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Event Learning:From Ho-Hum to Oh-Wow!


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Published in: Education, Business
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Event Learning:From Ho-Hum to Oh-Wow!

  1. 1. Event Learning: from “Ho-Hum” to “Oh, Wow!” Kathleen M. Edwards, CAE the Learning Evangelist, LLC @KathiEdwards #pcma12 January 10, 2012 Flickr image by Steve Jurvetson
  2. 2. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 The average knowledge worker spendsless than 5% of working hours in formal learning opportunities. Flickr image by Aleksi Aaltone
  3. 3. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 The average knowledge worker spendsless than 5% of working hours in formal learning opportunities. 80% of learning resources are spent on this 5% Josh Bersin, Bersin & Associates Flickr image by Aleksi Aaltone The Future of the Business of Learning
  4. 4. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 20th Century: Hierarchy“People at the top control the agendas and make the decisions, which are then „pushed‟ out and down to beexecuted, implemented, and followed.” – John Husband in Wirearchy
  5. 5. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 21st Century: Wirearchy“A dynamic, two-way flow of power and authority based on information, knowledge, trust, and credibility, enabled byinterconnected people and technology. ” – John Husband in Wirearchy
  6. 6. @KathiEdwards #pcma12We need to think different! Flickr image by NHuisman
  7. 7. @KathiEdwardsFlickr image by Sarah Wynne #pcma12
  8. 8. 9 Factors Driving Change in Learning@KathiEdwards#pcma12 Jane Hart, The State of Learning in the Workplace Today
  9. 9. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 Learners expect to use social mediaIn organizations… Boomers MillennialsLearn truly useful things 22.5% 34.2%Learn more in less time 22.2% 38.1%Get better work done 19.3% 29.6%Get more work done 12.5% 21.5% The Rise of Social Media – an ASTD/ic4p study
  10. 10. @KathiEdwards #pcma12By 2015, Millennials will make up 47% of the workforce. * The 2020 Workplace; Jeanne Meister & Kari Willyerd
  11. 11. What’s OUT: “sounds good, do it” What’s IN: “comprehensive learning strategy”Flickr image by Kowitz
  12. 12. FACT: Social learning isn’t new;it’s just enabled! It is not about the technology; it is about what the technology enables.
  13. 13. What’s OUT: “kitchen sink model”“ My content is so important, I‟ll just touch on all of it in my 75-minute session.”
  14. 14. What’s IN: “outcomes-focused” and “learner-centered” What matters most first…then: Desired outcomes What achievement looks like “Need to know” filter Learner engagement Review, reflection, application Even if it’s learner-driven…
  15. 15. What’s OUT: What’s IN:“sage on the stage” “guide on the side”
  16. 16. What’s out:“learner apathy” What’s OUT: “learner apathy” What’s IN: “learner in charge” Flickr image by LuzA
  17. 17. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 #2: Most learning incorporates use of a mobile device #3: Games & simulations are used for every content area#5: Peer-to-peer learning blossoms #6: Expert & credibility ratings create trusted search networks #10: You will be rated publicly, much like a Yelp or Amazon rating for people Looking Ahead at Social Learning Jeanne Meister & Karie Willyerd T+D Magazine, July 2010
  18. 18. For more information about the 10 predictions,
  19. 19. The teacher…if indeed wise, doesnot bid you to enter the house ofhis wisdom, but rather leads you tothe threshold of your own mind. ― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet “Oh, wow…”
  20. 20. Thank you for your participation! Kathleen M. Edwards, CAE the Learning Evangelist, LLC @KathiEdwards