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DMA email marketing trends 2013 presentation


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DMA email marketing trends 2013 presentation

  1. 1. Email marketing trends 2013 Tuesday 5 February 2013 #DMAEmail Sponsored by
  2. 2. Agenda8.30am Registration and breakfast9.00am Welcome James Bunting, Managing Director, Communicator Corp9.10am Research findings Anthony Wilkey, Strategic Client Director, Emailvision9.40am Top 5 ways to allocate your 2013 email marketing budget Dela Quist, Chief Executive Officer, Alchemy Worx10.10am Lucky Voice case study: How email marketing drives brilliant ROI as part of the marketing mix Dan Pilkington, Head of Marketing, Lucky Voice10.30am Panel discussion10.55am Closing remarks James Bunting, Managing Director, Communicator Corp
  3. 3. WelcomeJames Bunting, Managing Director, Communicator Corp
  4. 4. Research findingsAnthony Wilkey, Strategic Client Director, Emailvision
  5. 5. Agenda• Overview• Key Findings• Themes and Trends• B2C vs. B2B• Outlook – The Future
  6. 6. Overview• How email marketing has evolved in 2012• Published annually for the past 6 years• Complements the National Email Benchmarking Report• Over 230 client side marketers• Around 60 questions• B2C and B2B• A rare, unbiased opportunity to recognise and assess trends
  7. 7. Key Findings• Email marketing remains critical component• ROI remains strong• Positive trends across other metrics• Budget allocation growing• Value vs. Investment gap still significant• Execution capability evolving• More focus on contact strategy
  8. 8. Themes and Trends• Growing education and understanding• Importance of data• Wider applications of email• More attention given to challenges• Continued recognition of value of email
  9. 9. Education and UnderstandingHow do you manage your email marketing programme?
  10. 10. Education and UnderstandingWhat percentage of your email revenue comes from the followingtypes of emails?
  11. 11. Education and UnderstandingMarketers draw on far more sources of insight andadvice than in 2011.Top 3 Overall • Industry Email Newsletters (+32%) • Blogs (+13%) • Webinars (+30%)Biggest Increase • Trade Shows (+127%)3 Declined in Popularity • Entirely self-taught (-50%) • Industry Online Discussions (-10%) • Social Networks (-21%)More customised and advanced requirements
  12. 12. Importance of DataOn average how many different customer segments does yourbusiness use to segment your mailings?
  13. 13. Importance of DataWhich from the following are the most effective methods to acquirenew email addresses?
  14. 14. Importance of DataWhat is the maximum number of times you contact an address onyour list in one month?
  15. 15. Wider Applications of EmailWhat is the purpose of your email marketing programmes?Which business goals does it help you to achieve?
  16. 16. Wider Applications of EmailWhat type of email message helps you to achieve your businessgoals?
  17. 17. Wider Applications of EmailEmail when integrated with which of the following marketing tacticsdelivers the best ROI?
  18. 18. ChallengesWhich of the following stop you from achieving your marketing goals?
  19. 19. Recognition of Email ValueHow important is email marketing within your business strategically?
  20. 20. Recognition of Email ValueHow much is the approximate return you get back for every poundspent on email marketing?
  21. 21. Recognition of Email ValueWhat does email contribute overall to the business as percentageof DIGITAL business revenue?
  22. 22. Recognition of Email ValueWhat does email contribute overall to the business as percentageof TOTAL business revenue?
  23. 23. Themes and Trends Summary• Greater overall competence and maturity amongst email marketers• Higher expectations• Need for ever more sophisticated, integrated solutions and partners
  24. 24. B2C vs. B2B Highlights• B2C email marketers put at least as much emphasis on engagement and retention as their B2B counterparts• B2C organisations place less-than-average emphasis on building brand awareness• Email marketing is even more important to online B2B sales than to online B2C revenue• B2C marketers feel confident about their abilities, however B2B marketers are more divided in terms of levels of competence• B2B organisations perceive far more ROI potential in email/mobile marketing integration
  25. 25. Outlook – The Future• Mobile Use of Responsive Design• Measurement Refined definition of engagement Progression towards high value metrics Focus on negatives Emphasis on testing• Personalisation Real Time Cross-Channel Data Driven• B2B Narrows the Gap
  26. 26. Top 5 ways to allocate your2013 email marketing budget Dela Quist, Chief Executive Officer, Alchemy Worx
  27. 27. Top 5 ways to allocate your 2013 email marketing budgetDela Quist: CEO Alchemy
  28. 28. Purpose
  29. 29. Contribution
  30. 30. Increasing Sophistication Driving Volumes & Success
  31. 31. Constraints
  32. 32. Man Hours
  33. 33. Outsourcing May Be A Solution
  34. 34. Revenue Share By Campaign Type
  35. 35. Email Drives Sales In Other Channels
  36. 36. Email Drives Sales In Other Channels
  37. 37. Frequency Drives £/Subscriber
  38. 38. Frequency Drives £/Subscriber
  39. 39. Budgets A Little Tighter
  40. 40. Top 5 ways to allocate your 2013 email marketing budget Database SizeEmail should be theprimary means by which Order of Importance Send Frequencysomeone you alreadyknow, visits your site orinteracts with your brand Offer & Creativeonline. Data Segmentation Subject Lines
  41. 41. Thank You & Stay in touch @delaquist @alchemyworx
  42. 42. List Growth
  43. 43. Email ROI
  44. 44. Lucky Voice case study: Howemail marketing drives brilliant ROI as part of the marketing mix Dan Pilkington, Head of Marketing, Lucky Voice
  45. 45. How email drives ROI as part of the marketing mix
  46. 46. Who the hell are Lucky Voice?- The UK’s leading karaoke brand!- Eight karaoke bars across the UK, with two in London- Private karaoke rooms for up to 15 people- Online karaoke streaming service of over 8,000 songs- Subscription model for unlimited singing – the Spotify of karaoke!- Provider of karaoke hardware and software to other venues and events
  47. 47. Lucky Voice Quiz! What was the most sung song of 2012?
  48. 48. Lucky Voice Quiz!
  49. 49. Lucky Voice Quiz!What was the most sung song on New Year’s Eve?
  50. 50. Lucky Voice Quiz!
  51. 51. Lucky Voice Quiz! What’s the most sung song in Newcastle?
  52. 52. Lucky Voice Quiz!
  53. 53. Why is email still so important? We know that at least... 30% of our customers engaged with a marketing email last year
  54. 54. Why is email still so important? - Traffic from mobile up 70% year on year - Means we’ve seen open rates increase at our peak time for online singing – Saturday night! - Traffic from email up 80% as a result
  55. 55. Our objectives with email are varied- Revenue generation in the bars- Cross sell of our online subscription- Engagement with our online service- Retention and the need to be front of mind to bars customers- Acquisition of new customers from email lists- Generation of social media content for PR / awareness
  56. 56. ROI! - £20.50 for every £1 spent! - The most profitable channel other than SEO! - Shared in a weekly report with the business - Investing more in email in 2013 than ever before: Data feeds Automation
  57. 57. Trigger campaigns are becoming more important...- Confirmation email drives direct online sign ups- ‘Welcome’ email drives important first engagement and bookings 60% open rate, almost 400 bookings- Confirmation email from Robbie Williams acquisition campaign 67% open rate
  58. 58. Understand how it works with other channels...- We know that email doesn’t simply work in isolation- It works with other channels to instigate or seal bookings- This is why the ‘Welcome’ email is so important
  59. 59. Understand how it works with other channels...-Work with social channels- Encourage sign ups via Facebook app- Trigger Welcome email
  60. 60. More frequent? Too frequent?- We’ve increased our frequency to once a week for our active group- Increased segmentation vital – looking at venue, offers used, songs sung- Traffic from email up 100% year on year in January – engagement up to 9 minutes on site from 6 minutes year on year- At Christmas, we were too aggressive – too many conflicting offers confused customers – open rates slipping from 17% to 10%
  61. 61. Acquisition of email address a crucial part of our plans...- Increased discount for people signing up – 92% increase in sign ups- Online competitions and partnerships – Robbie fans single launch gained us 7,000 new email addresses- Collaborative playlists for data capture- Photo gallery of their night at the bar – data capture to gain access
  62. 62. More segmentation!- Follow up emails to offers and promotions not booked on first open- Trigger emails based on events – Quiz Night- Triggers based on artists clicked on- Follow up to specific competitions and promotions
  63. 63. For 2013...- Even better, more complex segmentation for increased engagement!- Data integration with Campaign Commander to set up more trigger campaigns – timely and relevant- Complete customer lifecycle communications- More testing on frequency and send times- More testing generally!
  64. 64. Panel discussion
  65. 65. Closing remarksJames Bunting, Managing Director, Communicator Corp
  66. 66. Data protection 2013Half day conference: Friday 8 FebruaryFind out how you can safeguard your business from the proposed EUdata reformsSpeakers include:Christopher Graham, Information CommissionerDave Coplin, Chief Envisaging Officer, MicrosoftCaroline Roberts, Director of Public Affairs, DMAMathilde Fiquet, EU Legal Affairs Adviser, FedmaPlease visit the registation desk to book and for more information. Oremail