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Lab 2.3ppt


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Lab 2.3ppt

  1. 1. Lab 2.3 Particles, Temperature and Volume
  2. 3. Particles in a gas are far apart free moving and colliding with each other and the sides When the particles collide they push on the sides or exert a force
  3. 4. VISUALIZE- picture the moving particles in your mind.
  4. 5. What happens to these moving particles when we increase the temperature? Do they have more or less kinetic energy?
  5. 7. Which box contains air that is more dense? Which box contains air that has more pressure- pushing harder on the sides?
  6. 8. Why does heating up the bottle of air expand the balloon? What is happening to the particles?
  7. 9. Why do hot air balloons float? What is the flame doing to the particles in the balloon?