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Sam2010 getting started ppt

  1. 1. Getting Started with SAM
  2. 2. Initial Set Up Welcome to SAM! Before you start, confirm that you are connected to the Internet. Launch your web browser (Firefox) You should always begin in your Blackboard course, and then click the link from the individual lesson. Make sure to take note of the order of the assignments you need to complete. The link directs you to the URL for the SAM login page.
  3. 3. Logging into SAM  Existing SAM users: Enter your username and password. Click the Login button. (Your username should be your email address and your password should be your 6 digit student number) **If you have issues logging in, please contact your instructor immediately.**
  4. 4. Profile Confirmation  Review the information. Click Confirm if it is correct.  If the information is incorrect, click Revise to return to the previous screen.  If SAM prompts you to change your password, change it to your 6 digit number again so you can remember it easier.
  5. 5. Terms & Conditions  Read the SAM Terms & Conditions.  Click I Agree to accept and continue.  If you click I Disagree, SAM exits automatically.
  6. 6. SAM Assignments The SAM Calendar displays your daily assignments.  Your assignments will not have due dates, so you will not be using the calendar to launch specific assignments. Scroll to the next page to see how to access a list of your assignments.  Click the red Notifications icon (upper right) to view SAM updates and notifications.
  7. 7. SAM Assignments (cont.) The Activity List displays your assignments in a list.  Click to change the view.  Select an activity filter to determine which assignments display on the list.  Select Always Available to view assignments that do not have due dates. (Your assignments will not have due dates, so you will need to click this each time).  Click an assignment name to launch it.
  8. 8. SAM Training: Microsoft Office SAM offers simulated Trainings focused on Microsoft Office, Windows, Internet Explorer and Computer Concepts. To access a SAM Training:  Click the assignment name from the Activity List.  Click Start to begin.
  9. 9. SAM Training: Microsoft Office  Intro: Provides a summary of the task (Available in SAM 2013 only.)  Observe: Provides audio and visual instructions.  Practice: Helps you perform the task using audio and visual prompts.  Apply: Allows you to perform the task on your own. To receive credit on a Training task, complete the task in the Apply mode and click the Task Complete button. *You may exit the training and resume where you have left off at a later time**
  10. 10. SAM Projects With SAM Projects, you work directly in Microsoft Office to complete real-world projects, following step-by-step instructions.  To launch a SAM Project, begin on your Activity List and modify the filters to leave only Projects highlighted.  Select a Project.  Click Start.
  11. 11. SAM Projects After launching a Project, Download and Save the Instructions, personalized Start file and support files (if available.)
  12. 12. Project Instruction File The Project Instruction file contains the following:  Project Description: A realworld scenario.  Getting Started: Includes information about saving your Project files. (Available in SAM 2013 only.)  Project Steps: Follow to complete the Project.  Final Figure: Reference while completing the Project.
  13. 13. Project Start Files  Complete all Project work using your personalized Start file, which has your name encrypted in it.  Follow all of the Project Step instructions. Save your completed file before submitting it for grading.
  14. 14. Submit for Grading  After you complete your Project, return to SAM.  Relaunch the Project Assignment. Under Assignment Submission, click Browse to select your saved Project file, then click Submit.  A confirmation screen verifies that your Project was uploaded, passed the virus scan and meets requirements for file size and format.
  15. 15. Project Reports  Click Reports after submitting your Project to view available reports.  Locate the Project Assignment in the list and click the download icon in the Reports & Files column.  The report that displays provides detailed reasons for point deductions and call-outs inserted into your submitted Project to help you identify and correct errors.
  16. 16. Project Reports – Study Guides  You can generate a Project Study Guide from the Reports tab.  Items with available Study Guides display an icon in the Study Guide column.  The Study Guide lists each step in the project with remediation that refers back to pages in your book or MindTap Reader and links to SAM Training tasks.
  17. 17. SAM Exams To launch a SAM Exam, follow these steps: Select the filter to display Exams. Click the assignment name from the Activity List. Click Start. Review Exam details. They may include: − Instructions − Time limit − Number of chances at each question − Number of retakes of entire exam Click Start to begin the exam.
  18. 18. Understanding SAM Exams f a. Task List: Use this list to jump from task to task b. Task ID number c. Question Label: Back and forward e arrows allow you to jump between tasks a b c d d. Time remaining (if set by instructor) and number of attempts remaining per question g e. Description of the task to perform f. Simulation of the application where you will complete the task g. Exit button NOTE: Once you start an exam, you cannot exit without scoring the exam.
  19. 19. Exam Study Guide  Click Reports to access Exam results and Study Guide.  Items with available Study Guides display an icon in the Study Guide column.  Launch Training tasks from the links in the Study Guide.
  20. 20. Gradebook  Click Gradebook.  Select your Section from the dropdown menu. Click OK.  Each type of Assignment (Exam, Project, Training) displays with assignment type weights and your score.  The number that displays in parentheses next to the assignment type indicates the number of assignments in that category.  Click + to expand your view and see assignment scores.
  21. 21. Questions?  Cengage offers Getting Started with SAM online training sessions to help with the following: − Completing your assignments − Running reports  For SAM help, go to