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During dmaDetroit's 15th Annual AIMS event, Ira Dolin, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Email Services @ Aspen Marketing Services presented on: "What is Relevancy?"
This is his presentation.

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Ira dolin id dmadetroit keynote.ppt

  1. 1. What Is Relevancy? Written and Presented by: Ira Dolin
  2. 2. Ira Dolin is the Vice President of Digital Strategy and Email Practice for Aspen MarketingServices, the largest privately held marketing services agency in the U.S., leading the strategyand development of Aspen’s email marketing.Responsible for driving business performance and cultivating long-term relationships withconsumers across a variety of brands, Mr. Dolin is accountable for acquiring more than40MM email addresses and permissions. He leads Aspen in all digital and email channelstrategy, as well as and the development and architecture of solutions that leverage a varietyof ESP platforms. One of his more recent initiatives was the production of an ongoing productdevelopment roadmap for an enterprise-wide Web-to-email platform, allowing auto dealers,franchisees and agents to create HTML emails, manage and segment mailing lists and trackemail campaigns in four easy steps.Mr. Dolin’s 18 years of experience encompasses a wide range of industries such asautomotive, financial services, CPG, QSR, retail and travel industries. Prior to joining Aspen,Mr. Dolin served as Director, Internet Marketing for The Marketing Store, where he led onlinemarketing efforts for brands such as McDonald’s, Miller, Coca-Cola, PetSmart and Dyson.Ira earned a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from Drake University. who am i?
  3. 3. What is Relevancy?In these times, it doesn’t take much to delete amessage, toss it in the garbage, unsubscribe, etc...Triage is happening from multiple places, 24x7. As amarketer, you have a few moments before the readerdecides where your message will go and if they’llever want to hear from you/your brand again. Is itrelevant? In this session, we will walk through amyriad of obstacles you face every day trying to be arelevant marketer. The topics will help uncover howyou can obtain higher performance metrics thatgenerate results. And most importantly…it willanswer the question.
  4. 4. When you read an email, you try to justify why you should delete it. Optimization doesn’t happen on the page, it happens in the mind.Source: Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Crafting an Effective Email Message
  5. 5. 6. You’re bragging about your products. It’s disgusting. Just stop.7. Your marketing “voice” is different from your real “voice”?8. My trust is not for sale. You need to earn it.9. You don’t understand me as a customer nor provide me timely content.10. I don’t trust you. Your copy is arrogant, your motives seem selfish, and your claims sound inflated.
  6. 6. 1. You’re solving your problem, not mine.2. You don’t communicate with me. You talk at me.3. You don’t know more than my first name, so it seems.4. You say “sell,” and I hear “hype.” Don’t sell. Be clear.5. It’s just too much already.
  7. 7. Image Source Page:
  8. 8. timeImage Source Page:
  9. 9. channels
  10. 10. dataImage Source Page: -content-journalism-google
  11. 11. emotionImage Source Page: -advertisements-for-evian/
  12. 12. Relevance Factors Internal Factors External Factors • Personal interests • Seasonality • Demographics • Special discounts • Shopping habits • Limited-time offers • Personality • News events • Communication styles • Competitive initiatives • Level of engagementSource: Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Crafting an Effective Email Message
  13. 13. Valuevalue Image Source Page:
  14. 14. Value Proposition vsMission Statement
  15. 15. value differentiation Image Source Page
  16. 16. usabilityImage Source Page:
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  18. 18. presentationImage Source Page:
  19. 19. CreativeImage Source Page:
  20. 20. Trust comes from meeting and beating customer expectations. trust
  21. 21. set your stage
  22. 22. frequenciesImage Source Page:
  23. 23. workflowsImage Source Page:
  24. 24. Contact StrategiesintegrationsImage Source Page:
  25. 25. Ira DolinV.P. Digital Strategy and Email PracticeAspen Marketing contact