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Technology as a Pathway to Classroom Community


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Presentation for San Diego Regional CATESOL Conference, March 2016.

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Technology as a Pathway to Classroom Community

  1. 1. Technology as a Pathway to Classroom Community Denise Maduli-Williams San Diego CATESOL, March 2016
  2. 2. Technology is a tool to foster a community of learners. When technology is used to connect, communicate, and create, it can strengthen face-to-face learning environment and enhance the quality of interaction amongst learners.
  3. 3. Bio • ESL educator since 1994 • CA prisons • Peace Corps Volunteer, Botswana • NYC public high schools • Harold Washington College, Chicago • City College of San Francisco • Southwestern College, SDSU ALI, SD City College • San Diego Miramar College
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Disclaimer
  6. 6. If You Build it They Will Come O Set up Accounts O Welcome Video O Class Survey O First Day Handouts O Guidelines/Rules O Netiquette O Language Needs
  7. 7. What does your online presence say about you?
  8. 8. Blackboard
  9. 9. Social Media
  10. 10. Welcome Link
  11. 11. Community Surveys Socrative SurveyMonke y Google Forms Kahoot!
  12. 12. Know Your Community 127 students 124 have smart phones 119 have laptops/computers at home 116 have Internet at home 118 like using technology for learning
  13. 13. Poll Time
  14. 14. Managing all the Media O Blackboard O Canvas O Edmodo O Instagram O Twitter O Blogger O Voicethread
  15. 15. Edmodo Link
  16. 16. Canvas
  17. 17. Blackboard
  18. 18. Community Introductions Link
  19. 19. Getting Used to Voicethread Link
  20. 20. Add Your Own Link
  21. 21. Multiple Slides
  22. 22. Community Discussion Link
  23. 23. Community Engagement
  24. 24. A Community of Learners Link
  25. 25. Kahoot!
  26. 26. A Community of Writers Link
  27. 27. Hand It In. vs. Publish It! Link
  28. 28. What Would You Hold?
  29. 29. Personal Stories
  30. 30. Above & Beyond
  31. 31. They Are Talking
  32. 32. Passion Blogs Link
  33. 33. Link
  34. 34. A Community of Thinkers
  35. 35. Home to Class Connection
  36. 36. Google Slides Link 1 Link 2
  37. 37. Extra Credit Challenge: Post where you read. Share a new vocabulary word, definition, and sentence. Share something interesting you learned.
  38. 38. Vocabulary: Showcase your group’s vocabulary word in an original image. Provide the definition and a personal sentence.
  39. 39. Grammar Selfies: Take a team selfie. Write and share compound & complex sentences about your team’s similarities and differences. Correct each other’s mistakes!
  40. 40. Book Club Lines + MLA Format: Choose a line from your book, illustrate it with an original photo, cite the quote in correct MLA format. Correct mistakes!
  41. 41. Photo Essay: Post a photo of the person you interviewed for your Success Essay. Share why you interviewed them and what you learned.
  42. 42. Netiquette
  43. 43. A Community of Respect Nadia, I love your topic and I agree with you. Holding what you believe, your valuable book is the most important thing. Keep holding the precious book and following it. Hello Andrea, Wow it is a beautiful story. I really liked and also you made me smile at the end when you mention about the finger that you use her ring. Also, it is a precious memory as same as you I have a bracelet that my grandmother gave to me before she pass away. Link
  44. 44. A Community of Encouragement Marta, you are on the right track to reach your goal. Keep going girl! Marta, Our biggest problem for college students is about the time and especially when you support family. It’s not easy, but Marta, I’m sure you keep moving forward to meet your dreams. Link
  45. 45. A Lasting Community
  46. 46. Teacher-Student Communication Twitter Instagram Remind
  47. 47. Technology = a Pathway to Community In-Class Online Forums A handful 139 responses Voicethread Most confident 100% participation Blogs Superficial In-depth sharing Twitter No time Continued conversation Surveys Guessing Feedback loop Blackboard On-going On-going Email vs. Social Media Some & Delayed More & Immediate
  48. 48. Overwhelmed?
  49. 49. Let Students Guide You Class Playlist
  50. 50. Student Choice Prezi, iMovie, PicCollage, Emaze, . . .
  51. 51. A Community of Educators O Twitter O LinkedIn O Google+ O Blogs O Pinterest O Slideshare O YouTube O Memberships
  52. 52. Instagram Challenge Post a picture or video of something you learned today! #SDRegionalCATESOL2016 Tag me: @esldmadwill
  53. 53. Presentation Website: