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PowerPoint Presentation for AppleTree Learning Center

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Apple tree learning center ppp 091911

  1. 1. AppleTree Learning Center An early childhood center of excellenceExecutive Director, Dianna WebbDirector, Wendee WebbAssistant Director, Kristi Merrell
  2. 2. Dedicated to making a difference since 1994  Quality care and early education  Birth-13 years old  Preschool prepares children for success  School age program includes before & after school, when other schools are closed, and our Summer Enrichment Program  Highly qualified teachers – lead teachers have degrees or are working toward them with over 75 years of combined experience
  3. 3. Learningthrough play andexploration… Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM
  4. 4. Success depends on learning appropriate social skills-- We teach childrenabout their feelings and how to resolve their problems in positive ways
  5. 5. Former AppleTree student, Jim Meyer “AppleTree definitely helped me get to where I am today in a few key areas of my life. First and foremost it helped me to learn about consequences and discipline. As an individual who struggled with that for a long time in my life, the caring staff helped me to learn about both positive and negative consequences for my actions. Another way in which they helped me is by helping promote positive social interaction between myself and other kids my age, helping me create friendships that would last well beyond my AppleTree days.” Jim started at AppleTree Learning Center when he was 2 years old. He is now asophomore at the University of Wyoming majoring in Business Administration, Honors Program with a minor in French
  6. 6. • Each classroom has their own developmentally appropriate library• Story times are planned a minimum of twice per day• The Bookmobile visits twice a month• There are weekly themes in a print-rich environment LITERACY starts with teachers reading to children when they are small!
  7. 7. Language and Literacy are integrated into all activities at our Center
  8. 8. Sand and Water SnowWe have .5 acres of park-like area with a fenced in playground and wonderful shade trees.
  9. 9. AppleTree Learning Center cares…
  10. 10. Our Daily Schedule includes: Art, Music and Movement Introduction to Spanish and Sign Language Child-directed, teacher-facilitated learning through Centers Individualized teaching based on the child’s developmental needs
  11. 11. ♫ ♪ My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades…♪ ♫Having fun at the indoor beach
  12. 12. Learning about the life cycle of a butterfly
  13. 13. I can hearthe ocean!
  14. 14. Landon Ross, age 4, with his dinosaur habitat
  15. 15. AppleTree Learning Center provides the best …
  16. 16. Nutritious meals and snacks A safe, clean, and healthy environment is ensured with our Comprehensive School Health Policy
  17. 17. BLOCK PLAYTeaches spatialrelationships, creativity, problem solving, lineardefinition, persp ective, andmath concepts Riding in the race car that he created
  18. 18. Learning about our solar system
  19. 19. Our curriculum, Positive Connections,uses theWYOMING EARLYCHILDHOODREADINESSSTANDARDS (3-K), as well as theEARLY LEARNINGGUIDELINES (0-3)as a framework toprepare childrenfor success inschool and life. Young authors with their stories
  20. 20. Observations and portfolios with work samples are used by the teacher to assess growth, help with individual lesson planning, assist with parent/teacher conferences, and for transitioning to KindergartenSelf PortraitofMaggie, age4
  21. 21. “We started taking our son toAppleTree when he was just 3 months old. He went there through kindergarten, (no longer provided).He currently is a 7th grader at CY Middle School and wehave yet to miss an Honor Roll Breakfast! I know most of his success is due to the early foundation he received from AppleTree Learning Center. We will beeternally grateful to them and for the love and encouragement they gaveand continue to give Jimmy.” ~ Mary Lord Mary and Jimmy Lord
  22. 22. AppleTree Learning Centerunderstands child development…
  23. 23. Says Shona Ross, Parent of Lathan and “It is my belief that quality early Landon childhood education is critical in creating healthy connections in the brain during the early and very formative years of a child’s development. Providing that education starts with parents and caregivers. AppleTree Learning Center has been my trusted ally for nearly eight years in giving my children, and many others, the quality early education they all deserve. AppleTree Learning Center’s dynamic facility has fostered, and continues to foster, both the academic and social skills my children need in order to have a higher likelihood for future success in both school and life. THANK YOU APPLETREE!”Lathan, age 7, startedwhen he was an infant
  24. 24. “Research shows that the brainof a 4 year-old uses more energythan it will ever again. Braindevelopment cannot be put onpause, so the critical question ishow to provide the best possiblecontext to support it.” New york Times, September 24, 2011
  25. 25. HAPPY BABIES because…• Primary caregivers have special infant/toddler credentials• We nurture, hold, rock, sing/ play lullabies, and are on the floor• We have a home-like environment• We provide infant massage• Your child has individualized lesson plans based on their individual development
  26. 26. We accommodate nursing moms with a quiet, relaxing area in our Nursery.
  27. 27. • Infants explore in a safe and stimulating area• At around 9 months, we start infant sign language• We form a partnership with parents in providing the best early care and education for their infant.
  28. 28. Children learn they are part of a Community
  29. 29. With Guest speakers that teach…How to lasso………………………………....a flower pot?
  30. 30. A visit to the Tate Museum
  31. 31. AppleTree Learning Centerbelieves parents are thechild’s first teacher…
  32. 32. Familiesareimportantin a qualityprogram! Fun at our FREE Annual Pool Party at the Casper Aquatic Center, reserved exclusively for our families
  33. 33. We support familiesby providing a free subscription to Parent and Child Magazine byScholastic. We alsoprovide informationon parenting, child behavior andguidance, communi ty resources, and help with the selection of kindergartens.
  34. 34. Each summer we plan a family field trip relative to thetheme of our Summer Enrichment Program. The children are talking with Twig, the fairy, on our 2010 trip to the Renaissance Festival in Colorado
  35. 35. We’re ready for success inelementary school And the future!
  36. 36. What does your child see in their future? A QUALITY education starts with AppleTree Learning Center. Be sure your child is ready for success in school!CALL 307-237-1952