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  • Melissa FisherFavorite Social Media: Personal – Facebook | Professional LinkedinLove to save – have lead marketing & product innovation at 2 largest savings & coupon companies Valpak (Florida) & Entertainment (Detroit)
  • Change creates a bit of a Paradox for Marketers. And he speed of change has never been faster. Today I wanted to provide you with some insight on what’s happening and what’s coming.
  • The one constant for every consumer and every marketer is ‘change’. The writing on the wall is now written where everyone can see.
  • To begin our session today I wanted to start with some inspiration and education about the changes I think will impact all of us; as consumers and as we try to help grow our respective businesses
  • Remember when…. It wasn’t that long ago.
  • And it’s not just at concerts, it’s at church or anywhere there’s an experience worth sharing.
  • Today, there are many ways consumer data is captured. Even the most careful are finding it’s hard to hide from remarketing tactics. But for companies and the marketers that work there, it’s even harder. If you’re hiring marketing staff – they’re reading glass door. If you’re customer service wait-times get too long, they’re sharing on Facebook. Some companies are forced to take down their Twitter and Facebook sights due to social-snarkyness while othertime consumers are creating their own sites - EG: Comcast Sucks.
  • Mobile is diving massive communication disruption for marketers, but it’s exponentially growing the use of digital marketing too. In 2015 mobile local search volume will surpass desktop search for the first time. By 2016 , expect mobile to exceed desktop by 27.8 billion queries
  • I want to just touch on each of these to highlight 4 trends that are happening today, that I think are here to stay.
  • While Facebook remains the dominant place to share photos. More photo sharing sites and new Short Term Sharing is exploding (like SnapChat) where content disappears in .2mo.
  • Video short-form is ramping up fast (eg: Twitter-Vine and DropCam)
  • Digitally connected data helps create winning ways to go to market and drive increased users/buyers
  • There was a great deal of noise related to Apple and it’s incredible growth with their iPhone introduction, but Android is exploding the market.
  • While a lot of time is spent on smartphone tech, it’s important to point out that if you want to reach the most mobile uses, don’t forget traditional SMS text messaging. In the US both age and income play large factors in driving usage.
  • Mobile devices are changing how we shop. Many senior leaders are failing to grasp that mobile commerce isn’t only ‘phones’. Tablets are major drivers of behavior shifts enabling people to not be tethered to desks.
  • In fact, Tablet growth is far outpacing phone adoption.
  • When you look at product shipment data tablets are outpacing PCs, desktop, laptops and notebooks combined. In the past a typical new technology cycle lasted 10 years.
  • You can see how this 10yr trend had held since the 1960s. So the pace of change for Marketers has significantly accelerated.
  • When I joined Cox Target Media in 2000 we were a printer. We had an internet site in 1996, but no one used it. Today the company is a leader in the digital couponing and savings space having outlined a multi-year plan and adopting a mato of “fail fast” and “proudly found elsewhere”
  • ROXIMITYFord, Subaru and Honda have all chosen ROXIMITY to deliver display & voice-delivered time and location based alerts.• 4.5 million SYNC cars on the road, (additional 2 million Ford vehicles this year) • 4 million+ additional vehicles this year with Honda and Subaru • Toyota, BMW, Hyundai in 2013Within vehicles, ROXIMITY allows customers to safely search for things around them by simply tapping a steering wheel button and speaking commandsROXIMITY can identify when a customer is within a X mile radius of a store and will serve an ad pulled from the real-time coupons availableROXIMITY voice commands allow the driver to navigate a variety of categories and save local merchant coupons to their mobile phone
  • We used PR to only promote successes. We incubate a host of tactics hoping a handful stick.
  • Ed seminar the speed of change - fisher - session1

    1. 1. Welcome #dmaDetroitEd Melissa Fisher | February 28, 2014
    2. 2. Hello! – I’m Melissa Known as MelissaFisher7 on the internet. 2
    3. 3. Today’s Agenda 1. Highlight market changes & impacts on marketers. Share best sources to stay informed. 2. How to Innovate and evolve your Marketing strategies and plans in a fast paced digital age. 3. How to leverage Social Media and get real results
    4. 4. The Speed of Change Trends and Stuff to Come. DMA Detroit | Melissa Fisher
    5. 5. Long Ago, People Danced @ Concerts Now they Video / Click / Share / Tweet… Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    6. 6. Our World is Mobile 8
    7. 7. Today you can run, but you can not hide. Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    8. 8. Mobile Growth is Setting Up Contextual Based Consumer Experiences Global Mobile Traffic Growing Rapidly to !3% of All Web Traffic •In 2015 mobile local search volume will surpass desktop search for the first time. •By 2016 , expect mobile to exceed desktop by 27.8 billion queries 10
    9. 9. Consumer Behaviors and Attitudes are Changing Media + Data Uploading + Sharing from Mobiles = Ramping Fast & Still Early Stage Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    10. 10. Photos = 500MM+ Uploaded and shared daily. Growth trend to rise 2x Y/Y Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    11. 11. Video = 100 hours per minute Up from 0 six years ago. Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    12. 12. Sound = Emerging As voice comes back to phones… Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    13. 13. Data driving Win-Win-Win Sharing = Growing Quickly You Help Me, I Help You, We Help Others Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    14. 14. Android Adoption Growth – 4x iPhone Source: KPCB, May. 2013; Gartner, Morgan Stanley Research, as of Q2, 2013) 16
    15. 15. Smartphone usage is in early stage Tremendous 3-4x Upside Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    16. 16. Mobile Commerce impacting bottom-line. 45% of Transactions up <15% Two years ago Source: Groupon as of 3/13
    17. 17. Tablet Growth= More Rapid than Smartphones iPad= 3x iPhone Growth Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    18. 18. Tablet Shipments= Surpassed Desktop PCs & Notebooks in Q4:12, <3 Yrs from Introduction Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    19. 19. Technology Cycles = Still Early on Smartphones & Tablets Now Wearable's Coming on Strong, Faster than Typical 10 yr Cycle Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    20. 20. Turning Passion into Business… Epic Internet Choice Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    21. 21. Re-Imagining of Basic Business Process… Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    22. 22. Re-Imagination of Asset-Heavy Product & Services
    23. 23. Re-Imagination of R&D… Source: Mary Meeker & Liang Wu: KCPB, May 29,2013
    24. 24. Cox Media: Case Study We Drive Promotional Transactions for Businesses & Help Families Save Money
    25. 25. Markets are Dynamic Location-Based / Merchant-Focused / Deeper Discounts / anywhere@anytime Source: KPCB, May 2013 27
    26. 26. Early Innovation at Valpak 28
    27. 27. Connecting Print to Digital & Harnessing Partnerships 29
    28. 28. Augmented Reality 1. Receive Valpak envelope with AR marker 30 2. Launch VP App and tap AR marker 3. Camera launches so you can scan envelope marker 4. Once scanned, A/R launches with local coupons
    29. 29. Valpak & Digital Wallets 31
    30. 30. Innovative Distribution 32
    31. 31. First in Market - In the News GMA: 4.75 million audience, $204k publicity value Strategic Partnerships Have Resulted in the Following Benefits: • Driven hundreds of media pickups (local & national) • Generated hundreds of thousands of $ media value • Reached millions of consumers 33
    32. 32. What Impacts You? Group Share or Pick a spokesperson to report on… • Top digital marketing sites used? • Testing new platforms? Best to date? • Technology Opportunities/Threats? • New Emerging Business Model Opportunities/Threats? • Other technologies or market factors worth watching?
    33. 33. Releasing in May =Stay Informed…
    34. 34. What are your favorite sources? (group share) • • • • • • Futurists Technology Emerging Business Models Marketing Strategies Marketing Tactics And More…
    35. 35. A Direct Marketer’s Perspective Fast – Scary – Thrilling 37
    36. 36. What Will Marketer’s Need to Do to Compete? 38
    37. 37. Ideate, Brainstorm, Innovate, Partner Design Thinking & Innovation Methods Team Brainstorm 39 Black Ops – Org Hack Partnerships
    38. 38. Cox Media Group Ideation 40
    39. 39. Take Risks 41
    40. 40. Think Differently 42
    41. 41. Partnerships & Stealth Hacking STEALTH HACK & FORM PARTNERSHIPS 43
    42. 42. Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel Everything is a Remix 44
    43. 43. The Future for Media Companies? 45
    44. 44. Cars as Communications Platforms 46
    45. 45. Future of TV: Personalized, Connected, Dimensional Connected Surfaces - New Ad Contexts & Ubiquitous Consumption Flexible Screens – Increased Distribution 47 Rich Media Formats – New Programming Smart, Personalized Ads
    46. 46. Future of Radio: Personalized Content & Dist. Ubiquity Radio Will Be Streaming Everywhere - Partnerships Radio Stations Will Expand Content Offerings 48 User-Controlled, Personalized Radio Radios Will Not Exist in Cars – Mobile Connectivity
    47. 47. Future of Print: Interactivity via AR, NFC, E-ink Print & Mobile Based AR E-Ink Rich Media Embedded in Print NFC Tags – Smart Posters, Sprayable Tags 49
    48. 48. Thank You Melissa Fisher, Managing Partner Personal email: melissafisher7@gmail.com Professional: melissa.fisher@peakroadpartners.com @MelissaFisher7 http://www.linkedin.com/in/melissafisher7