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Mobile Distribution Case Study: Serena Ehrlich, Director of Marketing, Mogreet. Featuring case studies from the likes of retailer Charlotte Russe and FOX’s hit show Glee, Serena will reveal the secret sauce behind a carefully strategized B2C mobile campaign.

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Serena Ehrlich - Mobile First World

  1. 1. @jamescitron / Text James to 51515The Future of Retail (Surprise, It’s Mobile!):How Nonprofit Retailers Build Fans and DriveSales in a Mobile First World
  2. 2. @jamescitron / Text James to 51515// Mogreet Company Snapshot2006 Company founded & backed by top VCs3 Offices (LA, Seattle, Midwest)4 Industry boards (advertising, best practices, couponing, video)10%of Americans have received a Mogreet-sent message>65%of all shortcode-based MMS sent in US via Mogreet>98%of US can receive text messages via Mogreet>3B consumers globally can be reached via our platform
  3. 3. @jamescitron / Text James to 51515Extensive experience in mobile marketing for large, small and non-profit businesses// Mogreet Clients
  4. 4. @jamescitron / Text James to 51515MOBILE LANDSCAPEWhy Mobile Messaging?
  5. 5. @jamescitron / Text James to 51515MobileMarketingAppsQRMobile MarketingTactics• 98% of U.S. mobile users canreceive Messaging(SMS/MMS)• 55% of U.S. mobile usersaccess the mobile web• 26% of users have downloadedand used an app 1 time beforedeleting it• 15% of U.S. mobile users havescanned a QR codeMessaging(SMS/MMS) MobileWeb// Understanding the Mobile Landscape
  6. 6. @jamescitron / Text James to 51515// Today’s Mobile Consumer: What are theydoing?
  7. 7. @jamescitron / Text James to 51515// Today’s Mobile ConsumerEmail & Voicemail dropoff is staggering70% of Consumers say they rarely, ornever use voicemailOnly 10% of Consumers open theiremails (and on average 6-12 hrs. later)
  8. 8. @jamescitron / Text James to 51515//Mobile Marketing Tools OverviewElements SMS MMSMobileWebQR AppsAudience Reach 98% 98% 51% 51% 51%Able to featuremultimediaNo Yes Yes Yes YesAve. clickthroughrate (CTR)3% 10% .5% Varies 3.6%Requires adownloadNo No No Yes YesNeed Wi-Fi/data toview rich contentYes No Yes Yes YesKey decision factors: Reach, usage, data requirements, ability to drive action
  9. 9. @jamescitron / Text James to 51515// Mobile v. Social – ROI v.AwarenessThe immediate ROI is today in mobile, while social continues to drive brand awareness
  10. 10. @jamescitron / Text James to 515157 ELEMENTS OF SUCCESSTips and tricks to drive higher ROI
  11. 11. @jamescitron / Text James to 51515//Elements of Success1. Pick your goals2. Promote everywhere!3. Be valuable4. Be creative + engaging5. Social sharing6. Target with data7. Be customer-centric
  12. 12. @jamescitron / Text James to 51515GLEECHARLOTTE RUSSEDriving Awareness, Consideration, Engagement, Advocacy, Loyalty
  13. 13. @jamescitron / Text James to 51515Objectives:Increase weekly tune-inCompel social sharingDrive immediate sales via iTunesCampaign OverviewExclusive, weekly tune in video messagingSocial sharing to increase viral impressionsiTunes/MMS integration to drive salesResults:Grew mobile database 33% in one day2 million viral impressions per season viamobile sharingSupport #1 iTunes sales position each week//Driving Tune Ins, Social Buzz and Sales withGlee!
  14. 14. @jamescitron / Text James to 51515Objective:Grow existing mobile database and drivesalesCampaign OverviewCharlotte Russe launched a 3-day weekend“Mystery Date” MMS campaign incentivizingfans to select their ideal Mystery Date bytexting MATCH to a short code, via a mobilecouponResults:33% growth in mobile database300% higher participation vs. previous SMSprograms//Building Databases and Driving Sales withCharlotte Russe
  15. 15. @jamescitron / Text James to 5151515Thank you.