DMA client benchmark report 2012 research findings


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DMA client benchmark report 2012 research findings. Presentation sponsored by Alchemy worx.

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DMA client benchmark report 2012 research findings

  1. 1. Research findingsFiona Robson, managing director, RocketseedAnthony Wilkey, strategic client director, Emailvision #dmaemail
  2. 2. 17th May 2012
  3. 3. DMA Benchmarking Hub• Fiona Robson – Managing Director – DMA Email Council – DMA Email Benchmarking Hub• Anthony Wilkey – Product Marketing Manager – DMA Email Benchmarking Hub
  4. 4. 2011: a great year for email
  5. 5. Email in 2011
  6. 6. Report Overview• Strategic importance of email• Email marketing budgets• Barriers to success• ROI – revenue and relationship• 2011 key metrics• Concerns• Contact strategies• Segmentation
  7. 7. Strategic value of email
  8. 8. Importance of email• 90.9%: “Very Important” or “Important”• Significant increase YOY for B2B• Recognition for direct response but also longer-term impacts of email marketing• 62% of marketers satisfied with their email marketing programme
  9. 9. Email:% of marketing budget
  10. 10. Email expenditure• <10% of total spend for almost half of respondents• 30% or more of marketing budget for 1/3 of respondents• 63% expect to increase expenditure• Increased spend linked with plans for advanced email marketing tactics• Expected increase in spend in 2011 did not happen• Is email so cost effective that businesses think investment is not needed?
  11. 11. Barriers to success
  12. 12. Barriers to success• Internal Resources are the biggest barrier• In 2010 Budget was top issue (37% vs 26%)• Lack of data is less of a concern (28% vs 22%)• In B2B responsibility for email marketing more likely with Senior Staff• 15% cite lack of involvement of senior staff as a barrier
  13. 13. Email:contribution to revenue
  14. 14. The value of email• Reported Revenues from email marketing are “disproportionately large”• For almost half – drives 30%+ of revenue• 2011 sees an increase in those who can measure revenue from email (61% vs 55%) – 79% B2C vs 44% B2B• Increased focus on revenue vs tracking• Increased awareness of longer-term, brand, relationship impacts
  15. 15. ROI of Email in the Marketing Mix
  16. 16. ROI in the Marketing Mix• Email marketing is rated as best marketing tactic for ROI• Newsletters & limited time offers contribute the most to revenue• Findings concur with other recent surveys: – DMA US estimated Email Marketing’s ROI at $40.56 for each $1
  17. 17. Relationship in the marketing mix
  18. 18. Relationship in theMarketing Mix• Email marketing is the clear winner, cited by 72% of respondents• This is exactly double those citing “social networking sites”• Opens up new value possibilities beyond direct response• Email as a vehicle for both distributing and creating content• Complementary channel to social media, requiring an integrated approach
  19. 19. Performance Trends
  20. 20. Performance Outlook
  21. 21. Performance• Positive trends• Optimistic outlook• Stay focussed• Importance of testing
  22. 22. Satisfaction
  23. 23. Primary Concerns
  24. 24. Satisfaction and Concerns• Broadly optimistic outlook• Significant drop in overall concern• Key challenges – effectively engaging senior management – highlighting the true value of email – data and resource management
  25. 25. Contact Frequency
  26. 26. Contact Frequency
  27. 27. Contact Frequency• Move beyond deliverability• Mailing volumes remain low• Focus on contact strategy• Testing opportunity
  28. 28. Segmentation
  29. 29. Segmentation• Definition of segmentation changing• Progress towards personalisation• Growth of multi-channel• Emergence of mobile marketing
  30. 30. Conclusions• Overall email trends and sentiment are positive and improving• New channels present an opportunity• Investment in email remains relatively low• Critical to highlight the value of email to secure additional resources and optimise programmes