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Dave makichuk portfolio


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My portfolio represents a selection of Travel and Driving features I have done for the Calgary Herald.

Published in: Automotive, Travel, Sports
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Dave makichuk portfolio

  2. 2. Section F MARITIMES BY MOTORCOACH iNside BEACH RETREATS Romance blossoms amid CAVES, PLANES & BOATS Out-of-the-ordinary options Today: Several Tours to Choose From 9DOHW 6HUYLFH NAGEL TOURS sun, sea and sand settings for your next vacation 3D RQO Call your Travel Agent or 403-717-9999 or 1-800-562-9999 See Page F4 See Page F9 $47.96/ Week! Travel • 34 years of service ZZZSDUNJRFD CALCH019189_1_1 CALCH021626_1_1 L at e s t n e w s at c a lg a r y h e r a l d . c o m / t r av e l Editor: Lisa Monforton 403-235-7428 saturday, apriL 2, 2011 Travel NoTes i love Cuba. Goddamn, they play baseball for all the right reasons: ’Cause they like it. They don’t play it because they can make some more money and sell some World more satellite dishes. They play it for all the right reasons. of wonders Bill (Spaceman) leeFINALISTS • Jeju, the largestisland off the south coast ofKorea’s mainland, is in therunning to become one of thenew 7 wonders of nature. Jeju is the only locationworldwide to gain threeUnesCO world heritagecertifications: the BiosphereReserve in 2002, UnesCOworld Heritage site in 2007and Global Geoparks in 2010.the island’s central featureis Halla mountain, a dormantvolcano, which rises 1,950metres above sea level. Jeju is one of 28 new 7wonders of nature finalists.You can see the entire list —which includes Canada’s Bayof Fundy — with images andvideos and enter your sevenvotes at Original image courtesy Dave Makichuk the industriales lions host a cuban Baseball league game at estadio latinoamericano, in havana.Ladies only tour to Indiaculture • If your idea ofa good time is travellingwith women only, China-pac International has justthe vacation for you: a new19-Day Ladies Only Indiatour departing next Feb. 6. while the itinerary includesvisits to famous sites like thetaj Mahal, it also promises aglimpse into India’s cultural,historical and architecturaldiversity. You’ll visit 11 Indiantowns and have such experi-ences as elephant and camelrides, along with sari tying,cooking demonstrationsand learning how textile iswoven. the land package com-mences in Delhi and ispriced from $4,099. Chi- Passion and sheer joy made one The crowd erupts — it’s complete and utter pande- fierceness of competition and the undying loyalty ofnapac International ( can also visitor ‘fanatico’ for the game monium in the stands as the runners round the bases. A the fans, not to mention the unparalleled experience itarrange your airfares. dave makichuk swaying cheerleaders as deft pickup in the outfield is offers visitors to Cuba. Three new calgary herald HaVana the Lions’ big hitter, Alex Malleta, slowly strolls up to followed by a precise throw to second, which is relayed Unlike the majority of Canadians who fly south guidebooks home plate. home . . . safe! in winter — most of whom i t’s a typically warm The visiting Ciego de Instantly, I’m surrounded head straight to the nearestON THE SHELF • Let’s and sunny afternoon in Avila Tigers are in deep by a sea of joyous, bouncing beach, all-inclusive buffetGo europe 2011 (Let’s Go, Havana and a gorgeous, trouble; it’s early innings conga-driven “fanaticos” as or bottomless pina colada$21.95, 1,220 pages) — blue cloudless sky serves as and Los Azules (the Blue the entire Lions squad leaps — I came to experience athe student-travel bible an appropriate backdrop at Ones), so named for their from the dugout to form week of “beisbol.”has spruced itself up with the nearly packed Estadio Blue Jay-like blue and white a line of high-fives for the To say that Cuban base-a more-readable design, Latinoamericano, home uniforms, have put two run- scoring runner. ball has left me — a triedrewritten every listing and to the famed Industriales ners on base with only one Welcome to baseball and true MLB Detroit Ti-added photos. entries have Lions. out. The Lions are about to Cubano-style! gers fan since 1967 — com-youthful attitude and direct The 55,000-seat stadium close in for the kill, and the One only has to watch pletely and utterly spoiledthe backpacking crowd to is visibly rocking to the crowd senses it. one game in the Cuban for all time, is an under-cheap, filling food, nightlife hypnotic, pulsating rhythms It’s a gutsy throw — a fast- National League to gain statement.and affordable rooms. of a tireless group of conga ball right down the middle. an appreciation for the re-■ Guided by a stone-Mason: drummers and young, salsa- Crack! A line drive to right. markable calibre of play, the See BEISBOL, Page F2exploring the Cathedrals,abbeys and Churches ofBritain by thomas Maude(tauris Parke, $17, 176pages) — How in the worlddid workmen using simpletools create the wondrous Concierge dishes on how to get your wishsanctuaries of the U.K.? this roSS Werland gating this rusty old world in ■ Hotels track your com- good service from some-paperback will tell you. mcclatchy newspapers more princely fashion: plaints. If you are a nice body who’s afraid of you.”■ all aboard: the Complete ■ No reservation at the guest, that will go on your ■ When trolling for celebri-north american train travel In the fun book Concierge restaurant? No problem. record. You may be re- ties at restaurants, sit upGuide by Jim Loomis (http:// Confidential, superstar Check in with the host, be warded even at other hotels. front, not in the back. Intakeatrainride.blogspot. Manhattan concierge Mi- engaging and acknowledge And if you’re a jerk, you may front, you’ll see the “wholecom) — not only will the chael Fazio explains how to that you’re an idiot. Say, be rewarded for that too. parade.”third edition of this useful pry what you want out of the “Look, I know I’m a loser. I ■ If you have a reason to ■ In selecting a serviceguide (Chicago Review Press, service world. He provides didn’t make a reservation. send food back, be very gra- person, do you want to see$18.95, 354 pages) help you some intriguing insight into I’m in your hands.” Fazio cious no matter how you a cute face or get help? “Iplan a trip, but it also will tell the inner human brat that swears by it. feel. You might be surprised always look for the oldest,you such fascinating tidbits service people often face. ■ Waiters have more clout at how well you’ll be treated. least glamorous person.” concierge confidential isas why a train that’s late can For that, you’ll have to buy than you know and can re- ■ “Don’t make plans when Above all, treat service filled with great tips onstill be considered on time. the book. But here are a ward good customers. Tip you’re drunk. Trust me.” people as if you’re on their how to get your every wish — Calgary Herald handful of his tips for navi- no less than 20 per cent. ■ “You’re not going to get team, and they will deliver. when you’re travelling.
  3. 3. F2 Saturday, April 2, 2011 travel Breaking news at BEISBOL: Nothing quite like a Orlando makes it easier to plan your visit Cuban National League experience ONLINE • On the heels of a long, harsh winter which saw travel numbers to Florida soar, Visit Orlando has unveiled a new web- FrOm F1 site that provides a user-friendly vacation planning experience. — a one- The experience starts at the stop solution for researching andticket window. A standard seating vacation planning — featuresticket for a game at Estadio Lati- a new look, enhanced planningnoamericano, home of Havana’s tools and is now available in eightpopular Industriales Lions, who languages.some have called the New York Whether it’s accessing informa-Yankees of Cuba for their impres- tion about attractions to choosingsive string of championship titles, an evening of entertainment, thisis only 3 Cuban CUC, or about online portal offers travellers the$3.50 Cdn. ability to research and pre-plan Or, if you go with a local, who nearly every aspect of their vaca-buys the ticket for you while you tion. Consumers can also sharestand out of sight, it will cost only itineraries with others to eitherabout 2 Cuban pesos — gasp! — provide tips or garner feedback.for a pair. The equivalent of less Some of the features include:than 5 cents Cdn! ■ Trip Ideas Generator — To kick- No booze is allowed in the start vacation planning, travellersstands, which is just as well, and answer a few questions aboutpolice will search your backpack their travel party and activities ofshould you have one (bottled wa- interest and this simple and funter is OK). tool instantly offers a range of That’s a good thing, by the way. customized ideas.There is a strong police presence ■ Trip Itinerary Builder — For thoseand they will spring into action at ready to dive deeper into vacationthe slightest sign of trouble. planning, the Trip Itinerary Builder Not that there was much, to allows travellers to add accommo-speak of. Cuban fans are rabid for dations, activities and restaurantsthe game, but, to my surprise, they of interest to the itinerary.are largely well-behaved. Emo- Visit Orlando has also launchedtional exchanges between fans of Herald Archive, Getty Images a mobile solution, VisitOrlando.rival teams can be heated, but in a The Industriales Lions mascot greets supporters in the stands at Latinoamericano stadium in Havana. mobi, that offers the samelighthearted way. research and planning tools but is Like all sports stadiums, there is The new rule, which apparently made it off the field, with the aid years, the number of Cuban play- tailored to mobile devices includ-a great assortment of snacks. is not popular with some fans, of the manager and a trainer. ers could even exceed that of the ing iPhones. Hot pastries, ham and cheese automatically puts two men on Expecting a warm round of ap- Dominican Republic. To order a complimentary vaca-sandwiches, popcorn and candy, base in the 10th, and subsequent plause, this poor fellow earned a In the words of Cuban defector tion planning kit that includes aalong with ultra-strong espresso innings if needed. round of taunting jeers, as soon as Alberto Castillo, who pitches for comprehensive Official Vacationcoffee, are for the taking. Teams can choose any batter he neared the dugout. Shocked, I the Baltimore Orioles: “Cuban Guide and Orlando Magicard or to On to the ambience. to lead off, and then revert to the turned to a Cuban spectator next players, they were made to play purchase discount attraction tick- There is nothing quite like the regular lineup after that. to me, asking him why this guy baseball.” ets, log onto orCuban National League experi- Almost all games start at 1 p.m., got the raspberry. Suffice to say, in one Lions call a travel counsellor at 1-800-ence. to take advantage of the daylight He responded, with a sharp homestand, I saw some great ac- 551-0181 or 407-363-5872. For one thing, the conga drum- hours, and this is especially wave of the hand: “If you’re on the tion, including a fierce pitching — Calgary Heraldming and lively dancing by team important at Estadio Latino- field, you’re the enemy.” duel with one of Villa Clara’s ace“cheerleaders,” who are some- americano, where the lights have Clearly, there is no quarter pitchers, some incredible fieldingtimes on hand, never stops. reportedly been inoperable since given, or taken in Cubano beisbol! and hitting, a near bench-clearing It doesn’t take long before you last season. As for the calibre of play, just brawl prompted by an argumenttoo, are swaying or tapping to the There are some subtle Cuban look at the number of past and over a called strike, not to men-beat. More so during the mid- nuances, too. current Cuban players in the ma- tion some great conga music andinnings stretch, which allowed the Fans are asked to throw errant jors, and wonder how many more crowd shenanigans.drummers and dancers to really foul balls back onto the field, to would be drawing mega-salaries It doesn’t take long to becomeget into it. help the team cut down on ex- if the U.S. ended its decades-long a regular — a few games in I re- Afraid to say, it puts the North penses. And, it was nice to see a trade and cultural embargo on the ceived taps on the shoulder fromAmerican version of the seventh- female umpire, who worked the Caribbean nation. familiar fans, offering me ciga-inning stretch to shame. third-base line. Though the ranks have been rettes, candy or just some good Industriales also features a mas- One on-field incident I wit- depleted some after a spate of discussion on the previous play.cot, a good-natured Lion who kept nessed also made clear the Cuban high-profile defections (reliever Cubanos share a passion for thethe crowd amused, albeit with approach to the game, or any Aroldis Chapman, a.k.a. the “Cu- game, and it’s downright infec-some adult-oriented gestures to- game, for that matter. ban missile,” holds the record tious.ward the opposing team. I watched as a Tiger left-fielder for the fastest recorded pitch in And I can only shudder at the This befits the crowd, of course, raced to the foul line to catch a the majors at 105.1 and was thought of what I would havewhich is 90 per cent adult males, hard-hit, errant fly ball. The effort signed by the Cincinnati Reds last missed, had I just sat on somewith a few families sprinkled in. was valiant, but doomed. season to a six-year, $30-million beach, drinking pina coladas in- On the field, the game is largely He smacked the wall with a contract), baseball experts say if stead. Courtesy, VisitOrlando.comidentical to MLB, but if the game huge thud, dropping the ball and the blockade was ended, dozensis tied after nine innings, a tie- clearly injuring himself in the of players, if not more, wouldbreaker comes into play, so the process. jump to the doesn’t drag on forever. Refusing a stretcher, he barely Not only that, but within a few Every vacation needs If You Go■ GETTING THERE: Sunwing.cahas numerous packages available DIRECT NONSTOP FLIGHTS FROM CALGARY TO THE UK Tranquilityto Havana and other destinationsin Cuba. The flights can some- 49 $99 $149times depart late, and legroom islimited (unless you buy the $40upgrade) on those stretch 737-800s, but FA staff are definitely a $notch above and inflight meals areincluded, along with headphonesand other freebies. Manchester London Glasgow■ WHERE TO STAY: I stayed at one way, exc taxes one way, exc taxes one way, exc taxesthe fabulous Nacional Hotel inVedado, which features an incred- Leather SeatS • ChiLd diSCountS • Premium/CLub CLaSS uPgradeSible breakfast buffet (17 CUC) in a Seat baCk tV’S (SeLeCted fLightS) • moSt generouS eConomy Legroomclassy atmosphere and my eighth-floor room also had a stunningview of the Malacon. Also, it’s onlya 6 CUC cab ride from the Nacion- 1-866-815-5088 Lowest fare shown, subject to availability. Prices exclude taxes surcharges. Available for selected dates in Apr May to Estadio Latinoamericano, but Taxes $209. Fares are one way based on roundtrip travel. Terms Conditions apply. Reg in BC #32410you can also take a bicycle taxi for CALCH032793_1_1only 1 CUC. Whether you’re travelling outside of Alberta, to the United States or overseas,■ BASEBALL INFO: The National even the smallest injury or illness can be devastating. Protect yourself withSeries features 16 teams split emergency travel medical insurance while travelling, and receive the bestinto west and east divisions. The value with annual multi‑trip plans:season runs from late Novem- • no age limit • new BounceBack coverage protects youber to March, with the playoff • deductible from $0 to $10,000 in the case of hospitalization or death of anquarter-finals starting in earlyApril. Unfortunately, both Havana- • 24/7 access to qualified physicians immediate family member or a disaster atbased teams, including defendingchampion Industriales and theMetropolitano Guerreros (War- FREE Travel Talk (in select U.S. cities) your home, for only $50 per person Top up your plan Best Valueriors), did not make the cut. for extended stays■ SOURCES: Finding an accurate Travel Talk When Location Annual Plan If purchased at Top up cost per Top up cost perseason or playoff schedule can Active Europe Apr 13 6:30 815 - 10th Avenue SW with unlimited daily rate for 2 x day for an extra day for an extrabe daunting, but for basic info, 30 day trips* 30 day trips** 1 to 30 days 31 to 60 daysgo online at http://www.base- Ever thought of trekking Mont Blanc? How about walking the coast Per Person $122 $222 $3.74 $ Spanish link can be accessed of Cinque Terre, sailing the Greek islands, Cycling in Turkey or tryingat Also, if you search SWAT training in Prague? Join us and learn how you can travel in a Tranquility“Cuba National Baseball Series” small group and see Europe a different way. Travel Medical insuranceon travel websites, such, you can find a RSVP to More than a destinationwealth of information. To contact 815 - 10th Avenue SW 403.262.6632 Prices based on 55-59 age group. Travellers age 60 plus will be required to complete a medical questionnaire, and rates may vary. Rates subject to change at any time. Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions is dependent on stability and eligibility criteria. *Unlimited 30 day trips – unlimitedthe Federacion Cubana de Beisbol number of trips in one year, up to 30 days each. **2 x 30 day trips – price if purchased at daily rate for 2 trips, up to 30 days Havana, phone 07-879-7980. Underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife Financial). — Dave Makichuk ON–4499356/4499372 | BC–33127/34799/34798 | QC–7002238 | Canadian Owned 1-866-989-6595 | CALCH020805_1_1 CALCH034572_1_1
  4. 4. Breaking news at Friday, august 28, 2009 F5 preview: 2010 aston martin dBs volantevivacious volante refinement meets excitement in all-new DBS Aston Martin’s The Specs 510-h.p. supercar ■ Body: two-door convertible body style surprisingly with 2+2 seating aluminum, magnesium alloy and easy to handle carbon-fibre composite body ■ Roof: Dave Makichuk motorized retractable, fabric Calgary Herald ■ engine:“B photos, Calgary Herald e careful going down the all-alloy, quad overhead cam- The 2010 DBS volante roadster is unmistakable in its aston Martin DNa — stunning on the outside and curb, the front spoiler shaft, 48-valve, v-12. lavishly equipped on the inside. To start the formidable 510-horsepower v-12 engine, the emotion control costs about $10,000.” Front-mid mounted engine, rear- unit (below left) must be inserted into a console slot between the shift buttons. The words from the Aston wheel driveMartin rep reverberated in my max power: 510 b.h.p. @ 6500brain, leaving a distinct impres- r.p.m.sion, as he handed me the Emo- max torque: 420 ft.-lbs. @ 5750tion Control Unit — essentially r.p.m.the keys to a brand new lightning acceleration: 0-100 km/h insilver $325,000 Aston Martin DBS 4.3 secondsVolante roadster. max speed: 307 km/h I couldn’t help but be remindedof a similar scene which had ■ Transmission:played out on the big screen sev- rear-mid mounted ‘touchtronic 2’eral times from my youth to pres- six-speed gearbox with electronicent day: “Try to bring it back in shift-by-wire control, or manualone piece 007,” an exasperated Qwarns James Bond. ■ Brakes: All to no avail of course. More dynamic stability Control (dsC)often than not, the car got trashed, with track modebut usually for a good cause — anti-lock Braking system (aBs)saving the world and so forth. electronic Brakeforce distribution But on this day, we won’t be (eBd)chasing any bad guys on dark- emergency Brake assist (eBa)ened, twisty roads, in a desperate traction controlsearch for a kidnapped Britishagent, or banging doors at high ■ in-car entertainment:speed along twisty tunnels lining Bang olufsen Beosound dBsthe shore of Lake Como. sound system with 13 speakers In fact, I showed up at the NorthAmerican Volante’s launch in Price:Calgary, hosted by Aston Martin ■ dBs volante (touchtronic)of Calgary and the Dilawri Group, $325,195with a passenger — fellow autoaficionado and longtime buddy JR— to play the part of co-driver. were the Park, Reverse, Neutral plus GST. But back to the car . . . — credit offered to the designers Pulling onto the Deerfoot 500 As well as offering his impres- and Drive buttons. While the The very first impression was and engineers at Aston Martin’s for the last leg of our test drive,sions of the vehicle, he would DBS also had shift paddles, Ro- unmistakable. Gaydon factory. I tensed up with concentration,more importantly act as my manosky pointed out that the car “My god, do you hear that Driving a suggested route bound and determined to avoid asecond set of eyes on Calgary’s was quite content as a cruiser, and exhaust note?” JR said. “That is through south Calgary, we quickly windshield stone chip — aprecarious, construction-strewn using the shift paddles wouldn’t incredible.” get the feel of this remarkable Calgary souvenir almost as rou-roads, warning me in advance, I be necessary for our test drive. How can one fall in love with an roadster. tine and traditional as gettinghoped, of any unseen dangers that “What if I touch the paddles by exhaust note, you ask? Quite eas- Smooth, controlled and just white-hatted at City Hall.came our way. mistake,” I asked sheepishly. ily, actually. downright fun to drive No sooner had we hit the Deer- Aston Martin rep Lawrence Not to worry, I was told, the car The V-12 power plant purrs so (Romanosky was right), drawing foot, when two rolling tandemRomanosky gave us a quick pre- stares wherever trucks appeared in my rear-viewflight rundown as we circled the it stepped, one mirror. They were right smackDBS Volante, which sat unassum- could not help behind us and closing fast — andingly outside the dealership in but get the im- I could already imagine the sprayGlendeer Circle. The v-12 mense feeling of gravel if they blew past us. We learned that this particularroadster was the 16th convertible power plant the Volante ea- willing and was I called on the V-12 for help, adding an oh-so-slight touch tomodel produced in the company’s purrs so ger to go faster, the accelerator.95-year history. Romanosky rattled off a litany beautifully, if calledand low Sleek upon. In an instant, we were launched to safety — without an ounce ofof impressive specs: an all-alu- so elegantly to the ground, shimmy. A tap of the ventilatedminum frame with carbon fibre . . . one dare everything carbon ceramic brakes, and we’retrims; 510-horsepower V-12 enginecapable of 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 not turn seemed faster, JR remarked, back to cruising. Trouble averted.seconds; Touchtronic 2 six-speed on the . . . noting that No wonder the DBS is standardgearbox with shift-by-wire; 1,000 1,000 watt superlatives issue for double-O secret agents.watt Bang and Olufsen BeoSound alone fell short Mission accomplished, our life-DBS stereo system; Dynamic Sta- stereo in describing time Aston Martin bucket list nowbility Control; Servotronic speed- the precise, checked off, the DBS Volante leftsensitive steering; Pirelli P Zeros will correct things for you. beautifully, so elegantly . . . and exotic feel of this supercar, which, us aglow, and wanting more . . . asfront and back, etc., etc. . . . Now, for anyone who has never with so much power — one dare by the way, surrounds you in a in, more time in the car. The rest I didn’t hear as I drifted driven a $325,000 roadster su- not . . . repeat, dare not turn on the sea of hand-stitched leather and a It also left us somewhat into a Homer Simpson-esque percar off a dealership parking 1,000-watt Bang Olufsen stereo. luxurious dash layout worthy of a Having tasted such a rare vin-state of bliss, feeling somewhat lot, I can say quite honestly that Even if it has 13 speakers. prince. tage, the mixture of imports andoverwhelmed by the driving ex- my emotions ran somewhere “Let’s not turn on the stereo,” With deference to Calgary’s ex- domestics that ply the streets allperience that was about to come between abject fear and a place JR said, and rightly so. Who wants pansive web of speed traps, I had seem so trite way. of higher glory — coupled with a to listen to Calgary FM stations no intention of pushing the V-12 Blame it on the wizards of “This is the Emotion Control childlike joy I’ve never quite felt when the Picasso of exhaust notes anywhere near its lofty comfort Gaydon, the Aston Martin mys-Unit,” Romanosky said, as he before on four wheels. massages your very senses. zone — which was clearly well tique, or the remarkable sportshanded me an oddly-named and What Boomer from my genera- I hadn’t heard anything this above mine. Unlike 007, our mis- car passion of this luxury brand.odd-looking pocket-sized de- tion didn’t have the Aston Martin good since I stood next to a rev- sion on this day was to make sure A downside? Just one . . . thevice about the size of a cigarette Corgi die-cast toy from Goldfin- ving Alfa Romeo V-12 at the Long we brought this voluptuous grand DBS is available as a 2+2 or withlighter. Bearing a beautiful sap- ger, complete with ejection seat, Beach Grand Prix, way back in the tourer back in one piece. a back shelf. The 2+2 option be-phire crystal embossed with the bulletproof shield and machine ’80s. The Alfa’s V-12 was still the Briefly stopping in the com- ing completely useless, as no oneAston Martin badge, Romanosky guns? best sounding engine of all time, munity of Acadia, we snapped a larger than a hefty sized cat coulddemonstrated by inserting it into I deliberately held back from but the Aston was definitely right few pictures of the Volante, which possibly sit back there.the dash and holding it there a asking the rep where the ejection up there. looked intoxicatingly gorgeous And we did turn on the stereo.second. Suddenly, the muscular seat button was, knowing full well Completing the topless experi- against the lush, green back- It’s great . . . but nowhere near asV-12 sprang to life. it must be kept hidden until you ence is an almost total lack of ground and unmistakable in its great as that incredible exhaust On either side of the key fob bay actually plunk down the 325Gs, wind buffeting in the cabin area Aston Martin DNA. note. DIRECTORY OF AUTO DEALERS MITSUBISHI
  5. 5. N EAWN TI O Alberta’s largest service centre. Alberta’s largest service centre. NEW CUSTOMERS C LO Hyatt Auto Gallery Service Centre 2132 10 Ave SW 403 232 6401 HYATTAUTOGALLERY.COM Hyatt Auto Gallery Service Centre WELCOME! CALCH078076_1_2 SECTION F INSIDE ON THE ROAD: A Datsun meet with a twist Page F2 BRZ: Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee Page F7 L AT E S T N E W S AT C A LG A R Y H E R A L D . C O M /C A R S EDITOR: DAVE MAKICHUK 403-235-7302 DMAKICHUK@CALGARYHERALD.COM FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2012 KRAMER M MAZDA R MAZDACX7 CLEAROUT MAZDA CX7 GS AWD $ 209 2011 ONLY LY MA B/W 3 LUXURY PACKAGE RY 0 0% AVAILABLE WITH LEATHER INTERIOR -AT- $ DOWN + 259-0500 SHOP SOUTH. AMVIC LICENSEE *ADVERTISED BI-WEEKLY PAYMENT IS BASED ON A 2011 MAZDA CX7 MODEL # PXSJ82AB00 . PAYMENT IS BASED ON 0 DOWN AT 0% INTEREST OVER 84 MONTH TERM AND CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER OFFERS. VEHICLE MAY NOT BE EXACTLY AS SHOWN. CALCH045471_1_1R E M E M B E R I N G C A N A D A’ S L E G E N D I N F O R M U L A O N E Memories of Gilles “Either you drive, or you don’t. I can’t see that there’s anything in between.” car kept going into the wood chips, there was no choice but to act. — Gilles Villeneuve Leaping out of the way, I banged my head on a gigantic DAVE MAKICHUK telephoto lens held by a Ger- CALGARY HERALD man photographer just above me. He cursed loudly when P erched at treacherous Tarzan corner, aim- ing my telephoto lens down the long straightaway at Zandvoort, the wind- the camera he was holding smashed into his face. We — an assembly of terrified photog-types — scattered in all directions, as the bright blown seaside Formula One red Ferrari somehow slid to a track hosting the 1981 Dutch stop, just short of the tire bar- Grand Prix, it was all too rier in a huge cloud of dust. obvious what had happened, Seconds later, Villeneuve and what was going to hap- was safely out of the car, pen. the grid had passed, and his Gilles Villeneuve, in his banged-up 126C was being turbo-charged Ferrari, had hoisted out of trouble by a banged wheels with someone gigantic crane, positioned at in mid-grid at the start, and that infamous corner in an- was now spinning, bounc- ticipation of carnage. ing and careering in our Such was my heart-pump- direction, at a very high rate ing baptism by fire, covering of speed. At that moment, the very first F1 race of my getting the “great shot” was career. not as important as surviv- ing, and as Villeneuve’s race SEE GILLES, PAGE F5 Photos, courtesy, Dave MakichukCanadian Formula One great Gilles Villeneuve would claim six Grand Prix victories in 67 races, before his life was tragically cut short in Belgium at Zolder, in May of 1982. AWESOME COMES STANDARD.
  6. 6. Breaking news at Friday, May 21, 2010 F5 TEST DRIVE: 2011 ASTON MARTIN RAPIDE BEAUTY The Specs ■ Body: Four-door body style with tail- gate and four individual seats. Extruded aluminum bonded body structure. ■ Engine: All alloy, quad overhead camshaft, 48-valve, 5.9-L V-12. ■ Horsepower: 470-horsepower @ 6,000 r.p.m. ■ Torque: 443 ft.-lbs. @ 5,000 r.p.m. ■ Acceleration: 0-100 km/h 5 seconds. ■ Maximum speed: 296 km/h. ■ Transmission: Rear mid-mounted Touchtronic 2 six-speed gearbox with shift-by-wire control system. ■ Wheels: 20-inch alloy wheels. ■ Tires: front: Bridgestone Potenza 245/40 R20; rear: Bridgestone Potenza 295/35 R20. ■ Brakes: Dual-cast brake discs ■ Interior: Full grain leather, walnut fas- cia trim, iridium Silver centre console outer finish and Graphite inner finish. ■ Entertainment: 1000 watt Bang Olufsen BeoSound audio system with 15 speakers. Courtesy, Andrew Gilluley The 2011 Aston Martin Rapide is arguably one of the most beautifully designed vehicles in its class. Aston’s Rapide good position — out of the line of sight, but you can see it with one has luxury, glance.” All told, the console is nicely looks and designed and laid out — every- thing is within easy reach and V-12 power markings are intuitive but not overstated. Photos, Dave Makichuk, Calgary Herald Other than the habit of con- Back seat passengers will like DAVE MAKICHUK stantly reaching for a shift lever, the LCD screens inset into the CALGARY HERALD which is not there, and the mag- headrests. nesium manual shift paddles that Below, the Rapide maintains itsW hat is it about the en- get in the way of the turn signal stunning sleekness, despite its during mystique of As- After ogling the interior, Andy lever, the environment seems to four-door sedan design. ton Martin that seems and I attempt the back seat test. offer a nice blend of old-world As-to alight the senses and get the At six-foot-one, I find it a bit of ton and high-tech.blood pumping? Could it be that a challenge to get in, but once I Though it’s a relatively warmrecognizable Aston DNA and master the Cirque du Soleil ma- spring day in Calgary, the venti-British racing heritage reflected in noeuvre (right foot first), it’s not lated seats work nicely, keepingits sultry curves, toothy grille and bad at all. Headroom is ample. us cool and comfortable as wewinged badge? Legroom, well, not so much. Let’s engage the Driving button, unlock Or is it the slick, rapier-like call it adequate. the electronic parking brake andDaniel-Craig-in-a-tuxedo cine- Conveniences, on the other prepare to point the Rapide outmatic good looks, evoking images hand, are quite stellar. Helping on the town.of classy women, elegant casinos to up the touring experience are I find the two tweeter speak-and mysterious secret agents. dual 6.5-inch LCD Rear Seat En - ers (two of 15 speakers mated to Like its supercar competitors, The centre console is well laid tertainment (RSE) screens inset the 1,000-watt Bang Olufsen The Rapide is superbly quietit’s packed with high-tech toys out. Above right, the Rapide also into the headrests. The infotain - BeoSound audio system) on with its double-glazed windowsand luxury conveniences, and boasts “swan wing” doors. ment system displays input from either side of the dash, which up — creating a soothing cabinwhat can one say about that oh- a six-DVD changer, MP3 players, automatically elevate at startup, 470-horsepower six-litre the divider and folding the seats games consoles or other auxiliary a bit distracting, but after a few Side mirrors are wisely gener-V-12 engine and its testosterone- down. devices and allows each back seat minutes at the wheel, one forgets ous, boosting rearward visibilitytingling roar — an exquisite piece Underneath that gorgeous skin occupant to watch independently they’re there. and making lane changes rela-of engineering worthy of its Le the Rapide is constructed using using wireless headphones. In “Normal” or “Sport” tively easy in tight traffic.Mans pedigree. the carmaker’s extruded alumi- Passengers also have individual mode, the Rapide’s six-speed Surprisingly, there is no North Perhaps it’s all of the above. num VH (vertical-horizontal) entertainment and ventilation “Touchtronic 2) transmission American-style vanity mirrorThen again, maybe it’s like asking architecture, providing increased controls, much like in a modern works seamlessly, and in concert light on the front passenger side,Hemingway how he penned The torsional rigidity, better on-road airliner. with, the same V-12 engine that but there are side-roof mountedSun Also Rises, or why Marilyn dynamics and overall safety. For his part, Andy, whose powers the two-door DBS. dome lights that offer ample lightcommanded so much screen pres- Bodywork is a combination of stature is more compact, has no Coupled with a standard adap- for those last-minute makeupence or why JFK inspired. Partly aluminum, steel and composite, problem at all getting in or out, tive suspension system, it all but touch-ups on the way to the op-borne of human inspiration but with magnesium trunk-lid finish- and finds the back seat experience guarantees precise control and era, and yes, it does have cuphold-also that elusive, unknown star ers running the width of the car, quite royal. taut handling. Touch the “Sport” ers front and back.quality we can’t quite put our fin- stainless steel cant rails and zinc Conclusion: As a four-door button, and the suspension auto- Eight airbags and four door-ger on. hood louvres. The signature grille sedan, the Rapide would suit matically stiffens to provide a bet- mounted inflatable curtains pro- It just is, so accept it. is also aluminum. the commuting purposes of an ter ride on twisty roads, sharpen- vide ample safety, and a test of the This thought came to mind as And that Aston badge? It’s made urban family, and perhaps even ing and shortening the gearshifts handy parking distance controlmy guest co-driver, Andy Gilluley, of pewter and enamel, as it has for offer enough utility for outbound and giving the throttle a touch system showed why this is an im-and I stood in front of a pre-pro- generations. trips of short duration. Without a more response. portant feature.duction Rapide four-door sports Standard Bridgestone Potenza doubt, kids will get a kick out of Not that you really need it. Rear-mounted sensors alert thecar at Aston Martin Calgary — the S001 performance tires on 20-inch the back seat luxury and enter- The Rapide’s demeanour is so driver to the proximity of objectsAlberta stop being just one on its forged aluminum wheels give the tainment. Beyond that, it might be deceptively relaxed, cornering or with beeping sounds — becomingNorth American tour. car a bona fide racing stance, and a tad confining for passengers of cruising at a relatively high speed a steady hum when an object is 15 Since it was first teased as a a discreet strip of LED lights run- the taller, basketball variety. Then feels as if you’re barely moving, centimetres away.concept at the 2009 Frankfurt ning along the edge of the head- again, this is about looking good with little in the way of unwanted And as for gas mileage, don’tMotor Show, the reaction to this light fairing add an elegant touch and feeling good as you drive up body motion. The speedometer, even ask. It’s a V-12, after has been unanimous — it’s to the nose. to the country club or the kids’ which ends at 330 km/h, is a stark The Rapide marks the begin-nothing short of drop-dead gor- Flip open the doors, which are soccer practise. reminder that this is, after all, a ning of a new era for the company,geous. conveniently of the “swan wing” From the driver’s seat, the view supercar. as it launches a vehicle it hopes This, on its own, makes it a variety, and a wealth of luxury is is much better. Andy summed up the ride suc- will compete for the deep-pocketsstrong competitor to its main revealed. The seats, dash and door Slide the sapphire crystal Emo- cinctly: “The first thought is, crowd with the Panamera andrival, the slightly larger but more sections are exquisitely trimmed tion Control Unit into the dash, ‘Wow, it’s very calm’ . . . but it’s other luxury sedans, and possiblybulky Porsche Panamera (fea- in hand-stitched leather (10 hides hold it in place and the V-12 bur- not like you have to rein it in. The even high-end SUVs.tured on Page F9). are used in each Rapide), while the bles to life. power is there if you want it. It’s While the DBS, DB9 and Van- A quick tour of the shiny, suave centre console, set in graphite and The information display above quite civilized.” tage, its two-door siblings, areRapide in Black Onyx paint re- ringed with iridium silver, houses the centre console pops up and Which, by no coincidence, is currently built at Aston’s factoryveals it is actually a hatchback, the climate and stereo controls, as a touch of the navigation button exactly what Aston Martin engi- in Gaydon, England, and share thewith room in the trunk to store a well as the Aston’s unusual P, R, N reveals our exact location on a neers intended for the first four- same V/H platform, exactly 1,500few small pieces of luggage. and D buttons. brightly lit screen. door designed by the company in Rapides will roll off the line at a Not surprisingly, Aston designs The instrument clusters are also “At least you don’t have to be 20 years — the ultimate in a sport- new manufacturing plant in Graz,and sells luggage that’s made to fit classic Aston, with fine zirconium a navy SEAL to use the nav,” ing, family car, yet still capable of Austria, later this summer.the 886 litres of expanded space, dials bearing the finish of a top-of- remarked Andy, who also com- 0 to 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds. In Canada, the Rapide will carrythat is maximized by lowering the-line luxury chronometer. mented on its placement. “It’s in a Other observations: an MSRP of $215,000 Cdn. DIRECTORY OF AUTO DEALERS
  7. 7. Driving.caBreaking news at Friday, September 25, 2009 F5 FirSt glance: 2010 Spyker c8 aileron coupe ‘Spyke’ of adrenalin dave Makichuk, calgary Herald courtesy, Bud Moore photography The 2010 c8 Spyker aileron presents a super-sleek profile on highway 22, near Millarville. All-new C8 ers, as well as airplanes and air- plane engines for the First World drivetrain. A mid-mounted 4.2-li- tre Audi V-8 provides 400 h.p. Aileron sports War. After changing ownership it would run out of money in 1926 and 354 ft.-lbs. of torque at 7,200 r.p.m., providing a top speed of the right stuff after producing about 2,000 ve- hicles in total. That same aviation heritage 300 km/h and a neck-snapping 0-to-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. Weighing in at about 1,360 ki- Dave Makichuk is overtly reflected in all Spyker lograms (3,000 lbs.), the Aileron calgary Herald sports cars, and especially the boasts an enviable power-to- new C8 Aileron. weight ratio.S trapping in — no, let me re- phrase that — climbing in to the Spyker C8 Aileron feels alittle like being a test pilot. Not only does it take a little The first styling cues that catch one’s eye are the sweeping duct- ing tubes on the roof and side panels, which bring cool air to the engine compartment, brakes and The test car was also equipped with a Tiptronic six-speed auto- matic ZF gearbox, with manual override. (A manual Getrag six- speed gearbox is also available.)practise to squeeze under those cabin. To say this car likes to rev is anpivoting gull-wing doors, but The 19-in. turbine inspired Ro- understatement. Merely pullingonce in place, the panel in front of torblade wheels are also hard to away from a light brings a menac-you is lined with toggle switches miss. Reminiscent of the blades ing roar that telegraphs to everyand aviation-style gauges on a of a modern jet engine, they carry living thing within a block thatspartan, brushed aluminum dash- race-ready Z-rated Michelin tires this is no ordinary set of wheels.board. (235/35 up front, 295/30 in back) Yet the Aileron is not a wild- The leather-lined cabin is cav- for optimum handling. cat that requires a Formula Oneern-like and tightly enclosed, vis- The Spyker logo itself also driver to tame it. Spyker appearsibility is aimed at the road ahead, sports a propeller, and stamped to have found the right balance inthe engine tucked smack right be- on the exhaust pipes is the Latin its newest model.hind you — all told, a very serious motto of the original car com- The Tiptronic allows the driverenvironment. pany: “Nulla tenaci invia est via,” to sit back and enjoy the sights, Ladies and gents, this is not which translates to: “For the tena- sounds and sensations . . . or toyour uncle’s Sunday driver. cious no road is impassable.” use the steering-column mounted That feeling — what serious Tenacious or not, the Aileron shift paddles.drivers call the pucker factor represents a new direction for the Another Spyker oddity — one— increases when you begin the boutique car company. which I’ve never seen in any otherstart sequence; flipping up the red Spyker has refined and dis- car — is a fully exposed consoleguard switch, pushing the ignition tilled some of the racetrack shifter. Instead of hiding the link-button and engaging the auto- rawness seen in its other avail- age under the console, as in most dave Makichuk,matic Sport mode. able models, the popular Spyder other cars, it is exposed and pre- calgary Herald At this point, and much like convertible and the Laviolette sented in polished silver, addinga test pilot, you had better get coupe, and made the Aileron to the lustre of exclusivity.your seating position right and as much an exhilarating daily Where one can’t see brushedthe mirrors at the perfect angle.You might also want to tie your driver, as it is a street legal, full- blown sports car. aluminum, every inch of the Aile- ron’s cabin is covered in luxurious The Specsshoelaces, too, because what you They also widened and squared leather from Hulshof Royal Dutch ■ type: advanced mid-engine, six-speed automatic ZFare about to experience is nothing off the frame and given the all- Tanneries. two-seat sports car gearbox with manual overridelike any other sports car on the aluminum body a stunning new Fourteen standard colours are ■ Body: Structural aluminum (automatic transmission), orroad. look which, arguably, makes it available, but Spyker will also space frame chassis Synchromesh six-speed trans- Last week, the Netherlands- obscenely noticeable wherever it make it any colour “if desired by ■ Brakes: Spyker branded axle getrag gearbox (manualbased carmaker brought its first goes. So much so, in fact, rubber- the customer.” aluminum ap brake calipers transmission)pre-production model C8 Aileron neckers can pose a menace as they Noticeably absent from the (four-piston), ap brake discs, ■ performance: top speed, 300— yes, you heard right, the one pull up alongside to get a look. pre-production car’s cabin was cross-drilled and ventilated; km/h; acceleration 0-100 km/hand only first production model But the Aileron is more than a dash-mounted stereo. The fol- Bosch aBS system with eBd in 4.5 secondsC8 Aileron coupe — to North good looks. Beneath that ultra- lowing production models won’t ■ engine: audi 4.2-litre V-8, ■ price: Manual, $252,000;America and Tony Dilawri’s sporty skin lies a formidable have one either, though it will 40 valve, mid-mounted, multi- automatic $263,000. plusSpyker Calgary dealership for a have an iPod input, 300-watt amp point fuel injection system with freight pdi, $3,000, andseries of media test drives. and a six-speaker Kharma sound electronic ignition; 400 h.p. transport canada green levy, So raw was this first model, that system. According to the rep, this @ 7,200 r.p.m. $5,000some of the fit and finish on the is not in keeping with the Spyker ■ transmission: tiptronic — courtesy, Spykervehicle had not yet been final- driving experience.ized. By the time this article goes To be honest, one would haveto print, the Aileron will be fly- to crank it up pretty loud just to that ride — in a hurry — the rock- tomatic equipped coupe retailsing straight back over the pond, match the roar of the V-8, which hard four-piston ventilated disc for $263,000 Cdn, the manual forwhere it will be tested further is packed right behind the driver’s brakes could seemingly stop a $252,000)— the results to be implemented seat. Future models will also fea- train. I found them a bit too hard According to company reps, thein upcoming production models. ture an in-dash navigation system for my suburban tastes, but I was typical Spyder customer is worth While elite carmakers such as and Bluetooth interface. told it would probably softened a about $10 million, owns a share inFerrari, Lamborghini and Mase- And finally, how does the Ai- bit in the coming models. an executive jet and has alreadyrati boast decades of sports car leron perform? Quite simply: If Spyker was trying to build a had the red Ferrari, the blacktradition, Spyker Cars is fairly superbly. car that could be equally comfort- Lamborghini and the silver Astonnew to the game, but the marque A quick jaunt down to Millar- able driving to your favourite res- Martin. That same customer, theyitself, is not. ville and back offered a glimpse taurant, or give anyone a run for say, is looking for something rare Founded in 2000 by Victor R. of the Aileron’s “ready-to-rock” his money on a race track, then it and different.Muller, its chief executive, Spyker personality. has achieved that. No question there: the newCars draws it name and inspira- The four-corner, aluminum It also has a trunk which can Spyker A8 Aileron screams “vivetion from the famed Dutch car wishbone suspension with Eibach actually hold a few things, includ- le difference” at every angle. In-and aircraft company founded by springs and Bilstein shocks kept ing groceries or a six-pack of Bud- side and out.Jacobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker us glued to the asphalt and in- weiser tallboys. And going by the looks andin 1898. dave Makichuk, calgary Herald spired confidence with its precise And speaking of bringing home questions we received from Known for its circular radiators, The aileron’s shift linkage is response on a variety of undulat- the bacon, you may be wonder- numerous onlookers, this smallthat firm would go on to build fully exposed and adds to the ing, twisty roads. ing exactly who is the target Dutch car company could well besuccessful touring cars and rac- interior’s unusual look. And when it came to stopping market for the Aileron. (The au- onto something. DIRECTORY OF AUTO DEALERS