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  • A tradition of unique, consumable products combined with visionary but fiscally conservative management team has allowed Nu Skin to grow to a billion dollar company. With the launch of ageLOC it has been projected that Nu Skin can triple their annual revenue over the next several years.
  • The reality for all of us is that aging begins as soon as we are born. Chronological aging is inevitable but now with ageLOC we can influence biological aging.
  • In 1952 James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the DNA structure, this revelation gave insight into the biological functions of the body and what ultimately affects how we age.
  • 25,000 genes form the human genome
    $3billion dollars spent funding this project
    Discovery of the human genome tells us that we are more alike than we are different
  • Slowing not stopping.
  • Simply put, how we age is largely dependent on how we manage the accumulation of damage to DNA, the molecule of life. This has been obvious for many years, but aging strategies have not been entirely successful due to a lack of understanding of the workings of this molecule. Only recently has there been an appreciation that not all DNA are created equal. Certain areas of DNA are more important in aging while other areas are believed to serve no biological function at all.
  • Youth Gene Clusters: In their youthful activity patterns, each cluster acts in concert to create the molecular chemistry of youth, as they did when we were younger. As we age, our gene activity patterns drift, and our chemistry deteriorates, allowing damage to accumulate. ageLOC reminds our youth gene clusters how to act young again.
  • Brenda! Brenda was using the facial gels with ageLOC for 2 weeks (3x per week) – this was taken only after about 6 treatments!
  • This is Scott Schwerdt, some of you might know him. As you can see, he is a pretty good looking guy from the left side of his face! Scott was using it a little longer on half of his face for about three weeks. Both these half face demonstrations demonstrate the difference of the Galvanic Spa with ageLOC.
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  • Loss of vitality is one of the first signs of “feeling older” that people notice.
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  • Loss of vitality is one of the first signs of ‘feeling old’ that people mention as they age.
  • The secret to wealth is leverage. There are three things that you can leverage, money, knowledge and time. The NSE Compensation Plan is based on leveraging time. Think about this, how many hours a week can you work? Maybe 40, 50 or 60? Let’s see how many hours you can work when you leverage time. Imagine you have 10 people each working 10 hours a week. Combined you have 100 hours of work completed. What if you found a company that would pay you on those additional hours of work?
    What if you had 100 people working 10 hours a week? What if you had 1000 people working 10 hours a week?
    This illustrates how you can leverage time in your NSE business. This shows how a lot of people doing a little bit can accomplish big things.
  • Ageloc Difference Demonstrated

    1. 1. “Nu Skin: Profits from sales not gimmicks” - Forbes Magazine, Jan 2009
    2. 2. • Hyper-growth Member: US$ 1.35 Billion in 10 years • 25+ years of success • New York Stock Exchange: NUS • Highest Dun & Bradstreet credit rating: 5A.1 • 3 Time Stevies Corp. Social Responsibility Award Winner • 2 Time Stevies “Most Innovative Company” • Operations in over 50 countries • Global Seamless Compensation
    3. 3. Compensation Facts Resultsdon’t lie– track record saysit all • Paid out over $7 billion dollars to businesspartnersin the past 25 years • Created over 700 US$ millionaires: – 700 $1 Million Circlemembers – MillionaireCreated every 6 days – Morethan 100 $5 Million Circlemembers – Morethan 50 $10 Million Circlemembers – Morethan $20 Million Circlemembers • 80% of 10 year or moreexecutivesalready BlueDiamonds- averageincome$500,000/yr
    4. 4. Created The Most Millionaires Worldwide 700+ millionaires. Paid out more than $7 billion in commissions over the past 25 years. In 2009 NSE paid out $600 million in global commissions. Did it with stock! ? does it with personal income!
    5. 5. Founded in 1984 with motto… “The Secret of Youth”
    6. 6. Skin care and anti-aging Health care and nutritional solutions- Anti aging Inside -Out Technology Charity Four Core DivisionsFour Core Divisions Anti-aging Outside-In
    7. 7. Founded in 1984 with motto… “The Secret of Youth” TRADITION OF INNOVATION Humectants1984 1999 2001 2002 2003 2005 2006 Topical Anti-Oxidants Peptides Colorless Carotenoids Poly-Hydroxy Acids Nano Technology Ethocyn Resveratrol 2004 Galvanic Spa System UNIQUE VISUAL EMOTIONAL CONSUMABLE
    8. 8. SOME OF THE BEST SCIENTIFIC MINDS ONSOME OF THE BEST SCIENTIFIC MINDS ON PLANET EARTH……175 scientists WorkPLANET EARTH……175 scientists Work together to Extend Lifespan of Human Bodytogether to Extend Lifespan of Human Body Commitment to Science:Commitment to Science: SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARDSCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD
    9. 9. Commitment to Science:Commitment to Science: THIRD PARTY CLINICAL STUDIESTHIRD PARTY CLINICAL STUDIES
    10. 10. Timing: Wave One Momentum The Window of Opportunity Critical mass M omentum Stability 1989 US$40 Million 1990 US$240 Million 1991 US$500 Million 1993 US$1 Billion 1984 “All of the Good, None of the Bad” One simple story that revolutionized that skin care industry In the first billion… Over 500 millionaires created!
    11. 11. - Truman Hunt, Nu Skin President & CEO Past President of the World Federation of Direct Selling “with ageLOC, Mission Accomplished” Founded in 1984 with motto… “The Secret of Youth”
    12. 12. July 2010 Southeast Asia Launch 1984 ? Window of Growth
    13. 13. Timing: Worldwide Momentum The Window of Opportunity Critical mass BillionDollarM ultiplier Stability 2008 US$1 Billion 2015 US$5 Billion One simple story that will revolutionize the Anti-Aging industry THE WORLD IS HERE How many new millionaires will be created in the next $4 billion? 1000? 2000? More? Who will they be?
    14. 14. NOW…ONLY ‘1’ COMPANY is able to offer solutions for “PREVENTION”! Dominating the Anti-Aging Industry
    15. 15. Aging begins as soon as you are born. Chronological aging is inevitable We can now influence biological aging LIFE’S REALITIES
    16. 16. The Market The Edge Our business Market Situational Monopoly
    17. 17. Trends & TimingsTrends & Timings BABY BOOM The first time the ENTIRE Baby Boom generation is impacting a single market at the same time! Paul Zane Pilzer, The Wellness Revolution, 2006 Technology Anti-Aging Distribution Wellness More money Gen y: 20’s Gen X: 30’s Traditionalist: 70’s up
    19. 19. HOW DO YOU LINKHOW DO YOU LINK VeHicLe YoU Global Trends
    20. 20. Commitment to Science:Commitment to Science: BIOPHOTONIC SCANNERBIOPHOTONIC SCANNER -Patented technology that can measure a person’s antioxidant status in just 3 minutes -Can scientifically determine if your supplements are working or not -2005 Winner, American Business Awards The ability to measure is the basis of science
    21. 21. Repair 1 ™ PreventReverse Galvanic Spa System ll Tru Face Essence Ultra ageLOC2 3 Repair the appearance of aging with the iPod of the skin care industry! Return the elasticity of your skin to that of an 18-25 year old! Shut down the escalator of aging in your skin! Our approach- Visual , Emotional &Our approach- Visual , Emotional & ConsumableConsumable - est.1984 25 YEARS -$1.2B-$2B annual revenue “All of the good, none of the bad.”
    22. 22. 2008-01-23 In the beginning of treatment, uneasiness, tension and cramp disappeared after a few days of treatment. Treatment again when uneasiness occurred and after 5 min. of treatment, it disappeared. Female, 60 years old, having this condition for 35 years. Used Galvanic Shaping Gel 5 min. daily followed with Dermatic Effect. After a break of about 2 months and then Galvanic treatment with Body Shaping Gel 5 min daily for 1 week. `
    23. 23. ageLOC targets the SOURCE, not just the signs, of aging Dr. Joseph Chang Nu Skin Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President, Product Development “COMPETITORS CAN ABANDON ALL HOPE OF COMPETING”
    24. 24. Many Companies Claim to Have the Best Mop
    25. 25. will simply turn the tap off.
    26. 26. UNDERSTANDING THE ULTIMATE SOURCES OF AGING Elucidating DNA structure : Watson & Crick (1952)
    27. 27. BOOK OF LIFE: HUMAN GENOME • 2003 DISCOVERY AFTER 20 YEARS OF RESEARCH: 25,000 GENES FORM THE HUMAN GENOME • TWENTY LABS (United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and China), HUNDREDS OF SCIENTISTS; • $3 BILLION
    28. 28. Introducing ageLOC—technology designed to reduce the visible signs of aging by targeting an invisible source of your aging appearance.
    29. 29. CONSEQUENCES OF BIOLOGICAL AGING Aging accelerates Premature death Ultimate sources of aging in overdrive Cell function slows Tissue damage exceeds tissue repair
    30. 30. Revealed: an internal free radical generator called Age-related NADH oxidase or “arNOX” in the epidermis. arNOX arNOX
    31. 31. RESETTING YOUTH GENE CLUSTERS Youthful Aged Reset •Unlocks the secret of youth •Identification of Youth Gene Clusters •Ability to reset Youth Gene Clusters •ageLOC products have preventive and corrective benefits
    32. 32. Treatment Gel with ageLOC™ Description of Benefits ageLOC ingredients have been shown to prevent the expression of free radicals associated with the arNOX enzyme. This prevention may help slow the signs of aging that may be caused by accelerated free radical production. ageLOC ingredient Applied ageLOC blend
    33. 33. World Headquarters USA - Provo, Utah 3 Groundbreaking Products Repair 1 Galvanic Spa System ll Repair the appearance of aging with the iPod of the skin care industry! Return the elasticity of your skin to that of an 18-20 year old! Reverse Tru Face Essence2 Prevent ageLOC3 Shut down the source of aging in your skin!
    34. 34. PERFECT SYNERGY: treatment durations of five minutes with a galvanic instrument may enhance the delivery of key ingredients for up to 24 hours.
    35. 35. COMING OCTOBER2011… VITALITY will be introduced into our nutritional Health brand.
    36. 36. Vitality Declines With Age As we age, our bodies’ ability to effectively generate and utilize energy declines, which may rob us of youthful vitality.
    37. 37. What would you do with more VITALITY?
    38. 38. What would you do with more Vitality?
    39. 39. What would you do with more Vitality?
    40. 40. What would you do with more Vitality?
    41. 41. What would you do with more Vitality?
    42. 42. Datamonitor: Global Consumer Fatigue Report. April 2009 • 85% of consumers are concerned about their energy and stamina levels • 40% decline in ability to concentrate, from age 30 to 60 • As we age, sexual desire declines ~66% in women and ~37% in men A Global Consumer Need
    43. 43. Scientific innovation has established Nu Skin as a global leader in the nutritional and personal care industries. Our proprietary processes enable us to set new industry standards in anti-aging, with real solutions that exhibit demonstrable results. Nu Skin is the Premier Anti-Aging Company
    44. 44. What If…? What if we could elevate our youthful vitality by targeting the sources of age- related vitality loss? What if we could slow this decline, effectively turning back our clock towards a more youthful state?
    45. 45. Age Related Vitality Loss Three Dimensions: 1.Physical (endurance, stamina, resistance to fatigue) 2.Mental (cognition, clarity, focus, memory, alertness) 3.Sexual (sexual health)
    46. 46. ageLOC Vitality * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ageLOC Vitality Improves Three Dimensions of Vitality:* •Physical Vigor •Mental Acuity •Sexual Health
    47. 47. Restore Youthful Vitality ageLOC Vitality targets the sources of age-related vitality loss by promoting healthy YGC activity.* This graph is a hypothetical representation of energy decline over time and DOES NOT represent any actual experimental data.
    48. 48. • Promotes three dimensions of vitality – physical, mental, sexual • Raises and sustains baseline energy levels ageLOC Vitality Benefits “The most significant change for me was the complete mental clarity that I had. There was no mental fog.” Donna E., Nu Skin Distributor – Granite Bay, CA “After trying ageLOC Vitality I was really clear and very energetic, but not in a way that I was hyperactive.” Leslie G., Nu Skin Distributor – Malibu, CA * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
    49. 49. SystemSystem PROMOTIONS + TRADITIONAL BUSINESSTRADITIONAL BUSINESS Admininstration + EffortEffortSkillsSkills Use Get Refer Accounting Research & Dev’t HR Logistics PROMOTIONSHeadachesHeadaches
    50. 50. Now, The Question is . . .
    51. 51. Where Do You Want To Begin? How fast do you want toHow fast do you want to go?go?
    52. 52. You can participate in the true mechanics of wealth!
    53. 53. Growth of Social Networks Over 300 million active users Over 214 Million friends Over 230,000 new users per day Over 30 million users 3.2 million visits per month Over 40 million users
    54. 54. Compensation Plan Leverage how many hours a week can you work? What if you had 10 people each working 10 hours a week?10 People x 10 Hours = 100 Working Hours What if you had 100 people each working 10 hours a week? 00 People x 10 Hours = 1,000 Working Hours
    55. 55. How does it work? 30,000 Franchises x 3% = Php 45 Million/ Day
    56. 56. A graduate of Harvard #785 in the Forbes list of billionaires Richest in the U.S. under 25 Said to be worth $1.5B! Started with a simple idea but a big dream! Featured in Time magazine “I wake up in the morning, I walk to work because I live four blocks from one of our offices, and I work, meet with people, and discuss things all day, and then I go home and go to sleep. I don't have an alarm clock. If someone needs to wake me up, then I have my BlackBerry next to me.” --- MARK ZUCKERBERG, Founder/CEO, Facebook