12) …those who believe andcall on his name, he gave them power to become (power to become means there was a timeyou were not). II Thessalonians 1:11; II Peter 1:10; Ezekiel 23:30. Your life style and choicesin life can put you in, 2 Timothy 2:20-21. 2
  3. 3. - It looks like the predestined people (Israelites) disappointed, and the office becameopen (to the Gentiles) and competitive (to all). Jeremiah 23:1-4; launches a call torecruiting shepherd.Jesus in the N.T said: “…follow me and I will make you…”Matt 4:19, so if you feel you are nothing, he can make you into something. John 15:16 saysyou did not choose yourself but He chose you and appointed you to go and bear…so you cannot disqualify yourself. In other words, “God does not choose those who are fit but fits thosewho are chosen”.Day Two (2) – Tuesday June14, 2011Lesson two: FULFILLING SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENTSCase Study: The School of Prophets He formed you “the way you are just to fit a particular mission – your nature – yourattitude/behaviour e.g. a talkative person may be specially designed that way to fit the uniqueministry of preaching the gospel. He can still talk but this time talk constructively. Jeremiah1:5 says before I formed you, I knew you…, He knew those limitations and they did notdisqualify you, instead He chose you and or set you apart – John 15:16. He reserved you for aspecific assignment, all to His glory – Rom 9:17. School of Prophets – II Kings 2:15 THE MAJOR AND MINOR PROPHETSa) The Major Prophets - Amos the first prophet to write, around the 18th century BC - Elijah - Elisha - Samuel - Isaiah - Jeremiah - EzekielThey were called major because their writings were much and their mission more general tothe whole of Israel and they spoke more about the coming salvation and messiah. Also theirwritings, and or their names are frequently mentioned in the New Testament. 3
  4. 4. b) The Minor Prophets- Daniel - Jonah - Zephaniah- Hosea - Micah - Haggai- Joel - Nahum - Zechariah- Obadiah - Habakkuk - Malachi They wrote few chapters in the bible and had specific missions. Also spoke little ornothing about the messiah. Their works or names are not frequently quoted in the NewTestament. Similar Calling Yet Different Purposes 1) Abraham was a prophet called for two purposes: firstly, to produce the seed of Israel and to be the father of nations: receiving the blessings and handing them down to all generations. Gen: 20:7; Gen 17:1-9, God used him to produce a new people for Himself, after Noah. Secondly, to prophecy Israel to captivity for 400 years i.e. 360years of bondage and 40 years of wondering in the desert, before reaching the promise land – Gen 15:12 – 21. It seems here that sometimes God does not give specific details; you just need to use sensitivity and venture into the place. 2) Moses was a prophet (Deut 18:15) with a mission to prophecy the Israelites out of bondage into the promise land. He was even exalted as God Himself Exodus 7:1, in order to bring him before pharaoh and other gods. You know it is only a God that can challenge another God; since pharaoh made himself a god Moses had to also be a god to talk to him and give him ultimatums. 3) Samuel was a prophet to prepare Israel for the coming king by anointing kings that were chosen Acts 3:24, I Sam 12:1-12-21 (read). He anointed two kings, one representing man’s choice and the other God’s, and the consequences for each choice. He warned them about looking for an earthly saviour but to wait for the heavenly, God’s choice for them. 4) Look at this old prophet – I Kings 13:11-32 he was almost irrelevant, except at his old age (v. 31 – 32) that he spoke to confirm a word from God. His assignment was just to confirm what God said through another prophet. 5) See this disguised prophet – I Kings 20:11 – 43. He wounds himself (35 – 37) just to preach (get attention) 38 – 40. His strategy was a very painful and stressful one. It is 4
  5. 5. like some have to shout and pray for days before a miracle can happen while others just talk smiling, and it happens.6) Elijah was called a prophet with an assignment to turn Israel away from Baal (idol) worship – yet he was afraid of a woman – Jezebel, and also loved pleasure – James 5:17. His mission lasted from kings Ahab - Ahazia (2 Kings 1:15-17)7) Elisha only came to finish. He can be called a reserved prophet. That is why he needed to continue in the spirit of Elijah. I Kings 19: 15-19.8) Isaiah was a major prophet called to prophecy the impending destruction of Judah and the fall of the Israel, the judgement of God – using Assyria as the chastening rod. Finally, the coming of a reigning King of Israel – he said “of the increase of his government or reign, there shall be no end”. Some how the Israelites expected a king to oppose the Roman government. May be that is why Moses had to come back to confirm that Jesus was the one to come, since they trusted in him. Isaiah 1:6; 9:6-7; Matt 17.9) Jeremiah was to prophecy Israel into captivity for seventy years in Babylon. It was too had for him that he tried keeping quiet but the word was in him as fire in his bones.10)Ezekiel was prophet but called to go with the Israelites into captivity. He was to encourage them in suffering while experiencing it as well. God used him as a specimen, by killing his wife…, just to teach Israel a lesson. Eze. 24:1511)Daniel was a minor prophet taken into captivity as well. While a young man, he grew up in captivity, was promoted to the palace to become an authority and to be able to influence the whole nation of Israel after the death of Ezekiel. All these were to bring him to a place where he can pray Israel out of captivity that and use his authority to legalise the decision with the king’s consent. Daniel 9:1. Daniel, to be able to read and understand the prophecy of Jeremiah, had to go to school (Daniel 1). He even excelled more than the best students in his school. This excellence and God’s favour promoted him from a slave to a prime minister in the same land of captivity 5
  6. 6. Day Three (3) – Wednesday June 15, 2011Lesson three NOW, ABOUT SPIRITUAL GIFTS (part 1)A spiritual gift is that God-giving ability for every Christian to carry out his function in thebody of Christ. That divine ability that transforms a natural being into a supernaturalindividual. It is spiritual because it is God given and can not be bought with money or givenby another human being. Acts 8:9-24.What are Spiritual GiftsIn Corinthians 12, we learn that spiritual gifts are given to God’s people by the Holy Spiritfor “the common good”. Verse 11 says the gifts are given according to God’s sovereign will(“as he determines or decides”) Ephesians 4:12 tells us these gifts are given to prepare God’speople for service and for building up the body of Christ. The term, ‘spiritual gifts’ is derived form the Greek words charismata (gifts) andpneumatika (spirits). They are the plural forms of charisma, meaning “expressions of grace”and pneumatikon meaning “expressions of Spirit” while there are different kinds of gifts (ICorinthians 12:4), generally speaking, spiritual gifts are God-given grace (special abilities,offices or responsibilities) meant for works of service, to benefit and build up the body ofChrist as a whole.Scriptural passages on spiritual gifts. • Romans 12:6-8 • I Corinthians 12:4-11, 28-31 • Ephesians 4: 7-13 • I Peter 4:10 NOW, ABOUT SPIRITUAL GIFTS – (part 2) I Cir. 12:1aDefinition: A gift is something you choose to give to somebody especially on a specialoccasion.Categories of gifts Gifts here will be classified as thus into 4: a) God’s gift: It is free (John 4:10), it is indescribable (2 Corinthians 9:15); that gift is actually his own son, one and only (John 3:16). 6
  7. 7. The gift brought our salvation (Eph. 2: 8-9). It came when we did not even merit it, when we were still sinners – Rom 5:8; Rom 6:23. b) Ministry gifts: These are gifts of services given to people to enable them work together in a team – to teach us team work (Eph. 4:11) “The next verses, 12/13 tells us it is to build/edify the body and until we all come to the unity of the body respectively. Case study: 22 players in a team or group work in UB, The success of one is the success for all. c) Spiritual gifts: these are unique gifts of services given to individuals. I Corinthians 12:7 tells, us it is for a common good (NIV). Ephesians 4:12 makes us know a gift (no matter which type), follows three main objectives.Purpose of gifts – Ephesians 4:12 - 13 i) The perfecting of the saint -II Timothy 2:15-16, II Timothy 3:16-17 ii) The work of the Ministry – II Timothy 4:9-17 iii) The edification of the church - Acts 18:18–28, I Corinthians 3:1-9; I Corinthians 1:10-13Verse 13 says, till we all come … This is what God expects of us, He has an objective tobring the church to a position, called unity of the faith, a perfect man, the knowledge of hisson, and of his fullness (the fullness of stature) d) A man’s gift: a man’s gift can be what that man has (2 Corinthians 9:7) what you own, either by working or by inheritance. On the other hand a man’s gift speaks of his abilities, potentials, talents and attitude (Proverbs 18:16). Scripture says lean not on your ability, for without me you can do nothing (I Corinthians 7: 7).NB: All the above gifts actually are tied to the first, God’s gift. They get their source fromHim. Remember until we all come to a fullness… and he is the fullness that fills all in all(Colossians 1:19, John 1:16) respectively.Prayer Request Pray that God will release (fill you with) his fullness to equip you unto all good workfor which you are called– Acts 10:37-38.Assignment • Look at the differences between talents, gifts and abilities. 7
  8. 8. • Differentiate a dream from a vision.Day four (4) – Thursday June 16, 2011Lesson four: DEALING WITH IGNORANCE about spiritual Gifts I Corinthians 12:1-3 Remember what you were and what used to influence you. For example, you wereinfluenced by fighter-wine/gold bond, satanic powers, cigar-weed (“banger”), drugs etc.You need to know who leads you now “… no one speaking by the Spirit …” it is same as “noone led by the spirit to speak…” The idea here is before you speak, find out who leads you tosay what you are saying” or who should lead you before speaking. Watch out for blasphemyagainst the spirit – Mark 3:29To blaspheme: To slander or speak evil against. But to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit asthe Jews did (Mark 3:22), was to accredit (attribute) to devils, the power of the miracles ofJesus – I Kings 21:10. See this case also: I Tim 1:18-20 • What leads people into this situation - Rev. 16: 10 – 11Now, watch, know and mind the things you say. You don’t say what you feel or because youfeel as to, or because you want to but because you are led. Case study: Acts 19:11-18: you don’t speak because you have crammed what other people said or the way they said it. - Some even go to the point of saying “Thus says the Lord”, when the Lord had not said anything. Ezekiel 23:28-29; Jeremiah 23:16-21, 25-32. But how can I know this is God speaking? - Draw near to me and I will draw near to you. The closer you go to God the more you are familiar with Him. Try intensive bible meditation (morning and evening). - God does not have a formula – I Kings 19:11 – 14 - My sheep know my voice (pay attention) – John 10:27. -…Learn from me Matt 11:29. Try effective bible study- Rev.1:3Identifying Spirituals Gifts 8
  9. 9. Although there is a great deal of disagreement over spirituals gifts among differentdenominations, most Bible scholars classify these gifts into three categories: ministry gifts,manifestation gifts and motivational gifts.Ministry Gifts The ministry gifts serve to reveal the plan of God. They are characteristics of a fulltime office or calling, rather than a gift that can function in and through any individualbeliever. The ministry gifts can be presented as follows using the 5 finger illustration.Apostle – An apostle establishes and builds churches; he’s a church planter. One sent forthwith authority and power. An apostle may function in many or all of the ministry gifts. He isthe ‘thumb’ the strongest of all the fingers, able to touch every other finger. He is a spiritualadministrator, an overseer. An Apostle can be defined as a commissioned disciple while adisciple will be a disciplined follower. • Mark 3:14, Acts 1:26; 2:43, closest (always with) to Jesus • Sent forth - Luke 9:1;10:18-19, Even to teach - Acts 5:25 • It was a foundation – Ephesians 2:20 • False apostle - 2 Corinthians 11:13Prophet – A Prophet in Greek means to “forth tell”, in the sense of speaking for another. Aprophet functions as God’s mouth piece, speaking forth God’s word. The prophet is the“index finger” or pointer finger. He points to the future and points out sin. Prophets are God’sspokesman, divinely called to know and announce the will of God to his people. God’srepresentation, one who receives his call as a speak directly from God • Amos 7:15. • Mark 11:32 • False prophets - Rev 16:13Evangelist – An evangelist is called to be a witness for Jesus Christ. He works for thelocal church to bring people into the body of Christ where they can become disciple. He mayevangelise through music, drama, preaching and other creative ways. He is the ‘middlefinger’, the tallest one who stands out in the crowd. Evangelists draw a lot of attention, butthey are called to serve the local body. An Evangelist is one who announces good tidings 9
  10. 10. (news). Organiser of crusades; one who travels for such purposes, he is referred by some asthe town crier of the church. • Acts 21:8; 2 Tim 4:5Pastor - The pastor is the shepherd of the people. A true shepherd lays down his life for thesheep. The pastor is the ‘ring finger’. He is married to the church; called to stay, oversee,nurture and guide. Not much is said about the pastor but his duties relate to those of a Bishopor an elder. Pastor maybe used to fit the office of an elder and a shepherd. • Titus 1:5-7, I Timothy 3:1-7 • 1 Peter 5:1-4, Acts 20:28 • Philippians 1:1 term used more as an office than a function.Note: the office and responsibilities of the pastor seem to be transformed to those of ashepherd. See: Jeremiah 3:15 (appointed) and Jeremiah 23:1 (sacked) KJV.Teacher – The teacher and the pastor are often a shared office, but not always. The teacherlays the foundation and is concerned with detail and accuracy. He delights in research tovalidate truth. The teacher is the “pinkie finger”. Though seemingly small and insignificant,he is designed specifically for digging into tight, dark places, shining light and picking apartor dividing correctly the Word of Truth. The Teacher is one who informs or instructs inrighteousness. He delivers information in a step by step manner for better understanding andright application. • II Timothy 2:2, Matthew 28:19, 2 Peter 2:1. • I Timothy 2:7 - false teachers.Manifestation Gifts The manifestation gifts serve to reveal the power of God. These gifts are supernaturalor spiritual in nature. They can be further sub-divided into three groups: utterance, powerand revelation. • Utterance – These gifts say something.Prophecy – This is the “forth telling” of the inspired word of God primarily to the church, forthe purpose of confirming the written Word and building up the entire body. The message isusually one of edification, exhortation or consolation, although it can declare God’s will in aparticular circumstances and in other cases, predict future events. Prophecy (Rom 12:6).These people speak under the direct impulse of the Holy Ghost with the main motivation or 10
  11. 11. concern for purity and spiritual up keep of the church. As a spiritual manifestation, prophecyis potentially available to every spirit-filled believer (Acts 2:17-18); it is a message orrevelation from the Lord under the control or influence of the Holy Ghost to believers (I Cor14:24-25, 29-31). This is not the delivery or preaching of a previously prepared sermon by afellow preacher of the word. Prophecy can be given to expose the condition of someone’sheart (14:25) or a warning to someone, advise, comfort, or judgement. Prophecy operatesonly under the will of God and not man. Prophecy was given to the church when Godinitiated the message through holy men who were moved by the Holy Ghost (2 Pet 1:21, ICor 12:11).Speaking in Tongues – This is a supernatural utterance in an unlearned language whichmay be interpreted so that the entire body will be edified. Tongues refer to languages ordialects.There are of two types: tongues of men and of angles, 1Cor. 13:1.Explanation: (King James Version preferably)1). Tongues of men - Acts 2:4: in this passage the tongue is called other tongues. Thissimply means other languages. It speaks of other languages spoken by men but that are otherthan the language of the one that speaks. The bible here says the people who were listeningcould here the disciples speak in their various languages such as Parthians, Medes andElamites. The disciples themselves were people from Galilee yet they spoke in other dialects(tongues), unlearned, simply as the Holy Spirit gave them utterance. You don’t learn thelanguage previously but receive ability, supernaturally to speak. It may not need aninterpreter since the people for whom the language is spoken can understand it very well.These can happen in a situation where you go to a strange village, the people can notunderstand your language and neither do you understand theirs. In the course of preaching theHoly Spirit gives you the ability to speak in their tongue that is speaking in other tongue.2) Tongues of angles – 1Corinthian 14:2: this tongue is here called unknowntongue. Mark 16:17 call it new tongues while Isaiah 11:28 call it strange tongues. Paul sayshe who speaks in this tongue or language, is not speaking to men but to God and no bodyunderstands him (except the person with the gift of interpretation), he utters mysteries withhis spirit. As long as a person is talking alone to his God in his corner or during generalprayer time in church there is no need for interpretation. You only need to interpret theunknown tongue when you are asked to pray on behalf of all (representative prayer) or when 11
  12. 12. you prophecy in tongues (since the message is intended to someone else - 1Corinthian 14:6,13-17.Interpretation of Tongues – This is a supernatural ability to interpret a message in atongue or to make known meaning of a language so that the hearers (the entire body) can beinformed of what has been said which should certainly come from God. Interpretation isneeded in tongues in other for believers to understand the meaning of an utterance given by atongue. The gift may be given to the same person speaking or someone else. This may implythat those whose speak in tongues should pray for the gift of interpretation of tongues as wellbut not obligatory. • Power – These gifts do somethingFaith – This is not the faith that is measured to every believer (Hebrews 11:6) nor is it“saving faith” (Ephesians 2:8). This is special supernatural ability given by the Spirit of Godto receive miracles or believe God for extraordinary or miraculous works, Mark 5:25 - 34.This is faith that moves mountains (I Cor. 13:2). This faith often express in action, yield fruitsas healing and miracle (Matt. 17:20). This is faith that doubts not, wavered not, ignoressymptoms etc (Mark 11:22-24). It is also regarded as a special gift by which one inspiresfaith to others in congregation.Healing – This is supernatural ability to make well beyond natural means, given by thespirit. Healing the sick is different from receiving a cure for a disease, Luke 13:10-14, Isaiah38:21. The is a special ability given to believers in the church to restore physical health(various body illnesses and diseases) by divine supernatural means (Matt 4:23-25, 10:1, Accts3:6-8, 4:30). Praying for the sick involves some level of faith, (James 5:15).Working of Miracles – This is the supernatural suspension of the natural laws, or anintervention by the Holy Spirit into the laws of nature; it goes contrary to natural laws tobring about a change in situations of human nature. These include divine acts in which God’skingdom is manifested against Satan/evil spirits (John 6:2). Miracles differ with healingslightly in that all acts of healing are miraculous but not all miracles speak of healing. • Revelation – These gifts reveal somethingWord of Wisdom – This is supernatural knowledge applied in a godly or correct way.One commentary describes it as a special insight into doctrinal truth. Word of Wisdom, Acts6:10, Acts 15:13-22, is wisdom from God that you get from a personal time in studyingGod’s word, mediating and praying in faith (James 1:5-6). Jesus also grew in wisdom, Luke2:52. 12
  13. 13. Word of Knowledge – This is supernatural knowledge of facts and information that canonly be revealed by God for the purpose of applying doctrinal truth and dealing withignorance. Knowledge here goes with the ability to “know” (having an idea) about people,situations, or biblical truth. It is closely connected to prophecy. Acts 5:1-10, I Corinthians14:24-25. Wisdom is knowledge correctly applied while prophecy is knowledge spoken –wisdom can be demonstrated in silence but prophecy must be spoken.Discerning of Spirits – This is the supernatural ability to distinguish between spirits suchas good and evil, truthful or deceitful, prophetic versus satanic, real or fake. Discerning ofSpirits is a special ability given by the Holy Ghost to believers to properly discern (evaluate)and to judge every manifestation of the Holy Ghost by a believer in the church (that is todistinguish whether an utterance or a demonstration is from the Holy Ghost or not (ICorinthians 14:29, I john 4:1). Sometimes, many have termed these people those who“judge”, condemn or people who argue the truth with some high rankers in the church butthis should not be the case. We need discernment in the church especially now when thisdispensation has almost reached the end of the road, as Jesus predicted (Matt 24:5, I Timothy4:1). Paul approves the minister who appreciates this gift in his church (I Tim 4:6).Hindrance to Spiritual Gifts Sin hinders full demonstration or brings counterfeiting. Prevent one from knowing hispotentials, Isaiah 59: 1-2, Proverbs 28:9, Ps 66:12. Disobedience - 1Samuel 15, 1Cor.10:5.Lack of commitment - 2Tim. 2:3-4. unloving spirit 1Cor. 13:1. Lack of burdened prayer –Nehemiah 1:1-4. Focusing on your weaknesses – Exodus 3. Inexperience – Acts 19. Wrongmotives – James 4:3, Isaiah 41:21. How to discover my spiritual gift: Understand gifts, accept that you are gifted, analyseyourself, your interest, what gets you excited, limitations, seek confirmation from others,evaluate the results, dedicate yourself to ministry, desire effectiveness, strive for the best.What should I do once I know it Dedicate, develop study the scripture, talk to others having the same gifts pray forguidance and strength, be sensitive to the need of others, show willingness to help, do what is 13
  14. 14. expected of you, don’t say “what will people say if I stand up to prophecy” , lay hands onsick, do not under rate yourself or let others look down on you.Facts about spiritual gifts: - They are not natural ability or talent but spiritual - Gifts can be abused, thus remain connected to source - It is received, not achieved or inherited - It operates as diversity with unity. - Each member is unique, important and useful respect every other - Gifts are good but only when ministered in love - The gifts are diverse, but all are equally honourable for the unique purpose it is intended to accomplish. - Spiritual gifts are different from ministry gifts - No believer is holier than the other because of his spiritual gifts. - Spiritual gifts must not be confused with fruits of the spirit which relates directly with Christian characters and sanctity.List of spiritual gifts - Prophecy – I Tim 1:18 - Leadership - Healing - Apostle - Service - Teaching - Exhortation - Giving - Mercy - Word of wisdom - Word of knowledge - Faith - Helps - Administration - Pastor/shepherd/bishop/elder - Hospitality – Heb 13:1 - Intercession - Evangelist 14
  15. 15. - Miracles - Discerning of spirits - Tongue speaking - Interpretation of Tongues - Voluntary poverty - Martyrdom - Exorcism - CelibacyThis material is submitted to be read and taught to God’s people all over the churches.For any further suggestions for revision or more explanation, please contact us @: • +32 (0) 48 640 83 15 or +237 941 571 79 or +237 942 079 79 • E-mail: 15