Vitality Testimonials As Of Feb 2011 1


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Vitality Testimonials As Of Feb 2011 1

  1. 1. ageLOC Vitality TestimonialsThe following testimonials have been received either via email or hand written. They areeither distributors or customers who have been taking ageLOC’s Vitality and wish toshare their own personal results, or results from someone they know.Have you got a Vitality Testimonial to share?Please email us – provenprinciples@gmail.comWell look forward to hearing about your success with ageLOC Vitality.“For months now I have not been sleeping well, and have been waking up tired.Yesterday, 28 Jan 2011, I took the recommended dose of Vitality for the first time. Lastnight I had no restlessness and easily fell asleep. I slept soundly and woke feelingrefreshed”. - Leighton Durney (37) Software Text Manager Auckland, NZ “Two days ago, I restarted my gym routine after a gap of about two months. Duringthat time I had taken Vitality for six weeks. I started doing the same weights from whereI left off. I ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes at 8-10 with no loss of breath”. - JD Chatal, Auckland, NZ“For the last few years, I’ve had a problem that upon waking in the morning, my body wasup but my mind wasn’t. It would normally take 2-3 hours before my brain startedworking properly, during which I would have 3-4 cups of black coffee. Now after takingVitality for two weeks, the moment I wake up my mind is up. No more coffee & I nowhave 2 more hours in a day. I love it!” - Ruth D Auckland, NZ “I have had Chronic Fatigue for 20 years and have spent over NZ$50,000 on varioustreatments. I started Vitality four weeks ago, now I have more energy, clearerthinking, no afternoon energy loss. I am also working longer and watching less TV”. - Max Purdy (69) Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 1|Page
  2. 2. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“My life has changed a lot in the last three months and I was tired. I live in two cities,work during the week in one and come home for the weekends. Now after one month onVitality, normally I wake at the last minute (pushing the snooze button), now I wake at6.30am every morning, ½ hour before the alarm clock and can calmly enter the day. Iam also better organised in my work. On weekends I do a lot but now it happenseasily. I am now motivated and want to do it. With all that is going on in my life I don’tfeel overwhelmed anymore”. - Jeanette van der Wielen (49), Tauranga, NZ “My brother in law has only been on Vitality for a few weeks, but has started getting upat 6am and walking the dog. Both love it!” - Martyn Baker, Auckland, NZ “I noticed a great difference within two days of taking Vitality. Better clarity and nottired at all after putting a normal longish day of some 12-15 hour days”. - Ray Treadaway (60’s) Auckland, NZ “After a game of golf, I have sore muscles for a day or two. I have now noticed that Ihave not been having sore muscles for the last few games. I look forward to playing golf,as I no longer get tired from my game and no sore muscles – so I do more for the restof the day. Now I can play the next day too!” - Atul Patel Auckland, NZ“My 64yr old mother feels more alive when she gets home from work and no moreblobbing on the couch.” - Martyn Baker, Auckland, NZ “I am a night owl and combined with shift work, I have always struggled to wake up inthe morning and love my sleep in’s when possible. Since taking Vitality, I now wake upalert in the mornings and I can’t sleep in, even if I wanted to.” - Sue Phillips Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 2|Page
  3. 3. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials “I’ve noticed instant energy, mental alertness, after fourth day came calmness.I train with weights 2-3 days a week, I’ve now increased weights and lactic acid doesnot linger for days as before – maybe a day, to a much lesser degree.I have also lost sugar and coffee cravings. I recently noticed that I can sleep for ageswith arm behind my head on pillow without getting dead arms.My little daughter is a late sleeper and not a long sleeper, so being on Vitality this hasbeen a huge bonus, having been sleep deprived for the past two years since she wasborn. I am now also getting up earlier!” - Christine Heagney, Auckland, NZ “I have played golf for 10 years and after taking Vitality there is no stiffness or soremuscles after a game. I hit the ball off the tee much further as well & my golf friendshave been asking what I am on! I am so enjoying the world of reading “in bed” againwithout falling asleep after the first page. I sleep very well and wake before 6amrefreshed and very clear headed”. - Jane Macaulay Auckland, NZ “I use to not sleep well, & often woke up 4-8 times a night. I now fall asleepand sleep right through the night. I have also noticed the knee pain I used to havewhen climbing stairs has gone”. - Fiona Mowlem Auckland, NZ “I have been on Vitality for 6 weeks now and have noticed the following;I have not exercised for about 9 months due to injury. I went on a Health Retreat lastweekend in Christchurch and was doing a walk/run each morning for 45 minutes pluscircuit training. I expected to suffer from muscle pain and not be able to do as much asI used to be able to do. While I had some immediate muscle tiredness, I did not havethe level of aches and pains I would normally associate with hard out exercise aftersuch a long time of doing nothing. Each day I was waking and starting out again withlittle pain and no tiredness.On the last day I did an 8km walk/run which I have never done before. I found it reallyeasy and still had lots of energy afterwards”. - Katie English Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 3|Page
  4. 4. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials “I used to have trouble remembering 30 children’s names as I am a relief teacher, sodifferent classes each time. I have been on Vitality for three weeks and find I am nowremembering their names (surprise!) - Kerry Sharplin, 44yrs, mother of 2 kids (6 & 8yrs), Auckland, NZ. “I’m a professional call centre trainer/keynote speaker by profession. I have usuallyfelt tired and sleepy around 10.30pm every night. In the past 3-4 years I have neverbeen able to watch a whole movie around 10.30ish, especially on week days. Since I’vebeen on Vitality (for the past 36 days) I’ve felt energetic and completely alive @10.30pm every single night. In fact, I felt Vitality kick in for me on day three! In thosethree days, I travelled back and forth between Auckland & Sydney (3hr flight), attended afull on 3 day convention and had partied two nights in a row, so got to bed around 2am.But I never felt tired or sleepy nor exhausted during that time. - Sohan Gokarn, Auckland, NZ “For the past 8 years my wife (also a professional call centre trainer) would comehome every day complaining about how tired she was and that she wouldn’t feel likecooking or going out. However 6 weeks ago she started Vitality & since then shehasn’t once complained about tiredness or exhaustion. & is in fact now very activephysically. She feels great. Oh and by the way she also noticed her toe nails textureimproved.” - Vanessa Gokarn (on behalf of Sohan, her husband). Auckland, NZ“After the 1st week on Vitality, I have felt more mental clarity and physical vigour”. - Nandy Auckland, NZ“I have just brought a business which is full on. There are so many files to sort throughand business to follow up. I have not felt stressed at all. I have been very calm and ableto get through each day and the work load easily”. - Katie English Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 4|Page
  5. 5. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials “I thought I was sleeping as expected but always woke in morning feeling UNWILLINGto get up! Within one week of being on Vitality, energy plus! I’m now waking earlier– 6am (unheard of!) and ready to get up and get going. I also have noticed less sugarcravings around 2-3pm & in a calmer mood with my little ones.” - Kerry Sharplin, 44yrs, Teacher & mum. Auckland, NZ. “I been taking Vitality for two months and I am now sleeping better and waking upeasily, eating less and watching less TV. Feeling better in general”. - Eduarda Abissamra Auckland, NZ “I haven’t done Pilates for about 4yrs now. However since I have been on Vitality for almost 5 months now I have been yearning to exercise (very unlike me!), so started back about 2 weeks ago. Normally from doing lots of intense ab work, I would have been very sore, but have found that Vitality has prevented this, which has been great, as I have been able to continue giving each class 100%”. - Donna Webb (38) Auckland, NZ I’ve been stressed a lot in last few months – normally muscles all knotted up,headaches, bad sleep etc I’ve noticed after being on Vitality for 6 weeks now, that it’snow not a problem, as I handle stress easily. I also went for a 10km walk, in the past Iwould have been sore as I have not worked for 8 months and it was hard then to walkeven 2 or 3 km’s. This time, no problem, & did not feel any pain/soreness etc.” - Albert Ernsten, Print Broker Auckland, NZ “As a parent of two young children, I don’t always get enough sleep. When I haven’t had a minimum of 7-8 hours sleep I am typically short tempered and grumpy, easily irritated and moody. I have been taken ageLOC Vitality for five weeks now and the first thing I noticed was that my quality of sleep dramatically improved. Even with only an average of 5-6 hours per night.” - Arne Diependaele, Software Engineer Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 5|Page
  6. 6. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials “In the 3rd week of being on Vitality, my energy levels shot up from a 2 to a 4 out of 5! Ihave also gone off anti depressants and now feel happy and fresh”. - Angie, Auckland, NZ “I was notified of an exam I needed to do late on a Tuesday afternoon (Exam set forThursday mid day) I had not had any of the material which I got on the Wednesdaymorning. I was not able to read it until Wednesday evening – I read it through twice andwhen I did the exam the next day found I was calm and got through it easily,remembering the material I had read easily. Without Vitality I would have workedmyself up & stressed out.” - Katie English, Insurance Broker Auckland, NZ “I work as a Database administrator and have had changes in three areas, since beingon Vitality for only 5 weeks. My gym weights exercises routines have improveddramatically. From Monday to Friday, I have trained nine separate times & already myshoulder muscles are getting bigger, meaning less pain. I also party a lot in the weekendand Monday mornings are a lot more bearable! I’m working in a job that you need a lot ofconcentration and smarts, and I am now more productive. - Jason Coote (Scootes) (24), IT Software Auckland, NZ “My Dad was very sceptical, but still pops in Vitality. I’ve never seen him so energeticwith his housekeeping & gardening. He started singing again, which I haven’t heard himsing in over 30 years. I call it his ‘Happy Pills’!” - Sophie Vognin-Hey Auckland, NZ “I’ve had chronic fatigue & glandular fever for 18mths. I would usually sleep for 1-2hrs in the afternoon, however after 1 week on Vitality I no longer need a sleep in theafternoon. I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. I alsohaven’t had any more anxiety attacks or shortness of breath. My symptoms are 90%gone. Thank you Vitality for giving me back my life!” - Rachel Hunt (34), Pre-school teacher Auckland, Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 6|Page
  7. 7. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials “I used to get drowsy after dinner at night, then fall asleep in front of the TV andthen sleep badly after that, while also getting up more than twice per night for atoilet stop. I no longer get drowsy, sleep better and not get up so often, andalso have more energy during the day. I have also notice better mental activity – I am a part-time Journalist and while writing articles, I am now thinking of newwords to use and remembering telephone numbers.” - Ted Woodberg (58) Auckland, NZ “For years now I have struggled with low energy levels, waking up tired and feelingun-rested in the mornings. I push myself pretty hard both mentally and physically,working full time and heading to the gym 4-5 times a week. After first three days onVitality I noticed a change and was still pottering around late into the evening gettingthings done. On turning in for the night I was asleep within minutes and continue to wakein the mornings feeling more rested”. - Angela Ranson (43) Auckland, NZ “I get very tired doing long shifts on boats, usually 13-21 hours a day – 2-3 days aweek. It’s a slow recovery after those days, with very little energy the next day. Istarted Vitality about 4-5 weeks ago, and now have more even energy across the dayand faster recovery the next day after working my long shifts and better sleep at night.At work I have noticed an improvement in my concentration across the day at the helm”. - Brad Johnston (42), Skipper Auckland, NZ “With doing no regular exercise for years, walked on Mangawhai Beach for 2 hours inbare feet last week – usually that would result in aching archilles, legs and dreadfullactic acid built up. Not one reaction at all. Brilliant!” - Marj Mulholland Auckland, NZ “I used to have problems remembering names, however after 2 months on Vitality, Ihave noticed that I am remembering names much better. - Dave Lee, IT industry Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 7|Page
  8. 8. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials “I don’t have the best memory and I’m very bad with remembering people’s names.Recently I justup to 12 times a week and have beenwas full on, with 450 people. I met “I workout attended a week’s conference which suffering with low energy levels.approx 50 people,Vitality for only one week I remember the names and faces After being on all new, I found that I could have noticed my energy is no longerimmediately for all the people I met, which feels great. Amazing, and Ithat was after waning mid week and still feels energetic until later in the week. have also noticedbeing on Vitality forseems to have increased and have lost two kilos”. my metabolism 5 weeks”. - Pete - Lina La (28), Research Scientist Auckland, NZ NZ Auckland, “Since taking Vitality (4 weeks) my memory is sharper, it was always good, but I often had to think and wait for the answer to pop into my head before giving the answer requested, not as instant as it is now! I ALWAYS had to read when I went to bed and try to unwind my brain, before trying to roll over and go to sleep. I would often wake and wander around the house, sew, do ironing or even walk in the garden in the early hours of the morning! Now I go to bed, roll over and wake up before the alarm!” - Marj Mulholland (60’s) Auckland, NZ “Before Vitality I did a pump class for the first time in 2 years. As a result my muscleswere very sore for a week after. Shortly after I then had a fall so couldn’t exercise forseveral weeks. After 5 weeks on Vitality I went back to the pump class and no sore muscles at all. - Annette Epps (51), Office Administration Auckland, NZ “I am a Radio Announcer, & I have always been ‘bubbly’ on-air but sometimes my brain does not keep up with my mouth and i end up not communicating in a clear and concise manner. I have now been on ageLOC Vitality for 4 weeks and have had listeners calling me and asking what I have ‘been doing’ as I can now think more clearly, have a natural energetic manner not forced, and am now able to think as fast as I can talk!” - Sue Walker/White (49), Radio Announcer Christchurch, NZ“I am now up at 5.30am, and not tired anymore. I used to feel tired every day.My mental clarity is back, I multi-task and sometimes work to midnight full of energy. - Sheryl Gartner, Accountant Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 8|Page
  9. 9. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“My friend, in his 60’s, and a doctor, used to cycle with a pelethon every weekend, &often rode to work – after seven weeks in Europe sightseeing, upon his return he couldnot keep up with the group, felt stiff, slow & sore, so gave up. After 1 week on Vitalityand in his words “this is fantastic”. He rode 300km Saturday and 200km Sunday andwas head of the pack. He definitely wants to ensure he has constant supply.” - Marj Mulholland Auckland, NZ“After 5 weeks something in my brain clicked, I started to remember things muchbetter, I also cleared my 3 in-trays at home that have been there for about 5yrs!!.Decision making is much easier to do”. - Pam Geard (49) Christchurch, NZ“I am a NZ rep golfer who hasn’t been playing much lately due to my knees giving hertrouble. I play once a fortnight usually. After being on Vitality for a fortnight I played 5games of golf over 4 days in a tournament. When it was over I would normally takeweeks to come right, but after a good night’s sleep I bounced right back. ‘I’ve gonefrom a 3/10 to a 9/10, I am an energiser bunny!”. - Liz (55) Christchurch, NZ“One day on Vitality, I woke up and this stuff is amazing. I got up and got so much moredone I can’t get enough of it!!” - Arna, 48 Christchurch, NZ“I used to stress thinking of the things I needed to do. After taking Vitality I am nowcalm, relaxed, happy and full of energy. I feel I can cope with anything. All the stresshas gone and I feel the best I have ever felt. The brain ‘fog’ has lifted, everything isnow clearer now that the mental clarity has kicked in and new things are much easier tolearn”. - Jane Parratt Christchurch, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 9|Page
  10. 10. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“My husband has only 1 ½ lung capacity so walking uphill is a strain. He usually stopsseveral times from car park to office to take a breath and stop his thumping heart. Aftertaking Vitality for 2 weeks, suddenly realised he was at the office and hadn’t stoppedonce. Wasn’t even puffed. Wow!!! That is HUGE.He hasn’t admitted it, but is physically working far more around the home and workinglonger into the evening doing manual work. Not his usual thing!!! Who’s complaining.” - Marj Mulholland (on behalf of Graeme, 69) Auckland, NZ“I have always been a ‘highly wired’ person and I find it hard to sit back and focus attimes. Since taking Vitality I am more focussed, calmer and relaxed. Also the roadrage has gone as my outlook is more relaxed! This product has refilled the tank withthe right energy, the tank is always full and it’s made me a more relaxed, calmerperson. It rocks! - Melanie Stephens Christchurch, NZ“Ressa, my husband, plays basketball every week and used to always buy energydrinks before he plays and would still come home very tired and zone off to his ownlittle world. Plus the tiredness of his muscles would annoy him too. He has now beenon Vitality for a month and the first thing he noticed is that he doesn’t feel drainedanymore after a game. As well as no pain, he is also more alert after a game, and caneasily hold a conversation with me at night!” - May (on behalf of Ressa (30)) Auckland, NZ“I am sleeping more deeply than before and achieving much more work than I did inthe previous 2 months! Also my mum (85), hasn’t visited Auckland in a year (lives inMorrinsville, a 2hr drive away). I gave her Vitality, and they came up for a birthday, shewas bright and energetic unlike we have seen her in the last 2yrs. - Mary-Ann Gaelic (59) Auckland, NZ“I had difficulty getting back to sleep if I woke during the night. After taking Vitality, I cannow go back to sleep easily. I also noticed a rash I have had on my chest for severalyears, all gone.” - John (62), Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 10 | Page
  11. 11. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“As a mum of 2 young children, working part-time and supporting my husband’sbusiness I have a very busy lifestyle and tend to get ‘in a tizz’ with balancing all of ourdaily activities. I have been on Vitality now for 6 weeks, however I noticed a realchange in my energy levels. Also in my calmness and a more restful sleep after only7 days on Vitality. I am continuing to note differences and the most recent is that myappetite and cravings are much less and my clothes are fitting better as a result!” - Amanda Walles Auckland, NZ“I suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 20 years. Sustaining energy during theday is a problem for me. Since taking Vitality for 5 weeks, I have experienced betterenergy levels later in the day and increased muscle stamina and endurance. Mysymptoms have improved by about 80%.!” - Janine Johnson Auckland, NZ“My mum has had anxiety issues for many years and has regular medication to helpmanage this. On a weekly basis she has anxiety attacks that stop her from leaving thehouse or driving. After 2 weeks on Vitality the regularity of attacks has reduced andshe is much calmer and relaxed overall”. - Amanda Walles (on behalf of Diane (56)) Auckland, NZ“I am a dress maker and developed an infection in my skin from the toxins in the dyes ,which also infected the glands in my neck. One month on Vitality and my glands in theside of my neck have returned to normal, and I can now work until the early hours of themorning with better energy levels”. - Ankia Auckland, NZ “I used to struggle to get out of bed and suffered with daily headaches. On the 2nd day of taking Vitality, I woke up early and clear headed and no headaches. I have also noticed an increase in energy levels. - Karen Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 11 | Page
  12. 12. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“I now have no problem waking up in the morning, in fact I now wake up before myalarm clock! I am also more motivated to do the projects I want to do, have clearmental thoughts, good consistent energy throughout the day, and also drinking lesscoffee”. - Hilton Johnson Auckland, NZ “I came home from work about 2-3 weeks after my husband and I had started Vitality. As he told me about his day, the list went on and on and on … then he went outside and spent more time spraying the roses. Previously he would not have had any more energy. The next day he emptied 6 cubic metres of top soil from the trailer to the garden by wheelbarrow. “I am doing the work I was able to do when I was 40” was his statement. Gregor is very active, but was tiring after 6 hours maximum heavy physical work. He was struggling to be focused in the evening and concerned that tiredness was dominating his projects if he didn’t pace himself very carefully. Now he is sustaining a longer physical day and though tired (naturally) is still very mentally focused in the evening. As a hard working farmer by background Gregor is a project man and is delighted to regain physical stamina to keep him going with real vitality.” - Dorothy Smith (on behalf of Gregor (76)) Manawatu, NZ“My nearly 84 year old Father is 2 weeks into his vitality. The spring in his step and “Iam feeling better by the day” is a delight to see”. - Dorothy Smith (59) Manawatu, NZ“After I started taking Vitality I noticed that I can run twice as far than before and stillfeet like going. I also notice that my energy levels get higher throughout the day andfinally I have a better sleep and mood. I think Vitality is truly an amazing product and Icannot see myself without it I LOVE IT!” - Y.P Albany, Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 12 | Page
  13. 13. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“I have a busy and mentally demanding job as Clinical Manager within a large AgedCare Facility. I have multiple demands on my time and need to have a lot ofinformation at my finger tips. I was concerned about my recall, and the seniormoments as I could not quite remember – slow recall, it was so frustrating. After about2 weeks on Vitality I felt as if a fog was lifting and I was coming alive. My recallwas faster, I felt lighter and less stressed. It is amazing to be able to get home andstill have the mental energy to focus and enjoy an evening and have stimulatingconversations with a very alert husband. Today as I left work on Friday at the endof a busy week, I felt as fresh as I closed off the computer, as I was at the beginning ofthe week. This is amazing – and I had been up at 5.30am, running and fast walkingaround the block, and my working day was 9 ½ hours. On a practical note. Gregortakes 6 capsules in the morning, but I found that although I started on 6 I wasexperiencing a sharp drop off some afternoons. Taking 3 morning and 3 at lunch I amsustained evenly through the whole day.” - Dorothy Smith (59) Manawatu, NZ“I have been on the ageLOC Vitality tablets for three weeks. I have noticed that I fallasleep virtually immediately when I go to bed. In the past I have suffered frominsomnia and have had great difficulty getting to sleep. I am waking earlier in themorning and now feel energised as opposed to waking up tired and sluggish. I havenoticed an increase in concentration and focus. I have approximately 20% moreenergy and I also have more stamina. I am also able to deal better with stress and Ican bounce back quickly after long hours of work.” - J.G. USA“Vitality Rocks! Here is my experience with Vitality so far: Ive started using Vitality fourdays back. Despite my initial skepticism, this thing WORKS!!As you may know, Ive got a 2 week old baby. I started feeling the Vitality effect on the2nd day. Not only I didnt feel exhausted Friday afternoon, I didnt doze off lateafternoon while watching TV with my baby son on the couch. Instead of over indulgingmyself with over eating at dinners, I now eat two-thirds of my usual portion and feelfull. It’s kind of weird, in some ways that there are times in a day you tell yourself this iswhen I usually feel tired and sleepy mentally. But physically you dont feel the usualexhaustion and mental block!!” - Tom Lin Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 13 | Page
  14. 14. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials “I am a Professor of Medicine currently lecturing. Here is what I have experienced. DAY 1 - My first day on Vitality was Thurs..... nothing happened.... thinking Ill give it a few days for the benefit of the doubt.... probably BS though! (skeptical science brain). DAY 2 (Fri) again nothing..... what a hoax... biggest mass market placebo known to mankind..... definitely Bull S%$# !! DAY 3 (yesterday) Holllleeeeeeeeeee s%$#. Who turned on the genes???? What the frig happened over night? I wake up this morning and feel like running a marathon. In all my 28 years in medicine and science Ive never known or experienced anything like this..........!!” - Dr. Andy Stuart, BPhEd, BEd, BSc, MSc, PhD Auckland, NZ“I used to get home from work and fall asleep on the sofa, & would find looking after mybaby difficult. Now I have energy to do things with Hamish (baby) and have recentlystarted exercising again and it’s fun. I also find the only thing that tells me I’m tired after24 hrs on call is my sore feet! - Clare Fisher, Mum of 9 mth old & full-time Anesthetist Auckland, NZ “Boy oh Boy, those tablets are fantastic!....I feel happier, I’m laughing more, don’t drink as many coffees, more energy, sinses feel better  Yay, thankyou! - Marg, 40, Nurse Manager Hawkes Bay, NZ“Since using Vitality, I have been looking at my wife again with that twinkle! Vitality hasreturned my desire for sex again”. - Murray (surname withheld) 62 Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 14 | Page
  15. 15. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials “A bit slow in getting a Vitality testimonial to you - unlike a lot of other people, I didnt get an immediate "Wow" - its just been creeping up ever so slowly behind me, until all of a sudden, 3 weeks and 2 days after starting, all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together! - For about the last 18 months, I have been waking up every night, not being able to get back to sleep! Since Vitality, I have slept through every night, and that started on the very first night. - I used to wake up every morning with a sore back. We bought a magna-sleep, and this eased the pain slightly, but not completely. This morning, I realised that my back hasnt been aching at all - I get out of bed to no pain and get on with my day as I used to 30 yrs ago! - The 3rd thing I only thought about this morning when I was in the shower, where all my best thinking is done!! I used to be very stiff in the hip joints, which meant I couldnt lift my feet very high off the ground - I would have to lean right down and could only lift my feet up about 4 inches, and it was a real struggle to put my underwear and jeans on. After getting the magma-sleep, my right foot was a little better, but my left was still as bad. This morning, I realised that I can lift my feet up higher than knee height, with no stiffness at all - I feel as agile and free moving as I did when I was a teenager. Please let people know that they may not get an initial wow - it can take a couple of weeks for results to show. After 3 weeks and 1 day, I was still quite skeptical, but today...well, what a difference a day makes!!” - Wendy Green (50), mother of 2 teenage girls Auckland, NZ“I wanted to share about this morning that I thought was incredible. I just got raceresults for a 5k that I ran this morning. (3.2 miles). The last 5k I ran was about 29minutes race time. That’s about average, I ran hard. 9 - 11 minute miles are my thing,I’m not a big runner.This morning I finished 16th overall, my time was 23:47, I ran 7:40 miles! Let me saythat again...I ran 7 minute miles!?!? That’s unbelievable for me! When I was in myyoung 20’s I wasn’t this fast.My brother trains for Triathlons and he asked me if I’ve been doing speed trainingdrills...I said, NO! I’m not even training, I walk and use an elliptical machine. I addedVitality to my supplements. The only thing I can attribute to this is Vitality” - JD Chatal, Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 15 | Page
  16. 16. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“ My 87 year old mother has had many TA’s or small strokes leaving her quiteunsteady on her feet. After 3 days on Vitality she rang me at 8.30pm to tell me shehad just put a cake in the oven. I was thinking, “why is mum ringing to tell me that?”Then she said, “I like this new product, I haven’t felt like baking at night for years.”One week later, I went for to visit her and WOW, the first thing that hit me was thatmom walking around freely. As before Vitality she needed to use a walker on baddays and a walking stick on her good days. She then told me her leg had gotstronger, she had better balance and she had a lot more energy. To top it off sheran on the spot for 5-10 seconds with a big grin on her face.What a new leash of life it has given her.As for me far better sleeps, faster reaction times, more mental focus and speed.A lot have been saying better clarity of vision, what I see is more depth, more detail,I don’t think my eyes have got better but my brain is able to process the informationcoming in faster and therefore the increase in detail. Whatever it is, it makes everyday brighter happier and more fun.And lastly, energy, let’s just say I am like that battery EVERREADY!” - John, USA“My background in sports is as a Regional Netball Umpire. Before I became pregnantlast year, my goal was to gain the ‘notice’ of the Umpiring Panel, so that I would beselected to sit my Nationals Badge in the 2010 season. The reason I tell you this is tohighlight that to reach the level I was at in the 2009 season I had to have a reasonablelevel of fitness.Recently on Day 10 of Vitality, I was asked to umpire on a weekday morning for asocial netball competition (Adults) and upon arriving was informed that they were shorta few umpires so “could I umpire a game by myself?” Holy Hell....I was not confidentof my fitness ability to be able to keep up with the game for 45 minutes let alone onmy own!!! – it had been at least a year since I had umpired, and exercise had beenvery sporadic in the last 3 months since my baby had been born. WELL...Let me tell you!! By the 3rd Quarter I was absolutely stunned!! Not only was Inot puffed, Not only was I keeping up with the play, Not only had I not used myasthma inhaler, I also was NOT tired!!! At the end of the game I felt like I could haveeasily done another game – on my own!!!! This stuff is MAGIC! - Rachael Woodhead, Mum of 2 Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 16 | Page
  17. 17. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“I wanted to share whats been happening for us. First I noticed with Clare (my wife),was how calm she was at airport when flying back from Sydney Monday night.. And thatwas day 2 on Vitality.. Flying with a 6 month old baby is never easy. Then as this weekhas progressed for me it is 4 big things - Sleep, Energy, food and coffee intake. I amsleeping like a baby and wake full of energy. Normally I am still asleep when Clare goesto work 7am. Not this week, up and enjoying the early mornings. Next is coffee. Inormally have 4-5 cups a day. Today I had one with breakfast and thats it. Brilliant!!Lastly, no cravings for snacks. Just 3 meals a day and all is good.” - Marty Baker, NZ Fireman Auckland, NZ“I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) over 20 years ago and haveexperienced various challenges on the left side of my body, eyesight issues, boweland bladder control issues. Previously, the most successful treatment I have received islive cell treatment in Germany which is also an anti-aging treatment. A few months agoI was struggling and felt I needed to repeat the live cell treatment but did not go toGermany. I have been taking Vitality for 4 weeks and am experiencing the samepositive benefits of the live cell treatment! I have not had the pain and burning I wasexperiencing on my left side since the 2nd week of taking Vitality. I have alsoexperienced a sense of calm in previously uncomfortable situations (claustrophobia)and an overall emotionally balanced feeling, while sleeping better than I have inyears!” - Liz Young Clearwater, FL, USA“I have been on Vitality for 3 weeks. The first thing I noticed was that my staminaincreased and my vision became very sharp and clear. I have MS, multiplesclerosis, and fatigue can be a very big problem. I have more energy than I have everhad and am able to work out longer and harder with my trainers. They are veryimpressed with my strength and endurance. The most significant result is in my rightleg and right hand. I have not been able to hold with or use my right hand in 7 yearsand now I am using it more and am actually able to hold objects! My walking hasalso improved. Overall, I am feeling great.” - Becky B. Toronto, Canada Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 17 | Page
  18. 18. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials “I would like to share with you my personal experience after using Vitality for 7 days. I’m very happy to report that many other male trial participants have also experienced similar results. I am 67 years old and have had prostate cancer so many physical areas of my life have been significantly affected over the years. About one year ago, against my doctor’s advice, I started taking Cialis daily and in the beginning the results were excellent. With my doctor’s concern about the long term health risks related to this product, I stopped taking it about five months ago. When I was asked to be a trial participant for Vitality I was excited to try it. I was pleasantly surprised that the third day on Vitality I was experiencing results that at least matched what I had experienced with Cialis. The good news is that this is not a prescription drug, has no health risks and is very affordable. My doctor tells me that neither Viagra or Cialis work for everyone and different people have different results, so I don’t know if Vitality will be this effective for everyone, but for me and others it has given very positive and exciting results!” - Norm Dell Arizona, USAGot up at 5.30 am (never use to do that), did 3 loads of washing, folded 4 baskets ofclothes, tried on all my clothes and tossed what didn’t fit. Went through all of mydaughters clothes, cleaned the kitchen, mended some clothes I haven’t had time to do forages and it is only LUNCH TIME!!! GOD I LOVE THESE VITALITY TABLETS!!!Thank you. - Alyca, Australia“Since being on Vitality I am back in the painting business. Six months ago I haddecided to completely get out of the business since I simply didn’t have the energy orstrength any more. I’m 73 years old. Well, I now have so much more energy, strength and endurance I’m back at it andstart a big interior job in a fancy house on Monday…and the guys who will work with mewant to know about Vitality! - Bill Mullen USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 18 | Page
  19. 19. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials “In the fall of 2007, I was stricken with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease that attacks your joints. Joints become inflamed and swollen, leaving you helpless and in extreme pain. I was prescribed Methotrexate and Prednisone. I was up to 7 Methotrexate (it is prescribed to treat some Cancers), each week and 15 mg of Prednisone (is a steroid), per day along with a couple other temporary drugs. Due to the severe side effects, I have to have blood tests done every 6 weeks to check for damage to other organs. My liver soon became a problem on a regular basis. I tried repeatedly to wean myself off the Prednisone and sometimes got down to only 2 mg per day, but the throbbing pain in my joints and stiffness to walk would return, so I would go back to 5 mg per day to keep the pain away. I took my normal dose of medication on Friday, October 8th. I received my order of Vitality on that day also and took my first dose (6 first thing in the mornings) on Saturday, October 9th. I felt so energized I actually forgot to take any meds and didn’t even eat until that evening. I realized the next day, I had forgotten to take my Prednisone, but I would usually start experiencing the pain within 24 hours of not taking it. So, I felt so fabulous, I thought I would do an experiment and see how long I could go without the Prednisone. You’ve probably guessed my now; I have been 10 days without it!!!! Will it last? I don’t know yet, but in the last 3 years, I have NEVER been able to go more than 24 hours without it. And with the energy I have now, I can move around a lot more and feel like doing more things. This has resulted in losing 4 lbs, which I desperately need to lose a lot more weight for health reasons. And setting all that aside, I started the first 5 days, saying how “Good” I feel, but have changed it to how “Young” I feel. I feel like I did before I got RA, before I gained all this weight. Like I have never been sick! Thank you Nu Skin for bringing such a wonderful product to the table. I sincerely hope this will be everlasting and become an alternative to the millions of other people with RA.” - Carla Morrison Arizona, USA“With my severe dry eye syndrome, I have been told by my eye specialist to sleep witha humidifier going at all times to try to keep my eyes lubricated. Would you believe thatIve gone two weeks without using my humidifier, and my eyes are not dry when I wakeup! People who have not experienced severe dry eye will not understand that, but thosewho have it will certainly understand. We get up in the morning and take our Vitality.Within 30 minutes, I am unpacking moving cartons, putting away things, doing laundry,etc. I wouldnt be without Vitality.” - Gini Johnson, USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 19 | Page
  20. 20. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“At the beginning of 2010, a mass was discovered in my right breast. It turned out tobe a malignant growth, (a 16mm grade 2). Thanks to my Doctor, it was discoveredearly, and after three operations, I travelled to Brisbane to undergo radium therapy.I am very grateful to all the medical professionals whose treatment led to apositive outcome. I, at no stage feared this insidious disease, and viewed it as justanother one of the many afflictions that are out there in our society. I am very gladthat I am now free of cancer, and I am going to do all in my power to keep it that way.On returning home, after the treatment, I honestly thought that I was going to feelnormal and return to performing all that I was doing post operations and treatment.I felt far from being energised or enthusiastic about things in general.Gail introduced me to ageLOC Vitality. The ageLOC Vitality took a while to click in,but I can now say that I am doing most things that I was doing in the past, likemowing the lawn etc. I am now exercising and generally feeling much better. Inconjunction with receiving excellent medical care, and religiously taking my ageLOCVitality, I do feel great, and I strongly recommend to give ageLOC Vitality a try”. - Jean, Cairns, Qld, Australia.“I’ve been using Vitality for about 2 months. My eyeglasses do not work for meanymore. So I figure my eyesight is worsening.At night I started seeing 4 headlights on on-coming cars, then when they were about ¼mile away, when closer, there were really only two. Crap !! Then Gary said maybe myeyes were getting better. Right !! I just told him they were worse....did he not listen?A couple of weeks later I was having more trouble finding the sweet spot on myglasses while watching TV. On a whim and remembering what Gary suggested, I triedmy glasses from last year. They were just as bad. So I went back another prescriptionmaybe 3 years older and guess what. They were perfect. Gary is right. My eyes haveimproved back to maybe 3-4 years ago.....Yay !!!!!!!!!! I love this stuff. - Dottie Lundstedt USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 20 | Page
  21. 21. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“Before Vitality I found myself word-searching inside of my head over the last severalmonths and could not seem to come up with the exact word I was trying to say. It wasvery frustrating. The first day after taking Vitality, I woke up and said, "I feel happy"and I noticed that I my peripheral vision had opened up like I had panoramic visionand things seemed brighter. I could see better. After taking Vitality for 2 days, I foundmyself word searching again but this time I was actually able to come up with the rightword within a few seconds. After a few more days, I no longer had to word search at all.My thoughts and words now come naturally.I have stopped walking into a room and saying, "what did I come in here for?"Also, my tennis game has gone to the next level, I can play much longer andamazingly no longer have knee pain or back pain. I dont get out of breath anymore andI am sleeping without a sleep aid for the first time in 8 years. - Sandy Parke USAAsthma, is no more, after being on Vitality? Yes, indeed! That was my most noticeableimprovement! I was on Vitality for almost a month before my surgery, and during thatmonth I never once used the inhaler Id been using as needed for decades. - Susan Holbrook USA"Our 20 year old son, Christopher, has suffered from asthma for years and usedtreatments and an inhaler daily. He has been on Vitality for two months and usesneither the inhaler, or the treatment." - Ed Chilleen, USA“I have seasonal allergies this time of year. After taking Vitality, sinuses are nowcompletely clear, no congestion...allergic reactions gone!!” - Jeff Staab, USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 21 | Page
  22. 22. ageLOC Vitality TestimonialsTo whom it may concern:I write to describe the benefits of Vitality vitamins. I began taking these vitamins inlate October, 2010. I have waited several weeks before commenting to be surethan my initial impressions of the benefits were not the result of a placebo effect.After 2 ½ months on this regimen, it is apparent that several salubrious effectshave resulted.A recent medical check-up on December 19th, 2010 revealed blood pressurereadings far lower than had been achieved through regular medication alone. Myblood pressure had been alarmingly high in the past, even with regular medication.At the age of sixty-four (64), I am retired but still working a schedule that is inmany ways more strenuous than that which I followed in the years directly leadingup to my retirement from an administrative position. I rise during the work week at4:00 a.m. and leave for work by 6:15. My work consists of teaching four (4) Frenchand Spanish classes of middle school-age children. The work is both physicallymentally demanding and requires a good degree of patience, alertness andmental acuity. I find that I have a greater degree of endurance than I had thoughtpossible at this age. I appear to be able to retain several disparate items inmemory more readily than had been the case prior to last October. I also seem tobe able to learn more new skills than had previously been the case.As I write this note, I am preparing to assume, for the second time in my career,the leadership of the Rotary Club of Wellesley. I find this second time around (thefirst having been in 1988) that I am more aware of the minutiae as well as thelarger issues associated with such an office.I attribute the positive changes noted above to the regimen of Vitality vitamins onwhich I embarked late last year, and highly recommend this to others.Sincerely,Michael R. Cave, Ph.D.USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 22 | Page
  23. 23. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials In review, Im going to be 60yrs old this month and with the RA, the weight gain from the meds and the fatigue that accompanies RA, I have not been on a "walk" for 3 years. Reasons are that it was very painful to walk any distance, in my hips, ankles and feet; suffering for a couple days afterwards. My last attempt was just before I started Vitality and got 2 blocks from the house and was in so much pain, wasnt sure I would make it back home. My hips and thighs were on fire!!! I have been on the Vitality since October. Yesterday, the weather was so beautiful here in Arizona, I decided to give it a try! So, my daughter and grandson went with me. I walked 3.094 miles without stopping, without any pain whatsoever, no shortness of breath, no sweating and felt like a million bucks when I got home. (Now I had already done all the housecleaning earlier that day). I was thrilled and repeated the walk today! I exercise more, play WII games, clean house, do all the shopping, which use to be horrible, with the walking and getting in and out of the car, I would be almost disabled when I got home. Now these everyday chores are just as easy for me to do as when I was 30! Since Ive started Vitality, I have lost 18lbs and 11 inches off, because of the youthful energy that is available whenever I need it!! I normally sleep in on Sunday mornings til 9 or so, this morning I was awake at 7 and couldnt go back to sleep, because I was so anxious to get on the scale! I have no idea whether Vitality played a role in my lungs, I smoked for 40 years, had a severe bout with pnuemonia in March of 2007. March 1st, will mark my 4th year since I quit smoking, however I had a complete physical a couple of weeks ago and the results of my chest x-rays; "lungs look good!" Have a good day everyone! - Carla Morrison USAMy wife Vanessa 35, had poor toenail texture, due to an extended walk around the baysin Auckland last year. After being on Vitality since Oct 2010 (5 months) her toe nailstexture has improved and made them look sexy again!”. - Sohan Gokarn Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 23 | Page
  24. 24. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“My 80 year old mom has been suffering from arthritis in her legs for some time,especially in her knees. Once in a while, she will go walking on a track at the hospital.It takes 15 laps to make one mile, so obviously it is small. Lately, she has been goingone time around, sitting down to rest, then going a second time around, resting againbefore leaving. Last night I talked to her, and she walked 10 times around, with only 1break! She said next time she goes, it will be the whole 15 laps. She said that she hasa lot of energy, (obviously), and since she has been taking the Vitality, she has nothad any pain in her legs. Today is the 2nd anniversary of my dads death. Mom hasbeen dreading this day. She called this morning, and was so upbeat. I havent heardher sound this good in 2 years. The tone in her voice was different. It was so good tohear her sound like that. She started taking the Vitality 2 weeks ago, and I can suresee a positive difference in her”. - Mary USA“As I listened to our friend, Denny Pretzs testimonial this morning, I realized that I alsohave experienced significantly less back pain since Ive been on Vitality for thepast three weeks. Denny is a golfer, is 60 years old, and after playing golf, he playstwice weekly, he needs a massage or Chiropractic visit to alleviate his back pain everytime. Since going on Vitality he has done neither, he has seen his swing becomemuch more flexible and his scores have been much lower, all to his amazement. I have had chronic back pain for 20 years, have had two surgeries where they burnthe nerves at the base of your spine to kill the pain, to the point that I gave up golfthree years ago. Im not saying Im pain free but I have experienced significantly lesspain since going on the product. I addition I am experiencing much more energy andnot feeling sleepy after lunch or at 9PM at night like I use to. Joyce (my wife) is alsoexperiencing these same results for energy, alertness and mental clarity”. - Norm Dell USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 24 | Page
  25. 25. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials “About a year ago I started experiencing numbness in all of my toes and a continual back ache. I was tested for diabetes and circulation and tested negative. I then had an x-ray of my back and found I have a disc in my spine about 1/4 inches out of whack which could cause the numbness and back problems. I was given therapy for a month and was somewhat relieved but symptoms still existed. Along came ageLOC VITALITY and I started taking it and within 3-5 days, I noticed a relief in the numbness in my toes and my back did not hurt. I have increased my pool aerobics from a 10-pound weight and 100 reps for each exercise to 15-pound weight and 100 reps and no noticeable difference in tiredness but again a subtle spark of energy in every day functions. I have also increased the mileage on my stationary bike from 8-miles in 30-minutes to 10.3 miles in 30- minutes. Just recently I have noticed I do not have to put Voltaren Gel on my hands frequently to soothe the pain of the arthritis in my hands, although I still feel some pain, it doesnt hurt constantly as it did before. Fast forward to 4-months and in addition to the above continuing, I have noticed an overall calmness and sustained energy throughout the day. During this period, I have been taking Pharmanex’s My Victory shakes, AC Complex, DuoLean and LifePak Nano and have lost 22-pounds”. - Jim Edmundson USA “I have been on Vitality for 3 weeks. The first thing I noticed was that my stamina increased and my vision became very sharp and clear. I have MS, Multiple Sclerosis, and fatigue can be a very big problem. I have more energy than I have ever had and am able to work out longer and harder with my trainers. They are very impressed with my strength and endurance. The most significant result is in my right leg and right hand. I have not been able to hold with or use my right hand in 7 years and now I am using it more and am actually able to hold objects! My walking has also improved. Overall, I am feeling great!” - Linda Ginou USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 25 | Page
  26. 26. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“Martha - Help! What have we done to my wife??? Marys cleaning!! She got up today &started cleaning the house! Look what Vitality has done!! This is NOT the woman Imarried!!!”  - Dan Fogel USA “I have to share with you that my heartbeat has usually been in the 40s and at the most the low 50s. Im not even a good blood donor candidate. I just took my blood pressure a little while ago - it was high but my heart rate was 68!!! Thats so unusual for me and its only come about since Ive been taking Vitality. If my heart rate stays up, Dr. Shah can increase my blood pressure medication so that I can lower it and get it under control. Also, I dont have nearly the pain when I get up in the morning. Im still in some pain, but I feel the arthritic pain subsiding more and more. The back pain is still there but not as pronounced. I cant wait to see how I feel in a couple more weeks. As far as energy goes, I dont feel as exhausted as I used to in the morning even though I still wake up in the middle of the night with only a few hours sleep. This morning, I woke up at 3:00am and have been up ever since, but so far Im not feeling tired. Right now, some nights Im on the oxygen and some nights Im off the oxygen, but at this point I cant tell any difference from when I use it and when I dont. I am beginning to feel a lot better overall. I certainly feel this product is doing something beneficial for us all.” - Rosemary Bednarek USABob, my husband, is on Day 7 today of taking Vitality. Two of those days he only took 3Vitality. Yesterday at therapy he walked 100 feet with the walker and only one therapistwith minimal assistance. And that was one of 3 walks he did. And when he came homehe didnt nap and stayed up until after dinner. That is nothing short of a miracle. He isfar more engaged in things. Not bad for someone with a diagnosis of quadriplegia. - Pat Barbe USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 26 | Page
  27. 27. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials “It was on the fourth day of taking Vitality that I woke up and realized I had slept all night without any interruption. This was unusual for me as I usually wake up several times during the night. I am happy to say I have had a full night’s sleep ever since. Lately I have found myself walking rapidly up and down the stairs without using the banister. Since I have osteoarthritis (two titanium hips), this is remarkable! When I am using my Nu Skin Galvanic Spa, I am now finding that I can handle it more easily. My hands can clench and unclench which has not been possible for about two years. At aquafit I can go all-out more often instead of just a half hearted fifteen seconds now and then. Yesterday I walked three kilometres in the Runfor the Cure. Since I am someone who only walks from the house to the car, this was a terrific breakthrough and I was not tired last night. This morning I was sure I would be really tired due to delayed reaction to the walk, but I was up at 6:00 a.m. as usual (uninterrupted sleep) and easily walked over to aquafit. I am seeing more clearly, particularly with regard to depth perception. I also have less craving for coffee and carbohydrates. Two nights ago I was speaking to friends by telephone; we usually talk twice a week. They commented that I was remembering things and not hesitating over names the way I usually do. I feel as if I am on oxygen and have a wonderful sense of well being. I have been on Vitality for 12 days now!” - Elaine Silverthorn Canada “My Dad is on Vitality but not my Mum. My Dad is starting his third day on Vitality andcame in and said "I feel reborn, I feel like a new man". How great is that. Mum said hedid all the housework yesterday and this morning she was no sooner out of bed and hehad changed all the sheets. He usually has very low energy. He also has back and hippain that is no longer there. Needless to say Dad has insisted that Mum go on Vitalityalso.” - Vanessa Budz USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 27 | Page
  28. 28. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“We have just sold our house. That means were faced with packing up 30 years ofcollecting antiques PLUS all of the household furnishings that a family accumulates.I didnt get to sleep until 2 this morning and was up at 6:30. I took my Vitality and,within an hour, I was washing sheets and heading up to third floor to attack aMOUNTAIN of papers and books that I moved out of my district office when I retiredPLUS several years of files with multiple copies of documents for the three universityclasses I teach. I have wanted to clean all of that out for months, but never had theenergy. I DID IT ALL THIS MORNING! I mean, this is YEARS of accumulation!I assume my newfound energy is the Vitality. Its not a burst; its just a steady ability tomove, do, accomplish, and not be breathing hard!” - Gini Johnson, USA “I am so amazed by all the testimonials! This is fantastic! Here is mine: Lucky me, first day I felt that my vision was better! I didnt need coffee in the afternoon to keep me going! It was a pleasant, calm, steady state of energy! I went to bed and slept well. The most amazing thing on day #2 was that I woke up rested! I NEVER wake up rested! I drank only one cup of coffee, instead of 2-3 that next morning! On the second day, I was so focused! No procrastination! Got tons of things done! I have been taking it now for almost 3 weeks, and cant tell you the HUGE change in my MOOD! I work as a Neuro/Trauma NP at UCLA. Very stressful 12 hour shifts! I wake up rested, get to work...and am happy! People have told me that I seem to have a glow, and my eyes are brighter...happier! Yeah! I also have had to have nerve ablation to my cervical spine C4-C6, to stop the shooting nerve pain! I was always in pain. This was due to a car accident at 20 years old. My neck is permanently in a reverse curvature, muscles pulling, headaches, pain, arthritis/bone spurs in that area. My whole body ached so bad when I got home from work, that I had to pull myself out of the car. I just wanted to go to bed when I got home. Now, I have very limited pain at the end of the day! Pop out of my car, and am able to continue spending time getting stuff done or with my family! I am SOOOOO happy! I LOVE this product! - Jennifer, USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 28 | Page
  29. 29. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“Recently I was diagnosed as borderline ADD. What led me to get tested was that mymental static, distractibility, and difficulty in focusing my thoughts seemed to beworsening. With Vitality these symptoms now seem less intense, so perhaps aging waspart of the cause.” - Diane Hollingdale, USA“I no longer need instructions or directions repeated -- my minds sharp receptiveantennas are on high alert. Being ADD I have to listen attentively, without jumping inbefore a conversation is complete. Im more focused now thanks to VITALITY.” - Robert Gaasenbeek, age 27, Saskatoon, carpenter & ski coach“Hi, I’m Leda. I am a third year finance student who has ADD. I still take my medication,but I no longer take the huge doses I required to focus on my studies. My mental clarityhas greatly improved and my ability to study for long periods of time is lesschallenging. Like my sister I feel something has changed, chemically, for the better in mybrain.” - Leda Libin, Finance Student Calgary, CanadaHi, I’m Nora Lee. I am a pre-med student who has dyslexia and ADHD. This is the bestproduct that I have ever taken in my life!!!! Why? It fills the chemical imbalance andvoid that I have in my body. I still take my medication, but with the ageLOC Vitality Ihave an even greater ability to focus and retain my pre-med studies. I can still studyuntil 1 am and get up at 6am and still feel great. I also suffer from migraines on aregular basis, but since taking this supplement I havent had one massive headache. Iknow it has healed my brain.” - Nora Lee Libin, Pre-Med Student Calgary, Canada Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 29 | Page
  30. 30. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“When Vitality first came out I was very excited to have my dad try it. He got throatcancer over 2 years ago, had surgery to remove it followed by several months of chemoand radiation treatments. All of this took away any energy or stamina he used tohave. He even complained about not being able to do what he used to do. My dad wasa very active person and hard worker. Hes only 62 years old! So I had him take theVitality. After 2 weeks of taking it he was quite surprised by his results. He had themotivation, energy, and stamina he used to have. He said what used to be weeks ofprojects now he gets them done in 1 to 2 days. My dad is a loyal Vitality customer. I amthankful that Vitality gave my dad his life back!” - Melissa Conkling, USA "My name is William Stevens and until mid December 2010 I suffered from advanced emphysema, which caused extreme discomfort through coughing when I attempted to communicate either face to face or by telephone. Different sprays or pills were of little use, especially when during spring and summer of last year’s pollen laden winds. I received a visit from two friends in mid December, who told me of a new product called "ageLOC Vitality" and how much it had helped them in regards to pressure of work and general pressure situations. I purchased a month’s supply of the product from them and started the recommended dosage. Within two weeks the results were little short of a miracle, my coughing and general discomfort associated with it had abated by more than 90%, my sleeping patterns and general sense of well-being were and still are the best I can remember. I can offer my heartiest recommendation to any who suffer the same disability, buy it and try it, you will be amazed. My most sincere thanks to NuSkin and their product research & development team, a thousand thanks." - William Steven, Christchurch, New Zealand“When I started taking Vitality, one of the things, among many, that I noticed was myvision seemed better! I just got my eyes checked today...I had a prescription for far awayvision and another for reading! My far away vision is better. Dont even need glasses tosee far away any more! Verified by the doctor! Yeah! Thought that was really cool! - Jennifer Johnson, USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 30 | Page
  31. 31. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“My last monthly cycle I was on Vitality for 2 weeks before and boy did I tell a HUGEdifference. Generally 3 days before I start I have horrible headaches, face pain, lowerback pain, I eat non-stop and CRAVE chocolate big time and just want junk food. Plus Ican get pretty irritable and have no patience at all... sometimes I wish to severally hurtpeople that irritate me. When I finally do start I still have the headaches/migraines. lowerback pain, plus horrible cramps (pretty much have to lay on a heating pad for two dayssolid) and feel like absolutely doing NOTHING! This last month I didnt have ANY of it!! Istill had some cramping but with 2 x Advil and 2 x Pharmanex’s Overdrive didnt needthe heating pad ONCE! I couldnt believe it.” - Sally Diamond, USA “I cannot tell you how much pain I have been in the past. I have RA which is Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I have been to Mayo clinic and nothing seemed to help. The summer of 1998, I was in bed all summer due to Chronic Fatigue. I could sleep around the clock for 2 or 3 days and then I would be good for 2 or 3 hrs. I did get better from the fatigue for the most part. In 2001 I had almost died. When they have the paddles out to shock you back I think it is not a good thing. I would have died if my daughter had not been with me, the sad thing I didnt even have any pain. I was in the hospital for 5 days in ICU. Another problem I have is my body doesnt absorb iron and no one can figure out why. I was on the following, Savella 200mg, Methotrexate 10 per week, Ambien 5mg Predisone 5mg, Neurontin 800mg, Tylenol #3 2 per day Tramadol 3 per day and finally Prempro for menopause. I am happy to report I started on Vitality in Oct of 2010 and I feel great. I NO Longer take the following Sulindac, Savella, Methotrexate, Ambien, Tramadol or the Menopause stuff and NO MORE Hot Flashes. I am only taking 4 mg. of Prednisone at the present and plan to be off it soon. My Doctor has tried to get me off of it before. I just couldnt stand the pain. I am only taking 400 mg of Neurontin. I plan to get off of it also. I can walk without my feet killing me and have lost 15 lbs! It has been great. I feel like I have been given a new life. It took me about 2 weeks to feel better but it was so worth the 2 weeks. I encourage you to try Vitality. It works”. - Linda Miller, USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 31 | Page
  32. 32. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“Here is our success story for Vitality. Lois, Daves stepmother, took Vitality that I gaveher for one month and then ran out. So she waited until she came up for the holiday toget more. That was about 3 weeks without it she said. She is 77 years old. When shetook it she had more energy and her stiff neck was way more flexible. She usually cantturn her head all the way to look when she is driving except on Vitality. She slept waybetter, more soundly, also and her blood pressure went down. The contrast when sheran out was quite noticeable to her. Her stiffness returned in her legs, her neck becameunable to turn again and her energy was lower. So, we got her more to say the least”. - Rosemarie, USA“I used to go swimming quite regularly until about 6 months ago. My routine was toswim 40 laps. I could never get under 25 minutes for some reason. For the last 6months I haven’t done any form of physical exercise until yesterday. I went back to thepool for another 40 laps. I finished in 21 minutes, had energy to spare and what’smore not a sore muscle the next day, even though my legs started to cramp up duringthe last four laps. I have been started taking Vitality for about 4 ½ months now”. - Arne Diependale 37. Ex-software engineer. Auckland, NZ“I am a Mum, have 2 boys, (6 and 20 months). After the birth of our second son, mybrain became really foggy and I felt tired in the afternoon and even more in the eveningafter putting the children to bed. When I started to use Vitality, I could really feel adifference in my brain from day 4. I was able to think clearly again. My brain wassharp! I feel mentally much stronger and have much more drive to do things. Thetiredness in the afternoon and evening are gone and I can really enjoy playing with thechildren again”. - Ilse Schots. 34, Masters in Sports Science & Mum. Auckland, NZ”I’m a builder and do a lot of active sports. I noticed a difference after one week of useof Vitality. Usually after a hard day at work I then go kite surfing, & the next morning it isreally like I have been in a car crash. I found it a lot easier to get up for work the next daysince using Vitality. I notice my muscles recovery quicker and I have loads more energythroughout the day”. - Adam Hutcheson (29) Builder Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 32 | Page
  33. 33. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“Problem: 4 weeks to get ready for a mountain biking race.Hadn’t been training for mountain biking for awhile, needed to get up to speed. Firsttrial run I finished in the middle of the group, & was pleased. At the actual race I was atthe top first, & friends were surprised. Also because of Vitality, I am getting throughwork faster, greater energy levels and feel regenerated over business andenthusiasm has returned”. - Peter, 50, Plumber Auckland, NZ“I lacked energy to finish jobs and keep going. I have found I do have more energy as Iwork shift work. I would usually have coffee, Red Bull or V drinks, maybe even 3-4 ashift to keep me going. I now know I don’t need these to keep going.I did an event lately where I did 12-13 hours and at the end of the day was buggered andhad sore legs. My recovery time was overnight which would usually take a couple ofdays. I have been on Vitality for 4 weeks”. - Phillip Noele, Security Guard (35) Auckland, NZ “I have a customer, who has been taking Vitality since last month. She has been known to carry a bag of supplements around to help with her frequent muscle aches or migraines. She now no longer takes anything else aside from Vitality. My cousin Glen (33) does long days with early hour starts and he has noticed great results with energy after 1 month supply”. - Christine Heagney Auckland, NZ “My friend Tina Stromberg, is an international tour guide who is constantly expected to organise large groups of people. She is also representing many different cultures/languages and historic information. Since starting Vitality in November 2010 (3 months ago) she has relayed to me increased energy, better focus and the ability to portray extemporary historic information”. - Chris Redshaw Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 33 | Page
  34. 34. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“My customer Adrianne (50), works in accounts administration and lives in California.In December she was diagnosed with Clinical Depression. On December 15th shestarted take Vitality and last week, Jan 27th I received an email stating that since theprevious Friday she was feeling very well and felt the depression had definitely lifted.She had done nothing differently and totally attributed the change to Vitality”. - Jane Macaulay Auckland, NZ“I am a health and lifestyle coach and hypnotherapist. I have a medical conditionPsoriastic Arthritis, which depleted me of energy and flexibility. After 10 days onVitality my energy levels improved. Today, 3 months later I swim 4-5 times a week, Isit at my desk 3-5 hours a day and my mind is clearer. Life is more fun and I evenenjoyed rides at Luna Park in Sydney 2 weeks ago, that was a never gonna happenbefore Vitality! Love the stuff. I’m 52, going younger”. - Jane Dougherty (52) Hypnotherapist, Health & Lifestyle Coach Auckland, NZ “I have been short-sighted for over 10 years, and my prescription for my glasses hasn’t changed for at least 7-8 years. After being on Vitality for a 2 months I noticed that I would take my glasses off when in front of the computer, would walk around the house without them on, and even felt comfortable taking them off when sitting down talking to one person. I still needed them for anything past 1-2 metres but my eyes felt like they were straining through my glasses when doing close-up things. Two months later, I had enough and went to my optometrist, and sure enough my eyesight has improved and now I have new glasses! I have now been on Vitality for 8 months and I still see/feel changes in all aspects of my life because of this product, I will never stop taking it...and I hate taking pills!” - Donna Webb, 38 Auckland NZ “I used to find it hard to wake up in the morning. After 2 days after taking Vitality, I am now waking up early in the morning and also feeling not tired during the day. My eye sight also improved”. - Sachie Nomura-Siu. (31), Self employed - Japanese cooking school Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 34 | Page
  35. 35. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“I have noticed for the past decade not being able to recall a person’s name minutesafter meeting them. I had been taking Vitality for about 4 weeks when I was introducedto a colleague’s client in the lift at work. I bumped into him later that day in the lobby andI recalled his name instantly. He was impressed and commented on how good I was withnames. I replied “I am now!” - Sharon Tulp (43) Comm Prop Manager Auckland, NZ“For months now I have not been sleeping well, and have been waking up tired.Yesterday, 28 Jan 2011, I took the recommended dose of Vitality for the first time. Lastnight I had no restlessness and easily fell asleep. I slept soundly and woke feelingrefreshed”. - Leighton Durney (37) Software Text Manager Auckland, NZ “Past three years have had treatment and regular tests to monitor and manage an ongoing condition. Unfortunately, levels were either high or low resulting in foggy mental processing, debilitating energy levels, and inability to move forward in life at the pace I wanted. My body from a health point of view hindering my progress and I was incredibly frustrated. I started taking Vitality about 5 weeks, and my recent tests results indicated for the first time in three years (that I know of) that my levels have normalised. I sounded so different the nurse asked me what I had been doing – I told her about Vitality and now she is on Vitality! I have more energy, I am crystal clear about what I need to do about moving my life forward and have taken action. Don’t feel sluggish in the afternoon. I don’t feel like I am walking through mud anymore, and I feel like I am back on track. My energy is even and consistent. I feel calm and able to deal with any challenges that come my way”. - Ted, Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 35 | Page
  36. 36. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“My parents (Mum 64 & Dad 66) both have had health problems for a while now. MyMum suffers from Osteoarthritis in her knees. With Dad’s health issues, he’s alwaysfound it hard to get out of bed in the mornings (he loves his sleep). After being onVitality, my Mum’s knees don’t hurt so much anymore, especially after she danced atone of our family reunions recently. She said the next day, that her muscles weren’tsore and neither were her knees hurting so much. She was also excited because myDad doesn’t feel the urge of sleeping anymore in the mornings and also wakes up veryeasily from his afternoon naps. My Mum doesn’t find the need for an afternoon mapanymore”. - Sohan Gokarn Auckland, NZ“I always had trouble with my sleep and used to wake up several times during the night.As a result of this, I used to wake up very tired in the mornings. Since taking Vitality Isleep through the night. I feel well rested when I wake up in the mornings and thetiredness is gone”. - Sailesh Singh (39) Auckland, NZ“My friend usually has difficulty concentrating and performing at work, she finds her mindwanders a lot, but after being on Vitality for 2 months, she’s found she is much morefocused at work and much more productive.Also, she isn’t the most fitness or exercise type of person, but after taking Vitality for 2months, she’s noticed she has much more physical energy and doesn’t get tired or sorephysical exercise and walks to work every day now which takes about 40 minutes. Sheloves it!! It’s like Christmas”. - Marilyn White, 25, Travel Agent Auckland, NZ“My father in law is 87 years old and started taking Vitality on Christmas Eve. He hasCOPP and Emphysema and now has energy and looking forward to enjoying life again”. - Mary Ann Garlic Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 36 | Page
  37. 37. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“27 years ago, I had a bike accident and broke one ankle very badly. I was constantlyin pain and couldn’t get my heal to touch the floor in the morning for at least 20-30minutes. After taking Vitality for 4 weeks I was able to walk properly,straight out of bedand am almost pain free. This is life changing for me.I also noticed that my grey hair is changing back to blond!”. - Helga Biallas 67. Auckland, NZ“I woke up every morning feeling tired and was tired every night. So I was going to goand do a battery of tests to check iron levels etc.I then went on Vitality and after my initial 4 day detox period I started to jump out ofbed in the morning, feeling renewed. Making hubby breakfast and lunch, getting throughthe day without the help of V energy drink or Red Bull”. I’ve also lost 4 kg’s!” - Sharon Schuttle (48) Events Manager Auckland, NZ“Since I have been taking Vitality I have experienced mental clarity, lost 5 kg’s inweight & my Rotator cuff injury has improved overall strength. I have noticed whenplaying tennis now, my serve has become much more powerful & I am playing tenniscompetitively 10-15 years younger”. - Gary Hale (60) Tennis Coach Auckland, NZMy friend, Dean, is taking Vitality for 2 months now. He had an old rugby knee injurythat was giving him more troubles as time went by. He now has a lot less pain in the kneeand is happy with the other benefits of: more energy during his gym workout, a betteroverall feeling of well being and more mental clarity. - Richard Green, International Flight Attendant Auckland, NZ Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 37 | Page
  38. 38. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“I’ve had problems with very low iron levels for years. I’ve just had another iron test andthe doctor told me today that they are now normal. The only thing I’ve done different istake ageLOC’s Vitality.” - Nicky Ponder, Gym Owner Auckland, NZ “I wanted to give you a rundown of how Vitality has been after only 21 days ...the most telling result to date is with my hands ... I am a remedial therapist, the only breadwinner in the house, so it is imperative I keep working to, well, feed us ... my right thumb was becoming quite sore and irritated due to overuse. I was becoming quite concerned, and to try to rehabilitate it took 3 days off work and then dropped my client numbers from 4 to 5 per day to 2 to 3 per day ... which had a considerable impact on our income ... lentils and rice were it ... seriously. I put up a silent prayer, I need help here God / Universe ... and 21 days ago started taking Vitality ... the rest is history ... I have the most amazing vigour ... MY HANDS DONT HURT ANYMORE ... I am sleeping better than I have for months, my mood is uplifted ... no afternoon lag/no nana nap... the efficacy of this product has to be tried to be believed. Thank you ageLOC ... thank you Nuskin ... you are amazing!!! - Cathy Fry, Remedial Therapist Queensland, Australia “I have just come back from Napier where I played 5 rounds of golf in 4 days....I am usually a once a fortnight golfer if that....I feel like I have Eveready batteries in me now that I am on Vitality! Great concentration and while the body was understandably tired I am bouncing back after a good night’s rest. I really do feel I have gone from a 3/10 to a 9/10 which is a huge move.” - Liz Douglas Christchurch, New Zealand “Just returned from a trip spending time with my family. I thank Nu Skin every day for creating Vitality. It has given me the gift of my mother back to me. The veil of Alzheimers has lifted and my mother was once again present for me. What a joy to hear her laugh! Amazing product!” - Peggy Krock USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 38 | Page
  39. 39. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials “After commencing the use of the AGELOC Vitality yesterday, I have already received a testimonial from a couple, both 69 years old. The husband is a lecturer. He is normally very tired in the afternoon and takes a nap for about an hour every day after work. Within 24 hours of taking the Vitality product, he noticed that he is not tired anymore and did not need his usual nap. The wife struggles with swelling of her legs and hands, so much so that she is unable to put her wedding ring on her finger and her shoes are tight. Today she could put the ring on without any problem. She also reported that her legs are not swollen anymore! They are ecstatic and so am I. I am excited to see what it will do for me and how people will start to WANT this for themselves. My scepticism as a health professional certainly took a knock! - Dr. J Cloete USA “I have to agree about the wonderful side benefit of not being hungry from Vitality. I have gone from wanting to devour the contents of my fridge (and everyone else’s) to being happy with my Breakfast, which by the way I’m not hungry enough to eat until 10am. I’m also not ravenous on arriving home and actually spend the time now thinking about what I would like to eat rather than walking in the door and eating everything I could find en route! I’m laughing....AND best of energy levels have kicked in..For the past 3 weeks I have been walking the beach (soft sinking, butt lifting, type terrain) each night 20 minutes up, 20 min back, which I did not have the energy to do a month ago...last night I was able to walk the 20 minutes up and actually run the length of the Beach back...awesome!” - Gay Nelson, NZ“Thank you for introducing me to “Vitality”. Since I started using Vitality, my energy levelhas never been higher, my head is clearer, I am more relaxed, and the surprising thingthat I have noticed is that I am growing hair. The hair on my arms is definitely filling inthicker and my original colour. The hair on my balding head is thicker and more of it,although still grey. I am very happy with the results and am committed to using Vitalityevery day. I appreciate you telling me about the benefits that this product has deliveredto me.” - James USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 39 | Page
  40. 40. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“Wow! What an amazing product. I am 52 years old and started using Vitality 2months ago. The first month, my muscles became more flexible and my energystarted to pick up. My skin is more toned and now in this second month, my energylevels are incredible. I am getting so much done in my day, mood appears moreeven, and life is fun. My Dad is 81 years old and is about to start taking Vitality,..he isbecoming very forgetful and has early Alzheimers, this space. - Sandy, Bay of Plenty, NZ FOLLOW UP TODAY (January 31, 2011) ON JERRYS HEART “Jerry had his follow up after his stress test this afternoon and the Dr. was over the moon again with the results. He said everything was very, very good!! Not only that, but his blood tests came out equally as well, all the results were 15% down..Triglycerides, Cholesterol, and even his diabetes. It doesnt get much better than that. We are extremely happy hearing the news”. Written October 30, 2010 after 6 weeks on Vitality: “In March 2009, Jerry had his first stent put in the main artery that was 98% blocked. If they had not found that he would have been dead in 4 to 6 months. Two months later he had 2 more stents inserted and then had 2 cardio shocks done. In March, of this year (2010) he had a pacemaker implanted, on July 8th he had to have a 3 wire pacemaker/defibrillator put in. He has done fairly well with it. He started taking Vitality on Sept. 22nd and has been on it for a little over 1 month. Yesterday (October 30, 2010), he had a new test done, it is called a MUGA and it takes pictures of his heart. The doctor was ecstatic to see what had happened... His exact words were, "your heart is 15 to 20 years younger than when you first came here, it is much stronger, your EF factor has gone from 35 to 80 (this is the amount of blood pumping through his heart)." The doctor was so pleased he has decided to use Jerry as a test case. Needless to say, we are over the top with this news and know that Vitality has done what it is meant to do. The product is FANTASTIC!!!” - Sassy Classics USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 40 | Page
  41. 41. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“Im very proud and happy to be among the first documented to be taking vitalityalong with chemo. I reach for Vitality first thing in the morning, and I feelconfident its helping me fight the side effects of chemo, in addition to keeping mestrong enough to fight cancer--and WIN!Ive been wondering if theres a way I can help others who may be in similarsituations, especially those who may not know if their doctors will allow them totake Vitality.Even though I was forced off Vitality for the month of December during mysurgeries and long hospitalization, I took my bottle and the companys list ofingredients (and how they act and react with other things) to my first post-op visitwith my oncologist. The doc took one look at the bottle and the ingredients andsaid YES!As relieved and happy as I was, I was more worried about what the chemooncologist would say, since he had already taken me off almost every other thingId been taking. Again I arrived with the bottle and list of ingredients. He took afew seconds to look them over and said, "These ingredients are few and they arenatural, so go ahead!" I was overjoyed.I know its early in the game, and the result of taking Vitality, especially underthese circumstances, is not quantifiable. But I take Vitality because IT MAKES MEFEEL GOOD, and I would be distressed to have to give it up!Ill be on this first regimen of chemo for a good six months and I will keep youposted. Just know Im a fighter, Im positive, and Im very happy!I take long walks daily in the beautiful hilly area we live in San Diego, and everyday I feel stronger and attack the hills with more vigour. Thank you for introducingme to Vitality. Life is good!” - Susan Holbrook, San Diego, USA Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 41 | Page
  42. 42. ageLOC Vitality Testimonials“Before taking vitality I felt exhausted almost all of the time. I was overeating,drinking 4-6 shots of coffee per day (just to keep myself going) and I was doingalmost no exercise. I spent much of my time working on the computer and I wasabout 16kg overweight, much of which had parked itself rather inconsideratelyaround my waist. I was tired, stressed and depressed. "Not happy Jan!"Now that Ive been on ageLOC Vitality for 3 ½ months, I feel that Ive well and trulygiven it a good test run and Im ready now to share my results / story.Heres what happened...During the first 2 days of taking Vitality I needed to sleep A LOT - about 10 hourseach night actually and a few hours during the day. I thought to myself, "This isntworking. In fact, it feels like its doing the opposite of what its supposed to. Imeven more tired than I was before. But I was committed to giving it a really goodgo so I decided to keep taking it. (Not a great start though and I was alreadysceptical to begin with.) Anyway, on the morning of the 3rd day, I woke up andalmost immediately (and to my surprise) I noticed I felt somewhat better. I got tomy feet and said, "Actually, I feel A LOT better!" All I knew is that the Vitality wasfinally working (thank God).In regards to all the sleeping I did during the first couple of days, Im no scientistbut if the stuff in those capsules could talk, it felt like it was saying, Hey, yourepretty run down in here (understatement), were going to have to shut you downfor a while and clear out this sleep debt before we can recharge your batteries.So just relax while we get to work." Now I dont know if thats what was actuallyhappening but in hindsight thats the best way I can describe what it felt like.Over the next 4 or so weeks I kept taking the capsules religiously and no longerwas I having those daily 3pm crashes where my remedy was a double shotcappuccino and some cake or biscuits. In fact, I had lost my craving for coffeealtogether. However, I hadnt made any changes to my diet and was stillovereating and at 96kg I was still at least 16kg overweight. This may not seem likesuch a big number (certainly not like what you see on The Biggest Loser) but I feltcompletely out of control with my weight and believed that I could easily blow outover 100kg and just keep going. The Vitality had given me energy to burn and Iwas just going with it. Turned out I walked 14km that afternoon. I dont think Iveever walked that far before in my life and I didnt dawdle either. That was the mostexercise I had done in a very long time!” Continued over to next page.... Copyright eTeam Ltd, Feb 2011 42 | Page