Email Customer Lifecycle 2011 - Win Back:Re-lighting the Flame


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Email Customer Lifecycle 2011 - Win Back:Re-lighting the Flame

  1. 1. The Global SaaS Leader in Relationship MarketingRe-lighting the flame22nd November 2011Tim WatsonTwitter: @tawatson
  2. 2. Some of our 3000 + clients
  3. 3. Win-back objectives● Increase revenue● Avoid deliverability issues● Gain insight for causes for dis-engagement
  4. 4. Who is inactive?How to separate the inactive and valuable from the truly inactive? Email Valuable inactive contacts How to win-back and return to email engagement?
  5. 5. Users don’t always respond with a clickWhen you receive an interesting email, please select up to three most likely actions youwould take from the list below? Source: DMA Email Tracking Study 2011
  6. 6. Nudge effect ● £70,000 generated by subscribers who hadMailed non- not opened or clicked openers on the previous 25 to 40 emails – it was a Not mailed great offer ● 14% of 2008 revenue and 7 % of 2009 revenue generated by subscribers who did not open or click at all in 2007 Source: AlchemyWorx
  7. 7. When?● 3 months?● 6 months?● 9 months?● Depends on product or service type● What is normal email interaction frequency?● What is normal purchase frequency?● When possible segment based on purchase history
  8. 8. Win back strategy
  9. 9. itravel2000 phase 1 Landing page Email body
  10. 10. Results● Open 3.6% and click 2%● Customers once responsive, are more responsive ● x2 difference, between once active and never active● 80% of respondents clicked “I‟m happy with the emails”● Even split in responses to: ● My situation has changed. I no longer intend to travel ● Im not interested in any travel emails ● I would like fewer emails ● itravel2000 offers dont interest me ● I prefer other companies ● None of the above
  11. 11. How to reach in-actives?● Change your ● Tone ● Format ● Message● Be transparent and honest
  12. 12. itravel2000 format test Same subject lines and body copy Non-graphical formatted HTML text achieved 21% higher click rate
  13. 13. From name● Hypothesis - Filtering on the display from name? ● Test of the friendly name not email address● Normal from name tested again CEO‟s name.● Results ● Change in from name increased opens 33% ● Survey clicks increased 0.8% ● Unsubscribes increased 150%
  14. 14. Competition incentiveSubject line: Subject line:Firstname, your next click could land you $200 Are we welcome in your inbox? Open rate increase: 28% Click response: same
  15. 15. Feedback comments ● I am pleased with the emails from itravel2000 informing me of discount travel opportunities. I have personally saved a lot of money by booking vacations through itravel2000. Thanks ● i love your website!, you save me much more than just time; allowing me to book hotel car etc at once, you also allow me to save MONEY! ● I have been using your company couple times. Everything was good. Especially good deal in first days in January. Thank you very much! ● My trip to Cuba was booked through Itravel2000 this past spring and everything was great! Ive been traveling to this country for the past 7-8 years and will continue to do so as long as I am able. Id love to receive information on any deals you may have for here as well as other southern destinations. Thank you!
  16. 16. Phase 2 – Two or three choices?Invite the breakup
  17. 17. Phase 2 – Subject lines
  18. 18. Results● Click response rate 4.4% (phase 1&2 total 6.4%)● „Win an iPad, tell us if were still welcome in your inbox‟ ● Total responses reduced by 35.5% ● Absolute number of customers verifying opt-in decreased by 28%● Prompting the breakup - „no more offers‟ ● Overall response increased 16% ● Absolute number of customers verifying opt-in same ● Absolute number of customers unsubscribing increased 353%● Follow up urgency email had 47% response rate of first email● Conclusion ● Win subject lines results in less verified opt-ins ● Prompted unsubscribe not detrimental. Only removed those who didn‟t want to stay anyway.
  19. 19. Overall results● 5.5% customers responded “don‟t change”● 1.7% customers would prefer monthly email● 13% customers opened/clicked emails post win-back ● Nudge effect of win-back
  20. 20. Opodo win-back ● £20 flight voucher incentive ● Reminder of Opodo benefits ● Option of alternative channel ● Twitter
  21. 21. Opodo – subject line test● Is this goodbye?● Arent we good enough for you? Let us change your mind.● Some good reasons for why you should stop ignoring us● We miss you● Was it something we said…? Highest open rate: „We miss you‟ Highest click rate: „Is this goodbye?‟
  22. 22. Now what?How to handle those still not responding?● No deliverability issue? ● Keep communicating. Still a few % revenue potential.● Danger of low ISP engagement rating? ● Low opens and clicks, high spam complaints? ● Remove never opened/clicked, oldest subscribers first ● Reduce frequency to more recently engaged.● Historically uncertain list hygiene and data source management? ● Remove never opened/clicked or not opened/clicked in last 18 months● Reach out through another channel ● Previous high value via telesales ● SMS ● Social media
  23. 23. Open & click impact analysis● Take a typical database with 50% of customers neither opening nor clicking● If frequency is reduced such that only 1 in 4 emails are sent to inactive customers, then campaign open and click metrics increase by 60% ● For example, 10% open rate increases to 16%
  24. 24. Takeaways● Don‟t ignore or blindly remove customers who don‟t open/click ● That throws away revenue● If the message isn‟t working ● Change it! ● Use incentives but don‟t oversell● Test and optimise – always ● Whatever your result, it can always be improved
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  26. 26. Contact detailsEmailvision UK LtdLynton House7-12 Tavistock SquareLondon WC1H 9LTUnited KingdomTel: +44 (0)20 7554 4500Fax: +44 (0)20 7554 4501